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Morganiser’s 4000 Follower Forever! (≧▽≦)

I’ve reached 4k followers! (ᗒᗨᗕ) As usual I do a follower forever to commemorate the special occasion, I know I’ve done one for each milestone so far but I think they’re a really nice way of showing my appreciation for the blogs I’ve followed and the great content they share! After all, with every new milestone I reach, there’s always new blogs for me to show my appreciation for! <3

yeh, the picture I used for this follower forever was inspired by the kanna scene, but I still wanted to use it with my oc ;-; please be gentle

Of course I can’t forget to thank the people who have followed me to make up those 4000 followers, so an extra special thank you to my mutuals and everyone who have followed me, allowing me to get here. I hope you all continue to support my blog and continue to make Tumblr a wonderful place for me!


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Character’s Bonniebird Isn’t allowed to look after should they ever magically become real

My Friend keeps a list and it has reasons xD thought i’d share.

1. Jerome Valeska:

Me: Isn’t he cute, little blood covered pumkin.

Friend: He just killed like all of Gotham’s cops

Me: But he’s so happy, that cuties going to sleep so well

Friend: No, that is… no.

2. Klaus Mikaelson:

Friend: Its is not ok to keep uncontrollable hybrids in captivity when you A. can’t control them and B plan to feed them on a diet of your enemies (Of which you have none)

3. Saphira the Dragon:

Friend: You cannot keep a dragon in your house, It will burn.

Me: I’ll live outside with it.

Friend: no internet, no electricity, cold, no plumbing and I can’t have a unicorn so you can’t have a dragon

4. Captain Kirk:

Friend: He’s mine you can’t have him.

Me: But…

Friend: Mine!

5. Theo Raeken

Me: He is soooo cute!

Friend: Didn’t he kill all the people you like?

Me: no he just tried to.

Friend: If he comes to life surly they would to and they’d be in danger, also he sound evil

6. Void Stiles

Friend: No

Me: But

Friend: No!

Me: Fine

7. Demon Dean

Friend: Would you let him kill who he wants because he’s hot?

Me: Um… I guess i’d try and avoid it?

Friend: Then no you can maybe have normal Dean… as long as he clean out my ghosts for free

Me: Ghosts?

8. Alex Russo

Friend: You’d get in to much trouble and she wouldn’t help you out of it.

Me: You might actually be right on that one.

Friend: excuse me your blond vampire wolf guy would eat you before you explained your plan.

Me: No he wouldn’t he’d just trick me into working for him

RFA+Searan&V w/ MC that is a cute lil nerd

(For both male and female MCs)

•B o i i s i n l o v e
•plays lolol with you like every day (even though Seayoung said that he isn’t allowed to but sHHHHH)
•you both hum the legend of Zelda intro theme song in bed but (bUT SHHHHHH pt 2)
•cosplay? I THINK YES!!!
•every once in a while you guys have a movie marathon that lasts a few days (Star Wars, Star Trek, Mystery Movie Science Theater 3000)
•instead of a couples massage or retreat this pair of smol beans just learn Vulcan together on the internet
•couple goals

•doesn’t really get it (but secretly does)
•he had a brief nerd phase before his biker phase tbh
•doesn’t tell anyone
•still does nerd stuff with you tho
•actually cried when you made him vault boy pancake art for breakfast
•one time you couldn’t find your Pokémon adventures manga box set and found him hiding in the bathroom reading them
•he didn’t notice you there so you just let him be
•buys you a studio ghibli totoro plushy

•she’s only a nerd for the Zen fandom
•like before you guys became a thing you seriously thought she had an undiscovered sexuality (zensexual/ Hyunsexual)
•when you take her to comic con she’s cosplaying as zen and your cosplaying as (either Samus Aran or captain falcon depending on your gender or you can put whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
•she doesn’t have time to play games with you, but let’s you do special promotions for the coffee shop

