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!!! What’s this? lol jk it’s just a small teaser I did recently (oh nooo flashback train tracks!). I’ve been getting messages about the Zen Feels Train again despite it being in the FAQ already askjdhsakd does no one read FAQs anymore ;;-;;

So anyway, I was thinking of updating on April and I was thinking of updating per page whenever I finish one && upload it somewhere like tapastic (?) or something similar so I don’t clutter up your dashes. I will still upload sets on tumblr like before but for those who want to view pages as they are completed, the off-tumblr option (tapastic,webtoon,etc idk yet) is always there (…?) what sites would you guys suggest?

whoa okay so how do you think that conversation went when RJ went back to their boys with newfound gender identity knowledge

because ten to one Stephen and Ollie and Johnny were like “oh my god WHAT IF I’M NOT A BOY WE HAVE TO TEST THIS” and they all spent days trying different pronouns to see if it Felt Right and poring over RJ’s zine and Having Revelations

Stephen DEFINITELY whipped out a dress and threw it on, like, immediately because “gendered clothing is a conspiracy I ALWAYS KNEW IT” and Johnny went around spreading the word that RJ’S PRONOUNS ARE THEY/THEM, IT’S A THING, LOOK IT UP KIDS, I’M BEING DISRUPTIVE FOR A GOOD CAUSE THIS TIME MISS BAXTER, and god help you if you forgot and misgendered RJ, Ollie would LOOM, they all fought so many kids that week

And eventually all three were like “sorry dude I think I’m still a boy” and RJ was like “obviously that is okay” and it took them all a little while to unlearn subconscious things 


that’s how Johnny got his heart shirt! because he saw it in a store or something and for ½ a second was like “nope I’m not allowed to wear that it’s a girl shirt” and then he remembered “oh right clothing is arbitrarily constructed symbols and gender stereotypes are fascism and my friends will love me no matter what” and so he took the shirt

and Stephen sometimes still wears dresses

anonymous asked:

Hi I have found u on pixiv and it took me a long time to found u on tumblr just to ur superbat artworks but then u stop drawing them. Why did u stop drawing them and do u have plan drawing them again also I love the mchanzo especially when Hanzo asks mccree for a new rice cooker cute af XD

Until I got this message I’d completely forgotten I had a pixiv, sorry! I’m more active on twitter and tumblr.

I don’t have any immediate plans to draw more superbat, I’m afraid. I’m still in mchanzo hell, which I’m glad you’re enjoying!
Cyclone Debbie: flooding and heavy rain continue to hammer north Queensland – live updates
Australian authorities assess damage from category four cyclone that hit coast between Airlie Beach and Mackay on Tuesday as weather system moves inland bringing heavy rain. Follow all the updates here ...
By Christopher Knaus

To all the Australian Tumblr bloggers….. 

Stay safe.  Let us know you are ok. 


I didn’t put up any exact amount of slots, because I didn’t think that many would be interested! I was caught with surprise and now have to close my commissions.
However, I will open up as soon as I can again!!
You can ask for me to reserve a spot, but you then have to be very patient with me, because I wont get to your piece until I open up for commissions the second time.

Thank you guys a whole bunch!!
I’ve been having huge issues with not having money to do anything, so I’ve been pretty isolated and pretty down because I haven’t found anyone who has wanted to hire me. 
I also have divorced parents who has been fighting a lot about who is supposed to pay this and that for me whenever I do need something, and I hate it so much that I very rarely ask them to help me with anything.
Having some of my own income will help me so much, you have no idea. I will be able to take my pets to the vet if that will be needed in the future. They are truly the lights of my life, I dont know what I’d do without them.

Contact information:

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I can't say enough good things about this weeks update! First of all your updates always give me something to look forward to! Seeing as I'm also diagnosed with depression I was told to choose one thing a week to bring something positive, and this is it! Also I totally relate to reg about chores being the death of me and Devi looks strangely adorbale in "cleaning" clothes :)

Awww omg thank You…. ;v;
I’m glad this is something that helps You get trough the week! Honestly it’s often difficult for me to find motivation bc im kinda dead inside and have no self-confidence but every time after I actually force myself to do a new page and people are saying super nice things about it, it makes it all worth and I feel like I’m not just wasting my time!


The snow was pretty heavy last weekend (New York) *o*
Here is a quick sketchy comic ♥

Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC After End)

Also – Jumin with his hair slicked back mmMMMmMM
Don’t ignore your child you lovebirds HAHAHA


The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special

An almost 2-month late update to:

Parts 1-5 of this Young!Victor -> Yuuri <- older!Victor comic series.

Happy Birthday, (both!) Victors! <3 May your days be filled with lots of Yuuris <3