not all the songs clearly but i tried

What is a story you have been dying to tell?

When I was 15 years old, I ran away from home because I was pissed off at my parents for a reason I cant remember. I didnt have much money, so I decided to hop onto the skytrain(public transport train in British Columbia) and ride it as far as it would go. I reached the end of the line in less then an hour, and decided I wanted to ride it all the way back again, while trying to formulate some kind of plan of how I wanted to live the rest of my life without my parents or anyone. At the last stop, or the first stop depending on your perspective of it, a girl came on and sat in the row right behind me. I didnt pay much attention to her at first, as I was busy writing my life plan on a napkin. It was a few minutes later that she got up and came sat next to me, curious as to what I was writing. I told her the story, and after a few laughs, we began talking about everything and anything. Her name was Amanda, 17 years old, and absolutely wonderful. She told me she was getting off at the last stop, which was also the first stop, depending on how you look at it. It was also the stop I had gotten on originally, and I told her we would ride to it together. The train ride took less then an hour, and what a wonderful hour indeed.

When the last stop did come, we both knew we probably wouldnt see each other ever again(this was before the days of cellphones, and I was a shy little kid afraid to make moves). As we got to the end of the sidewalk which split in two different directions, she went right and I went left. Before saying goodbye she turned to me and asked me a question that has become a wonderful part of my life; she asked me, “Tell me something you have done, or want to do, that you think I should do? It can be anything, as challenging as you want it to be, or as easy. As long as you give me the rest of my life to complete it, I promise I will do it..” I was confused as to why, but I thought about it, and told her, “Sing a song acapella in a room full of strangers.” She said perfect and asked me if I would like a challenge as well. I told her I did, and she told me, “read, from start to finish, “Ulysses” by James Joyce.” I had never heard of it at the time, but I agreed, and we said our goodbyes.

I have a awful memory, and cant remember most conversations I have with most people. But I remember all of that clearly. You know why? Because of the challenge she gave me. In the 12 years that have past since, I have tried to read that book in over 150 different sittings. Everytime I open my copy of the 780 page monster of a book, I always think of her, and I always think of that day. Ive never been sure if it was her intent or not, but she left her lasting memory on me with that challenge. I soon after learned what she did, was a completey wonderful and amazing thing for me. So I decided to keep it going. Ive met a lot of strangers in my life; some that have become friends, and some, due to living in different time zones and whatnot, didnt. I dont want to just have experiences and then let them go. I want to remember these meetings, and embrace the fact that they happened. So whenever I leave someone who has left an amazing impact of my life, I always make sure to add them to my Ulysses Bucket List. I ask them to give me a challenge, as difficult or as easy as they want it to be, and regardless of the fact that they have done it or not; simply something their heart has had wanted to do.

Some have been easy and fun; I met a man in India 9 years ago who told me to, for a week or a month, cook/buy twice as much food as I intend on eating, and give the other half to a stranger in need. I completed that mission 8 years ago, and thought about that man and the time we had all the way through. I met a girl on a cruise 6 years ago, who told me to jump into a body of water on a slightly cold day, without touching or feeling the temperature of the water first. I did that the very same year. I met a couple at an outdoor music festival a few years ago that told me to wear the most bizarre outfit imaginable and walk through a public place, completely oblivious to the fact that you arent looking normal. I did that task the very next day, at the same festival. Some have been difficult, to say the least: three guys I met in Amsterdam and smoked all night with, told me to go to a mall and give 10 strangers 10 presents. That one took a lot of courage, but I did it a year or so after I met them. It was nerve racking, but at the same time exhilerating leaving my comfort zone. A girl I met on a plane told me to sky dive; Im still in the process of getting that done. A couple I met in Cali on the beach told me to tell the 5 people I hated the most, that I love them and respect them. That one was very difficult because of my stubborness, but ive come close to completing that list many a times(still in the process, 2 more people to go).

And some things, have had an everlasting impact on my daily life. I met a girl at a music festival, who told me that whenever I get mad at someone, walk away, sing my happy song in my head for 5 minutes, go back to the person im mad at with a clam heart and mind, and work things out. Ive made this my way of life. I once met a man at a gym in a hotel I was staying at, that told me “whenever your body and brain tells your that you are exhausted and done…use your heart instead and push out 2 more reps.” Ive made this my motto when working out or working on any kind of extrenuating exercise in which my body demands me to quit. I also use it while working on anything, and while studying. One of the best pieces of advice ive ever received.

There are many others that each brought joy to my life. There are still many tasks I have yet to accomplish, and everytime I think of these tasks, I think of the people that gave them to me. It amazes me how well I remember all these people, while I cant remember so many aspects of even yesterday. These experiences, not only do I take from them a “mission” or a “challenge”, I also take from them a memory of them that never fails to appear inside of my mind. I opened my Ulysses book for probably the 300th time yesterday, and read a few pages, which prompted me to share this story with you today. Im in the final 30 pages of the book, also known as the most dreaded of the read(in the last 40 pages or so, James Joyce doesnt use a single punctuation mark; no periods, no commas, no nothing; a straight 50 page run-on sentence).

