*If you’re looking for some motivation, I think this may help.* It’s weird to think about how much has changed in the past two years. Sophomore year I tried killing myself and was bakeracted. I missed school for a full week and was terrified to return. When I got back, it was like I was never gone. None of the students asked why I wasn’t there. None of them said anything about me being back. Now it’s senior year and I missed a week and a half of school because I was sick. When I returned, all my teacher’s were so happy to have me back. A student in my second period even walked up to me and hugged me while saying “hey, I haven’t seen you in like a week so I’m just gonna hug you and tell you I’m glad to have you back.” Third period, another student said the same thing and the teacher even pulled me out into the hallway to make sure that I was okay. He was actually going to call home that day if I had been absent again, just to make sure everything was okay. In 5th period, a student walked into the classroom and genuinely smiled and waved at me and said “you’re back!” then another student was like “oh you’re finally back after 2 weeks!” and sat down next to me and was like “how’s it goin’?
Yesterday, I stayed home again because my anxiety was really acting up and then I decided to go to school today even though it wasn’t any better. I ended up staying in guidance for half of my periods (I only have four) and went back for 3rd and 5th (we don’t have 4th period everyday because it’s a study hall). As I was walking to third, a girl in my 2nd period stopped me and asked where I was and if I was okay. I told her the reason I was in guidance and she said that if I ever need anything from her, that she’d be happy to help. As we walked our separate ways, I felt my face get hot and I just smiled and started tearing up. So many people have shown they care about me. It took so long for this to happen and it feels great.
So don’t tell me that no one will notice. Don’t tell me that no one will care if you were gone. I have ABSOLUTELY NO personal relationships with ANY of the people I have mentioned. I don’t talk to them out of school, only when it is required in class. People care. I care. People may walk past you and not so much as glance at you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. There are people. And there are people who feel exactly like you. Reach out to people. Remember their names. Compliment them on their appearance. Even if you just say you like their piercing (ie). Positive acknowledgment can change a person’s whole day, no matter how small. When you walk past someone, make eye contact and just smile. It can save a life. It sure as hell saved mine. You are not alone, darlings. People care.
—  m.a.m. ❤I care❤

I just want to let you all know that every time you convinced yourself you couldn’t go on, you did. You’re here, and you’re here for a reason. Never let an obstacle, bitter human, or yourself make you believe that you’re alone, or without purpose. You are loved, needed, wanted, and irreplaceable. 
I always hope that everyone has someone in their lives who assures them that they are appreciated and cared for and I know that that’s not always the case. So I just wanted to make sure you all remembered that. 
I love you.

when you feel hated and alone
take a moment to remember
those who stand by your side
the ones who’ll have your back
come what may, no matter the day
true friends will always shine
a welcoming light for you
through the darkest of nights
we’re here, and we’re all with you
when burdens are shared
they’re much easier to bear
and as the football chant goes
‘you’ll never walk alone again’