•he also doesn’t get it
•but he set up a state of the art gaming room for you (while you were asleep of course because you would have stopped him)
•spoils you with stuff (because you are a pure gaming marshmallow that must be protected)
•LOVES it when you cosplay but doesn’t let you out of the house in revealing cosplay
•forces you to go as a mech suit character so nobody will stare at you the wrong way
•creates a gaming branch for C&R so you can be the spokesperson (but also so he can show you off)
•calls you his prince/princess when you dress as Rosalina (even though she isn’t a princess JUMIN)/ Daston from Prince of Persia

•when he was stalki er um I mean doing a background check he saw your secret social media page dedicated to just EVERY GAME EVER
•this kid literally lost it
•like poor bby was actually scared to talk to you because he thought his nerd level was too low he was seriously afraid of embarrassing himself in front of you
•literally studied video game lore for like 8 hours to TRY and catch up to you
•once you guys became a thing and you moved in after a while you LOVED his house
•#1 space boi
•first thing you guys did was play portal co-op (because vanderwood always refuses to play with him)
•portal is your thing as a couple likeee you sing the aperture science song together

•Is also a nerd
•but hides because he doesn’t want to seem childish
•is rlly bad at hiding it
•you didn’t want to confront him about it but EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE DAMN CLOSET STUFF IS JUST POURING OUT LIKE HOW???
•he claims it isn’t his so you test him by saying that there’s no space so you’re gonna throw it out
•he cries and comes clean
•you guys never speak of this ever again

•This bean is has an old soul ok?
•doesn’t get it but still does professional photo shoots for your cosplay
•you two literally become icons for the cosplay community
•both of you host panels at comic con
•even though he doesn’t like to show off your work, he LOVES to show off you

•cosplay sex….. ALL OF THEM FiGHT Me oN THiS

anonymous asked:

hey , wow i absolutely loved your "get me a drink?" AU, can i request a murphy x reader where they're in the same friend group in college and he's very flirty to the reader but she's always kinda brushed him off? thanks :)

Yeah of course, thank you for the request!

Y/B/F = Your best friend

Y/B/F/2 =  Your best friend #2

Y/B/F/3 = Your best friend #3


Hard To Get (John Murphy x Reader AU)

“Hey Y/N!” Your best friend, Y/B/F, greeted as you plopped yourself into a seat at the table. You and your closest friends decided to plan a lunch date together, making sure your schedules lined up. Your eyes darted around the table, Y/B/F was eating, Y/B/F/2 and Y/B/F/3 were showing each other things on their phones. Furrowing your brows, you look to Y/B/F.

“Where’s John?”

“Right here, Dollface.” A pair of lips pressed against your cheek, making you roll your eyes. The boy took a seat next to you, deliberately sitting quite close to you. John has been hitting on you a lot recently, this made you a bit uncomfortable. It’s not that you don’t like him, you really do, but he never acted like this before. In fact, you two had the rockiest friendship out of your group.

“How many times have I told you not to call me Dollface?” You state, digging into your lunch.

“About as many times as I’ve asked you to call me Murphy, Dollface.” John smirks, winking at you when you shoot him a glare. Your friends watch the exchange with knowing looks, smiling to one another. “Hey, I need you to help me with a project.” You tilt your head curiously, taking a bite of a sandwich.

“What’s the project about?”

“I’m supposed to photograph the prettiest subject in the world, and then write an essay on why we believe the subject is the prettiest.” John has a lopsided grin covering his face as he explains with a flirtatious tone. The comment almost made you blush, almost. You had to admit, he knew how to sweet talk someone, but you weren’t going to allow yourself to fall for it.

Cute.” Sarcasm dripping from your voice. “Why don’t you just take a selfie then?” You fluttered your lashes, smirking as blush creeps onto John’s cheeks. Turning the tables was one of your favorite strategies to get him to stop flirting. It may sound mean, but you took pride in shooting him down. Sometimes he would just get too cocky, and that really annoyed you. The group sat in silence, nibbling their food. Y/B/F had now butted into Y/B/F/2 and Y/B/F/3′s conversation, just to avoid listening to your bickering. 