I never saw Amanda after that day, nor do I know if she ever did get a chance to sing a song to a room full of strangers. But what I do know, is that she gave me a gift that has never once stopped giving. So wherever you may be, thank you for giving me the Ulysses Bucket List. And I swear i’ll finish it one day. My life advice? Simple: Create your own Ulysses bucket list.

To the people who are upset about the Wanna One final line up and are calling the top 11 talentless,

How? How can you say that? None of the top 11 are talentless. All of them deserve to be there. The issue was that there were only 11 spots and 20 amazing, talented boys who deserved those spots. In fact, all 101 of the trainees are talented. I could go on and on about how talented each and every member of that show is, but I’ll just talk to you about the top 20. 

TR;DL: It wasn’t anyone’s fault but Mnet’s. DO NOT BLAME ANY OF THE FINAL WANNA ONE MEMBERS. IF you wanna be mad, BLAME MNET. 

Rank 20 - Choi Minki - Nu’EST’s Ren - Ahh Ren, he was very good at everything. Maybe not the best in any regard but definitely an all rounder. Singing. Dancing. Variety. Visuals. All check. The issue with him gettng this rank however was that Mnet’s edits didn’t give him much screen time (this is the case with many of the following on this list). 

Rank 19 - Joo Haknyeon - He is talented. Despite needing some help, this boy is talented. He just learns slower than the other trainees and was greedy for positions he wasn’t ready to take on. He got way too much uncalled for hate because of it. I want to see him make a comeback one day as a stronger, wiser person.

Rank 18 - Kim Samuel - I shouldn’t have to say this but Samuel choreographed a lot of the dances they did for P101- hell he choreographed the Super Hot stage (baby is only 15 TwT). He kicked ass as center in Showtime! He was also good in Get Ugly! But Mnet didn’t give him that many behind the scenes cuts so I think that might have hurt him. He truly deserved so much better and I am going to support his solo. Hopefully, one day, he’ll debut in a group. 

Rank 17 - Yoo Seonho - He’s got cute maknae charms and improved so much throughout the show. He’s only been a trainee for 6 months and despite that he grew a lot in a matter of months. I’m so proud of you, Seonho. Thank you for comforting all the people who needed it at the finale. You are an absolute angel who deserved to debut as well.

Rank 16 - Anh Hyungseob - Hyungseob is a good dancer and despite not being the best singer he tries very hard. He’s also hilarious XD (fondly remembers the times he ran into a door) He’s also got variety skills. *cough* His rank is probably low cause the Yuehua boys are planning to debut soon *cough*

Rank 15 - Im Youngmin - Great dancer. Great rapper. I don’t need to say anything. Just watch any of his performances and you’ll see. He got fucked over by his fake scandals and because knetz eat people alive without knowing if the rumor is true or not. 

Rank 14 - Kim Jonghyun - Nu’EST’s JR - Amazing leader, who is selfless and always a sweetheart. He could have asked for center. He could have been greedy and asked for more lines. He never once did. On top of that, he’s a great rapper and a great dancer. Plus he a cute shy Wartortle. I have no clue how someone who was hailed the Nation’s Leader didn’t make it into the Nation’s Boy Group. 

Rank 13 - Kang Dongho - Nu’EST’s Baekho - He had vocals for days and visuals for days. His charisma was like fire and his personality is so <3 He was the cute babysitter for all the kids of P101 and I’m honestly so sad Guanlin lost his fav sexy uncle. 

Rank 12 - Jung Sewoon - Okay, look I love Ponyo . I love him so damn much you don’t even know. I was depressed when I saw him not get in. I can’t put into words how much I wanted him to be in the top 11. I thought he wouldn’t be close to 11 because he was 19 last time, but damn I feel trolled about this. VOCALS. DANCING. CUTENESS. I want to see him again in the future so badly.

Rank 11- Ha Sungwoon - HOTSHOT’s Sungwoon - It’s probably not right for me to say I didn’t want him in the top 11 because he needs to return to HOTSHOT so they can finally have a comeback. But he was Rank A from the start. Even Boa was like how are such talented kids not popular. 

Rank 10 - Bae Jinyoung - A lot of you seem to have an issue with BaeJin. But he’s got stage presences. He might not have shown it off at the start but he improved so much since then. Plus he has a great personality which you can see in any of the back stage cams since the actual show cuts his and Jihoon’s screen time.

Rank 9 - Hwang Minhyun - Nu’EST Minhyun- Don’t fucking sit here and tell me Jonghyun deserves to debut but then go off and say the top 11 aren’t talented when Minhyun is fucking in the top 11. Emperor Hwang has everything. Visuals, vocals, dance skills, and the relationship with the rest of the top 11. He made half this top 11 happen. So much talent you can’t even. 

