not all those who wander are lost tattoo

la ilye i ranyar vanwe nar

Which is Elvish (Quenya) for “Not all those who wander are lost”.

I’ve been a Lord of the Rings nerd since I was very young, I’ve travelled a lot, lived in several countries, and I’m still trying to find my way, so this was a perfect tattoo for me.  Done in London by Chris at The Family Business Tattoo Shop.

Highlights from my conversation with Aaron, not formatted very well since I’m on my phone:

- I walked up and (I think) gave him a hug, got a picture taken pretty much right away although I was still in a bit of shock because hello, Aaron Tveit has his arm around me. He was super nice, asked my name and everything.
- I’m super lame and wrote everything I wanted to talk to him about down because I tend to forget things when I’m nervous, and as I’m pulling it out he goes “what’s that?” And I look up like “what?” And he goes “your tattoo!” So I showed it to him (it’s on my forearm, and says ‘not all those who wander are lost’ and it’s got vines and stuff around it) and he goes “oh, I like that!”
- He wants the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl but he thinks the Patriots will win it.
- I asked him who his favorite villain on Graceland was besides Paul Briggs ;). He really liked the storyline with Sid (“well Sid was pretty bad, but–”) and he said that he’s super close with Gbenga who played Bello, although he said that Bello isn’t a villain in the traditional sense of the word.
- His favorite scenes to film were the surfing ones and the ones where he got to play football on the beach
- Mike Warren listens to super crazy rock music because according to Aaron, Mike is a crazy guy.
- I found a CMIYC playbill at the Broadway Flea market and I pulled it out to ask him to sign it and he got so excited. He held it up and showed someone off to the side, then flipped through it a bit and made sad noises while pantomiming a tear falling down his cheek with his index finger. He also pouted and it was absolutely adorable.
- Took a selfie with him, hugged him again, told him thank you, and that was it.