“Why do you always do that?” John mumbled, biting into an apple.

“Do what?”

“Play hard to get. I know you like me, even though you don’t act like it.” You could feel your face heating up, completely at a loss for words. At this point, your three friends silently stood up and left you two be. 

“Because you’re not serious. You don’t like me like that.” John’s jaw drops in surprise, he thought it was clear to you that he was practically in love with you.

“If you allow me to treat you to dinner, then I’ll show you just how serious I am.” The boy’s eyes pierced yours as you stared at each other, you chewed your lip nervously.

“Fine. You can take me to dinner.”

They go home for the holidays and they are woken up by their little sister cutely on Christmas morning (BLOCK B)

Ages 2 to 13

Zico: -5. Having both of her brothers home was exciting but Christmas to a little one topped even family. But she wasn’t allowed to open anything until her siblings woke up. So she woke up Jiseok then went to Jiho where she proceeded to poke her brother’s face speaking in her little voice telling him to get up. With a tired sigh he woke up smiling at her. Soon he scooped her up and carried her to the tree and put her onto the floor infront of it- “alright lets see what Santa brought ya sweet pea”

Jaehyo: -13. He wasn’t expecting to be woken up so early but he was when his little sister came into his room. She tickled his side lightly and then poked his nose causing him to stir. A few moments without getting the result she wanted she picked up one of his pillow tossed him out of him which startled him awake he soon turned to look at her then the clock and then back at her- “it’s 7 in the morning child. I know it’s Christmas but its still vacation and I would like to sleep. Maybe you should too”

P.O: -3. He was very excited for Christmas just for the wonder in her eyes when she would open a gift. She smiled as she climbed up onto her brother and flung herself down on him to wake him up. He smiled and looked up to her and sat up. She poked his nose telling him Happy Christmas and then her carried her out to the area where the tree was so she could open all her gifts- “oh you look so cute already. Go on open up the presents see what Santa brought you”

B-Bomb: -8. It wasn’t safe what she did but she stuck something her and their mother made earlier in the morning into her sleep brother’s mouth. Luckily he woke up sitting up and started chewing rather quickly. She then told him merry Christmas as he looked at her, he gave her a thumbs up and then took more food from the plate that she was holding- *gif*

Taeil: -10. She was very mean to him in the morning. And your parents knew it. She would tackle him hit him with small non painful hits til he finally got up. He then push he off onto the other side of the mattress so she wouldn’t hit the floor. Then got out of bed at glared down at his much younger sibling- “can’t even take a break on Christmas can you kid? Its Christmas be nice to eachother and all that crap”

U-Kwon: -2. Being woken up by a little girl was always exciting seeing as how it was a new thing everyday. She smiled happily at her brother as she climbed onto the bed and proceeded to jump with force around him. But her body got tired so she plopped onto the mattress and started shaking him up. Soon he gave up on sleep and turned to her. Listening to her fast speech before he gave her a smiled and pulled her close which made her squeal- “you’re really cute when I can’t understand you but that’s normal. Are you ready to see what Santa has gotten you for being a good girl all year long?”

Kyung: -11. Since she wasn’t little anymore it was much harder to be as hyper for Christmas. But a traditions a tradition. She dashed into her brother’s room like she did every Christmas since she could. Smacking his stomach lightly it tightened and he woke up looking at her.- “so I guess we go be surprised at what our parents got us then? Right? I at least know you will be surprised with what I got you”

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"Come on, it won't hurt." //if u want to >< don't want to b a bother


A puppy

Big, fluffy paws. Large floppy ears. A wet tongue and nose. A long, curled and cute tail. Dino was a dog, To be more specific, a golden retriever. He could whine, whimper, and bark just like a normal dog. However, he could speak as well. 

“Tsubasa!” Dino whimpered. He was tiny, very tiny and fluffy. “What was in that needle?!” He exclaimed, trying to allow the horrid situation to sink in. He was utterly embarrassed.

//OOC: no! no bother at all! ^^