Rank 8 - Yoon Jisung-  Auntie Jisung was gonna give up if he didn’t debut. He has stable af vocals while dancing. Plus he’s hilarious. Like really fucking funny. That’s been evident since he made himself a meme in episode 1. He took care of whatever team he led. I’m so so glad he got to debut. 

Rank 7 - Lai Guanlin - I personally didn’t want him to debut because I think he’s too young and still has a lot of growing to do. He wasn’t the best rapper or dancer but he’s got stage presence not only that but he was also only a trainee for 6 months. He’s only been in Korea for 6 months. Plus he’s like 16 so chill. 

Rank 6 - Park Woojin - I will flip tables if you tell me Park Woojin didn’t deserve top 11. He had shingles and still gave a bomb performance. He’s a great dancer and always draws attention when he’s on stage. He’s a great rapper too. He’s been Rank A from the start (BNM kids are so talented guys).

Rank 5 - Ong Seongwoo - Talented. So fucking talented. I can’t. He’s funny af, he’s an amazing dancer, he’s a god singer, he’s got a great personality, AND he’s got actor like visuals. Seriously, how can you call him untalented? Again he was rank A from the start. 

Rank 4 - Kim Jaehwan - If you have hearing, you know Jaehwan is talented. He improved his dancing so much to be here. Plus he’s savage and hilarious. Kim Jaehwan was actually someone I was worried wouldn’t enter top 11 because he didn’t have a strong solo fanbase.

Rank 3 - Lee Daehwi - This child did not suffer to have you call him untalented. He’s an adorable baby who can do it all. He is only 16 and he writes songs for crying out loud! He can dance and sing and maybe rap (I think). He was also Rank A from the start! (All the BNM kids are talented af so never fucking say he’s talentless)

Rank 2 - Park Jihoon - Got here because he winked BUT that doesn’t mean he’s not talented. He’s a good dancer like a really good dancer, And he knows how to work a camera, clearly. He’s not the best singer but he tries. He’s an okay rapper but we never got to see much of that. Jihoon is adorable and cute and a whole lot of goot things but people kept bashing him for getting to the top because he winked. He’s still talented though (Rank B isn’t that bad cause Jaehwan was Rank B).

Rank 1 - Kang Daniel - I will not take anyone calling him untalented. Seriously there are too many people saying he didn’t deserve it. Have you watched ANY of his stages. He ALWAYS stole the show and he’s NEVER been center. Look, people forgot he was a rapper because he sang so much on this show. Like he gave all the rap parts to other rappers because he knew they couldn’t sing. He’s an angel who loves cats and people. He’s also awkwardly hilarious. He was bound to be in the top 11 from the moment he hugged small Woojin. Worked hard and moved from Rank B to Rank A. Watch any of his fancams and prepare to be shook. 

If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you. 

Wanna One is talented.

Everyone in the top 20 was talented. 

I wish they made a group with the top 20 because I loved so many of them. 

i love how in the singalongs when the song is clearly about some girl whichever beatle who wrote it liked at the time but they always tried to make it just involve the four beatles 

and we end up with like these confusing romances between ringo and paul 

they try to make it like a little story based on the song title but the lyrics just work against it 

Losing Sleep

Summary: Dan can’t sleep at night and Phil takes notice.

Genre: a little angsty but ends with fluff so yeah 

Warnings: swearing and middle of the night thoughts about the world i guess

Word Count: 3260

a/n: okay so my first phanfiction was supposed to be JUST FLUFF but obviously i couldn’t do that so yeah sorry. also since it’s my first fic, please let me know what you think and please help me spread it around! oh yeah and sorry for the shit title my creativity is dying apparently. 


It was becoming an issue.

Dan was staring at his ceiling in the dark, his mind spinning, different thoughts threatening to take control in his brain.

This has been happening for a while now, staying up all hours of the night just thinking about nothing, but also everything.

So, yes, it was becoming an issue.

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I Am Too

Hello! I have not written anything in a long time (since 2013 rip) but I could not stay away from H so here is something I came up with. Hope ya’ll enjoy. 


The gathering with your friends had been going on for a couple of hours now and since you had a meeting earlier that day you were feeling a little more tired than you’d liked. You were sat at the edge of one the couches while drinking something that was more ice than anything. You were brought back into the room when you suddenly felt the weight of the couch tilt. 

“You’ve been sitting in this couch for the past hour. Is everything alright?” asked Harry while handing you a drink that had the perfect amount of ice cubes and liquor.

“Yeah, I’m just tired. Wish this wasn’t happening on a Tuesday honestly” you stated while Harry chuckled. 

You were always the one to go to sleep first between you both and probably all of your friends. He wouldn’t mind it if you also weren’t the first one to wake up. He liked seeing you calm and quiet in the mornings but you were always out of bed before he could rub the sleep from his eyes. 

You and Harry had been seeing each other for the past few weeks but no one knew about it. There was a few people in your close friend group that knew you guys had hooked up in the past but nothing too serious. Due to some recent events, you decided to see what your relationship could flourish into but you did not want to break the news to your friends. Not yet, at least. And based on the last couple gatherings, your friends had no clue. 

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Anon prompt: “ Hey! Love your work btw ❤️👌👌 Was wondering if I could get a fic where the reader and jug are at pops, and he won’t pay attention to them, so the reader starts doing a whole bunch of embarrassing things like singing really loud and dancing in the middle of the restaurant to get his attention? 😊✌️️”

A/N: Anything to do with Jughead in Pop’s is my favourite thing because I love Pop’s. 

You rest your chin on your hands, huffing in agitation. Jughead sat across from you, typing on his laptop completely unaware of the world around him; which was ironic considering he’d invited you to have lunch with him at Pop’s but still managed to find a better date in his laptop then his actual partner.

“Juggie.” You sigh, he isn’t paying even the slightest bit of attention to you and it’s bordering on annoying. 

“You know, I’ve been thinking of shaving my hair, dying it green and getting a bone piercing through my septum.” 

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2. During the talk session, there were only YG, HC, DH, YJ on stage and the winner for best dress was Daehyun’s pick. When she was asked who her bias was she said it was Zelo and Daehyun was like okay then lol


Then she asked Zelo to back hug Daehyun in which Daehyun was literally ready for it (Daelo shippers be screaming so hard)

3. Jongup’s dance and vocal during try my luck was ON POINT. Also Zelo’s solo stage, his singing was so cute and the lyrics was very sweet

4. About half way through the concert Youngjae already told us the next song was gonna be the last song in which we all know it wasn’t lol


6. Himchan was holding a water gun and shooting at babyz if they weren’t screaming loud enough

7. B.A.P said their stage outfits were still winter clothes because they’ve been touring since winter but now it’s summer and the weather in Thailand is really hot

8. Getting to hear Yongguk’s viva la revolution live is a blessing to my ears

9. the head shoulder knees dance in Check on was similar to a very popular song in Thailand so we were singing that song when B.A.P showed us the dance moves. YOUNGJAE NOTICED IT AND TRIED TO SING IN THAI IN WHICH HE HAD NO IDEAS ABOUT THE SONG OR WORDS

typical Youngjae

10. The concert was really like a party because the atmosphere was very relaxing, and like everyone were there just to have a great time in which we all did. THANK YOU B.A.P

there are so many things to say about this concert but here are what i clearly remember in my mind (sorry about my english tho)
more hunk w/ glasses

just imagine: 

hunk needed glasses ever since he was younger, but always opted for contacts because he thought glasses looked weird on him

being in space doesn’t provide new outlets for contacts– he suddenly has to switch to glasses or he’ll be blind as hell

keith awkwardly tries to realize why hunk looks different without actually asking the question

shiro, allura, and coran all compliment the new look

pidge is blasting “I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, THE RAIN IS GONE” over and over because FINALLY there’s a new “cool kids with glasses club” and of course hunk is an amazing candidate

lance doesn’t even hear the stupid song. he’s just like “wow hunk. huNK WOW WHAT YOU’RE STUNNING”

     - side note- lance’s internal monologue might run like so:  “goodBI to all thoughts of being straight” like the glasses are probably helping him see more clearly than they’re helping hunk tbfh

please i need content for this!! art, fics, ANYTHING! i see a bunch of stuff with lance having glasses but i mean imagine HUNK IN GLASSES

send help

The (looong) break down of Get Low by Zedd & Liam

(that nobody asked for)

Now, there have been talks pertaining to the prominence of a more sexual approach to Liam’s lyrics. People are entitled to feeling uncomfortable to sexual songs in general, there’s obviously no dismissing that, but what’s particularly *fascinating* is to see how this fandom has taken to a close minded 1930s taboo-ish mentality even as they organise whole fan projects for a sexual song, aka, No Control (discounting the unabashed erasure in songwriting, since I’m feeling generous), never mind how about 98.9739% of the fandom indulges in kinky sexual fanfiction, aha. 

The premise of the song is sexual but what’s particularly amusing is how this very fandom – one that specialises in dissecting every syllable of a song – put their feet up as soon as they sensed the sexual lyrics by someone aside from their fave.

As with any other song or any form of art for that matter, each piece of work is open to interpretation. “Get Low” to me is much more than what it offers at face value. The lyrics aren’t abstract, yet they’ve got a poetic fluidity to them. Zedd is credited as one of the writers and I’m impressed, quite honestly. Because, the thing is, it’s not meant to be a song to evoke any deep emotions, like say, patriotism. It’s a dance number and it’s purpose is to make you want to dance and enjoy the song, and Get Low delivers. Yet, the lyrics aren’t just a few random lines strung together. There’s a narration that’s been followed throughout. 

Personally, I interpret it as this guy – the protagonist – trying to reassure his partner to go all the way. Often in romantic relationships, sex is meant to be that pivotal, big step. Going by what the song offers, the partner, has had past romantic relationships that may have left them unsatisfied, and the protagonist is essentially reassuring them that’s it’s okay, that regardless of what happened in the past, they can trust them to /let go/, which is interestingly a phonetic word play of “Get Low” (this is totally me adding my two cents here, no projection on Zedd or the writers).  

Before I get into the details, the way Zedd has handled the production and brought out the veritable versatility of Liam’s vocals is simply exceptional and Liam’s expansive inflections and modulation is what really elicited this out of my head.

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Rapper Next Door

pairing: vernon x reader 

genre: fluff (University AU) 

word count: 1.1k

Originally posted by just-soonyoung

It has only bene a few weeks since you’ve moved into our new dorm for the year. Everything was quite pleasant. Your neighbours are quiet which makes you so happy because you’re able to do studying without being bother but at the same time, you get a bit scared to be too loud yourself. You haven’t met everyone personally. All you knew was that there was one guy with blonde hair that lives beside you.

You’ve never seen his face clearly nor talked to him. You’ve just glimpse at him a few times when you had short seconds encounters. When you would enter the building and enter your dorm room floor, you would just see him down the hall entering his room.

You talked to soon about having quiet neighbours since the blonde proved you wrong. That night, you were busy making notes and studying away, late at night, past midnight. All of a sudden, you started hearing music and it wasn’t your music. It was a bit loud and almost like something you’d hear in a club with all the beat drops, it felt like your walls and floor could be shaking if it were played any louder.

You paused to hear where the music was coming from and as you listened, you put your ear against the wall in front of you, thinking it was coming from the room next door which is also the blonde’s room.

As you guessed, you were right and it was him playing music. You weren’t sure what song it was but it wasn’t something you’ve heard before but you still liked it. You were interested but at the same time you were annoyed that he was playing it so loud at night.

You really needed to study that night so you weren’t going to put up with this noise. So, you went out of your room to knock on his door, quite softly that you weren’t even sure if he’d even hear it over his music.

You waited a while to knock again and standing there, waiting for him to open the door, you realize this would be your first real encounter with the blonde guy.

You started to feel a bit nervous and started thinking if you should leave since you were starting to feel insecure about how you looked or if you were rude for complaining, things like that.

In the middle of your thoughts, he opened the door. He hadn’t turned off his music yet and also seem a bit annoyed that someone interrupted his music session.

“Uh…hi.” You stuttered, both surprised that he just opened the door and also finally meeting him eye-to-eye.

“Hi.” He spoke, waiting for you to explain why you were in front of his door. You quickly glanced around to make sure no one else is in the halls beside you and him.

“Umm I was hoping that you’d turn down your music a bit? It’s late and I’m trying to study. Look, your music’s good and all but I just…I just need to study.” You tried asking in the most polite way you could, hoping he isn’t the furious type to get pissed off easily.

He had only opened the door half way, having his hand still on the door knob and pretty much hiding his place from you. He looked up and down at you, not in a sexual way but more of examining you since he’s never met you before.

He furrowed his brows before questioning you. “How’d you know it was my song?”

“Your…your song? What do you mean? I can clearly hear your music playing right now. I’m right next door. I’m pretty sure the whole hall can hear you.”

The guy doesn’t tell you that he’ll turn down his music but instead responds differently. “It’s my song, like I made it.” He explained.

“That’s cool.” You complimented but before you could continue to talk to his guy and remind him your reasoning to be here, he cut in and spoke again.

Leaning against the door, he reach out to give you a hand shake. “I’m Hansol.”

“Y/N.” You shook his hand which was when he finally smiled a bit at you. It was a very small smile for a short second.

“If you like my song, you should come in and I’ll let you check out some more. I don’t want the everyone else to wake up.”

“Right…” You said but what he was saying counteracted his actions.

He started to walk into his room again, thinking that you’d follow him but you stayed at the door. “Did I wake you up?” He questioned, looking back at you and seeing that you didn’t move an inch.

“No, I was studying.” You reminded him. He then fully turned around to grab your wrist and gents pull you a bit into the room so that he can close the door behind you.

Now the music was louder to you and you were taken back by his actions. You felt a bit scared to be with someone you haven’t met before.

Although Hansol seemed nice and trustworthy, you were still not fully comfortable around him yet he already seemed as if you two were mutual friends.

“Could you turn down a little please?” You asked once again and he goes to do so. “Thanks.”

Hansol sits down on his seat right in front of his laptop that was placed on his desk. Near his laptop was the speakers that he was playing his music out of. Everything he owned for his music looked so high tech and it made you become even more interested in his music.

“How long have you been making music?” You asked while taking in the sight of this new place.

“I started officially making music for about a few years now. Before that I was just rapping and I still rap now just…better.” He chuckled and you smile sweetly at him.

You both looked at each other for a minute before he clears his throat and breaks eye contact. “Come sit here.” He said and you went to go sit in the seat next to him.

Hansol leaned forward as he started pressing in some things into his laptop and changing the song that was playing to another one of his songs that he wanted to share with you.

During this time, he showed you a few tricks and such on how he makes his music. You talked for much longer than expected and stayed up together, just sharing things about each other and getting to know one another.

You had laughs and a good time with him. Truly, you both bonded over music and specifically his good skills in music which made you so intrigued to get to know him. All your curious  thoughts about the blonde boy next door were answered that night and it didn’t stop there.

Days and days you’d see each other and say hi, come over to one another dorm and hang out. You soon quickly became friends without even knowing it. This wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t played his music so loud that night and if you hadn’t took the courage to knock on his door. You were glad to make a great friend such as Hansol.

anonymous asked:

Hcs for Kiri, Kami, and Baku on finding out their fem!s/o is a hardcore classic rock fan but she doesn't really show it much since she always got teased cause a lot of girls her age think it's "outdated" and not "fit for a girl"? Thanks!!!

Good ol memories of the emo life. :),,,song is King For A Day by PTV + SWS :))). ENJOY ,’:)🍃

Eijiro :

- “ DARE ME TO JUMP OFF THIS JERSEY BRIDGE !” You screamed into your invisible microphone as you clutched the mop in your other hand. “I BET YOU NEVER HAD A FRIDAY NIGHT LIKE THIS  .” You head banged as your body swayed with the mop following your sways. “Babe~~~” Kirishima walked in. “… babe?” He touched your shoulder which sent a jolt down your spine causing you to let out a small scream. “Woah, Eijiro, you scared the shit out of me.” You slid the headphones off your ears in a swift motion. “So, whaddya want?”

- He was just there like…. what. Looks like she was enjoying herself….I wanna enjoy myself too…

- He asked you if he could listen to your song, you said yeah and now here he is, all ear sore.

- Literally jolted when Vic and Kellin were singing. His quirk even activated unconsciously.

- Kirishima is amazed that you listen to that and he’s just an overall happy and supportive lil lump once you tell him that you were bullied because of your music.

- He’ll allow you to blast that kind of genre in the house if you like it. Kirishima will put up with it but he’ll slowly but surely get into the same genre.

Denki :

- “BABE, OH SHIT ARE YOU OKAY? I HEARD YOU SCREAMING !” Denki barged in your room with a toothbrush in one hand and in the other a back scratcher. His chest was rapidly falling and rising as he tried to catch his breath. “I RAN ALL THE WAY HERE. YOU OKAY?” Cricket cricket. No response was given but you clearly stood there frozen. “U-uh, Denki, babe, it was my song.” He stood there, puzzled as hell.

- At first he was like ???. Then he was like, ohhhh I get it. LET’S JAM TOGETHER.

- He puts down the back scratcher and just starts screaming and dancing along with the song. “KEEP IT UP, KEEP IT UP, LET’S RAISE OUR HANDS!” Oops he’s the only one who’s screaming along with this song.

- Honestly, doesn’t mind it. Boy, he is very open minded. For the most part, he’ll be like, “Babe you should play more of your songs. Sounds nice.”

- Partying all day and night just blasting the emo music.

- He feels bad that you got bullied for that kind of music but in his honest opinion he sees there’s nothing wrong with it.

- “It’s not just a phase babe.”

Katsuki :

- He slams your door open. “OI SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BLASTING EMO ASS SHIT AT 1 IN THE MORNING?” A grumpy Katsuki complained while scratching his neck. You shut off your speaker. “Oh well, sorry there.” You pouted. He sighed.

- Fuck. She looks so sad like that.

- “Fine. Just don’t blast it okay?”

- Next thing you know, Katsuki is listening to it too.

- “ I TAKE A LOOK UP AT THE SKY AND I SEE RED. RED FOR THE CANCER, RED FOR THE WEALTHY.” Others looked at him as he chopped the meat into a million pieces. Literally screaming the song while doing chores.


- “… I’ll kill them.”

- Is even more intimidating especially when he and his s/o are screaming their heart out to their favorite songs.

- I think he just found his fave music genre.

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Speech

Good evening, everyone. I extend my warmest greetings to the members of the Swedish Academy and to all of the other distinguished guests in attendance tonight.

I’m sorry I can’t be with you in person, but please know that I am most definitely with you in spirit and honored to be receiving such a prestigious prize. Being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature is something I never could have imagined or seen coming. From an early age, I’ve been familiar with and reading and absorbing the works of those who were deemed worthy of such a distinction: Kipling, Shaw, Thomas Mann, Pearl Buck, Albert Camus, Hemingway. These giants of literature whose works are taught in the schoolroom, housed in libraries around the world and spoken of in reverent tones have always made a deep impression. That I now join the names on such a list is truly beyond words.

I don’t know if these men and women ever thought of the Nobel honor for themselves, but I suppose that anyone writing a book, or a poem, or a play anywhere in the world might harbor that secret dream deep down inside. It’s probably buried so deep that they don’t even know it’s there.

If someone had ever told me that I had the slightest chance of winning the Nobel Prize, I would have to think that I’d have about the same odds as standing on the moon. In fact, during the year I was born and for a few years after, there wasn’t anyone in the world who was considered good enough to win this Nobel Prize. So, I recognize that I am in very rare company, to say the least.

I was out on the road when I received this surprising news, and it took me more than a few minutes to properly process it. I began to think about William Shakespeare, the great literary figure. I would reckon he thought of himself as a dramatist. The thought that he was writing literature couldn’t have entered his head. His words were written for the stage. Meant to be spoken not read. When he was writing Hamlet, I’m sure he was thinking about a lot of different things: “Who’re the right actors for these roles?” “How should this be staged?” “Do I really want to set this in Denmark?” His creative vision and ambitions were no doubt at the forefront of his mind, but there were also more mundane matters to consider and deal with. “Is the financing in place?” “Are there enough good seats for my patrons?” “Where am I going to get a human skull?” I would bet that the farthest thing from Shakespeare’s mind was the question “Is this literature?”

When I started writing songs as a teenager, and even as I started to achieve some renown for my abilities, my aspirations for these songs only went so far. I thought they could be heard in coffee houses or bars, maybe later in places like Carnegie Hall, the London Palladium. If I was really dreaming big, maybe I could imagine getting to make a record and then hearing my songs on the radio. That was really the big prize in my mind. Making records and hearing your songs on the radio meant that you were reaching a big audience and that you might get to keep doing what you had set out to do.

Well, I’ve been doing what I set out to do for a long time, now. I’ve made dozens of records and played thousands of concerts all around the world. But it’s my songs that are at the vital center of almost everything I do. They seemed to have found a place in the lives of many people throughout many different cultures and I’m grateful for that.

But there’s one thing I must say. As a performer I’ve played for 50,000 people and I’ve played for 50 people and I can tell you that it is harder to play for 50 people. 50,000 people have a singular persona, not so with 50. Each person has an individual, separate identity, a world unto themselves. They can perceive things more clearly. Your honesty and how it relates to the depth of your talent is tried. The fact that the Nobel committee is so small is not lost on me.

But, like Shakespeare, I too am often occupied with the pursuit of my creative endeavors and dealing with all aspects of life’s mundane matters. “Who are the best musicians for these songs?” “Am I recording in the right studio?” “Is this song in the right key?” Some things never change, even in 400 years.

Not once have I ever had the time to ask myself, “Are my songs literature?”

So, I do thank the Swedish Academy, both for taking the time to consider that very question, and, ultimately, for providing such a wonderful answer.

My best wishes to you all,

Bob Dylan

anonymous asked:

Hey ! There is literally no shade in my question I just want to know because I only follow a very few youtubers (Dolan Twins included 😊). What is the whole drama with Jake Paul ? I didn't know the guy until today lol

Hi my love, 

Okay, so this is going to be quite long so apologies in advance. 

Jake Paul is perhaps the most obnoxious, conceited, pompous, self obsessed Youtuber out there with not a shred of humility or decency in him. He’s all about the money and the fame and he does not care how many bridges he burns, how many people he throws under the bus and how many people’s careers he ruins, just to get the views. I promise I’m not saying all this as a biased human, I’m going to lay down the facts and you can decide for yourself.

1. In his biogaphy/autobiography, he disses the Dolan Twins like a petulant child by claiming, their fame is all thanks to him just because the Twins refused to sign with him when he started his company Team 10. His own brother dissed him for it when they made diss tracks about each other.

2. Jake released ‘It’s everyday bro’, a song that boasts of his fame, the money he owns and how he is going to take down youtubers as famous and high ranking as Pewdiepie with his vlogging that includes disrupting the environment, endangering neighbours, making racist remarks, jokes about terrorism, sexualising women and dissing the people who actually got him to where he is now.

3. He has never apologised for all the wrong he has done. He has always justified his actions on him being a vlogger and doing things for the views rather than just shutting up and simply saying sorry.

4. He is extremely disrespectful towards women, using them as sexual objects than as equals. He shoved fellow team member, Tessa, just because he lost to her at some childish game. He made a song called Jerika, that was zoomed in on Erika’s ass the entire time, despite knowing full well, his audience consists of 10-13 year olds. He wrecked Alissa Violet’s life and career by defaming her, mocking her and humiliating her in his songs because he claims she cheated on him while all the time maintaining they never dated. 

5. He publicly humiliated his own brother and tried to wreck his own brother’s career.

6. He doesn’t have friends, he has followers. It makes me want to throw up when I see adults like Ray Diaz and Chad Tepper, licking his ass in an attempt to be part of his team which is headed nowhere and he knows their intentions and thoroughly exploits them by getting them to do whatever he wishes.

7. The TCA’s were rigged because despite numbers clearly showing otherwise where the Dolan Twins earned over 40.2K retweets for Choice Yotuber, Jake who had a measly 1k retweets, won the award. There are theories going around that the system was rigged in favour of Jake and his team despite all the bad press, negativity and horrible influence his team and he have been spreading making the Teen CHOICE awards not a choice but a publicity stunt.

I hope this answers your queries, anon! 😊

M xx 

Sing more covers he said. So I did.

“Oh look, Jeongguk posted a new cover. He’s really good, huh?” Bogum told Tae as they deplaned from Jeju. Taehyung looked at him, confused, as Jeongguk has not mentioned anything about a cover before he left.

“What cover?”

Bogum showed him a video posted in the BTS YouTube Channel, the usual black screen with just Jeongguk’s vocals. A melodic ballad tune played and after a few bars, that signature voice came in.

Why can’t you hold me in the street
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor
I wish that we could be like that
‘cause I’ m yours

Taehyung scrolled the video to look at the title just to be sure but the first lines are a dead giveaway anyway.


Secret Love Song by the Little Mix was a song they both chanced upon by accident. They heard a Korean cover of the song uploaded a few months back and Taehyung swore it was stuck in his head for quite a while. The song is bittersweet and catchy but most of all, it’s a sort of anthem for Taehyung and Jeongguk’s current life.

A secret love affair of stolen kisses, hidden intertwined hands, smitten glances, all mostly done in borrowed time.

Fans are quick to realize, fast on the uptake in every fancam video of them whispering, holding hands, getting lost in the small intimate world that they created that the management reminded them to be careful. They even resorted to directing them to stay away in videos, sit far apart in fan signs so as not taint their good bulletproof boys images. As if loving someone regardless of gender is a sin or smear that should be wiped away clean.

“Oh Kookie…”

Taehyung remembered that Jeongguk asked him if he can come home with him to Busan for a few days during their break.

“Sorry Kookie, I promised Bogum I’ll meet him when I get back to give him the items he asked me to buy. I need to come home to Daegu soon after to visit Grandma and the kids are waiting for me. How about after the last leg of the tour, yes? We’ll have another break then. ”

Jeongguk cannot win at poker with his lack of facial filter to hide his emotions. His face is too expressive. He tried to hold back this time, but his jaw clenching and his usual tongue-in-cheek quirk is showing.

“It’s okay Tae, I’m pretty sure you’re fed up with my face by now. Have fun in Jeju.” His phone started ringing and he nodded to excuse himself out curtly. It’s probably Yugyeom calling him out again to play.

“Gummy, I think I need to go.” Bogum nodded and clapped Taehyung in the back. He knows Taehyung’s relationship with Jeongguk and the song clearly says it all.

“I know. Let’s meet again sometime, ok? Have fun in the next leg!”

Taehyung walked fast and half ran as he saw Sejin-hyung waiting for him in the arrivals area.

“Hyung, is Jeongguk still at the dorm?” He asked as Sejin took his bag. They were walking towards the exit when sasaeng fans started screaming for Taehyung.

So they ran, fast, towards the van.

“Kookie was with Yoongi in his studio this morning. I know he asked for the 2nd to the last train sched to Busan for today. Brave kid, taking the train. I hope there are no sasaengs there.”

“Sejin-hyung! Let’s go to the studio! Hurry!”

Nodding, Sejin instructed the driver to go to the HQ and all Taehyung can think about is how much he hurt Jeongguk unintentionally.

“Kid’s not here anymore Taehyung. He left for Busan an hour ago.”

As expected, Yoongi is the only one left in the studio and no trace Jeongguk anywhere.

“I messed up hyung! I really hurt Kookie right?”

Yoongi’s head bounced up and down like he’s playing a tune in his head.

“Yep kid, big time. Jeon was crying when we finished and of course I kicked him.” Taehyung eyes grew wide in disbelief. “Kidding, i told him to suck it up and go home. Thing is, Taehyung, he’s enamored with you and I cannot blame you for being the social butterfly that you are but you do tend to leave him out. I know it’s a secret love affair and the world need not know what the truth is but be mindful of his feelings too. No one wants to be in a secret alone.”

Taehyung buried his face into his hands. Ah Taehyung how can you be so insensitive, he said to himself. Jeongukk deserves an apology and no phone call can cut it.

“Hyung can you..?”

Before he can even finish, Yoongi slid a piece of paper to him without even peeling his eyes off the screen of his computer.

Taehyung smiled and prepared to haul himself to Yoongi when the older male shot him an icy death stare, daring him to continue his plan of glomping him.

“Bring me Daegu food when you come back. I’m not going home. Now shoo, go away. Leave me be.”

“Thank you Hyung! I love youuu!”

“Urgh, c'mon, save that for Jeongguk. It’s just a train ticket, no need to profess your love me. Urgh, the shivers.”

Taehyung bowed at Yoongi and charged for the exit.

“Go get him tiger!”

It’s around 2am when Jeongguk arrived in his neighborhood in Busan. It’s late but somehow going straight to the park nearby his house sounded better to him that going home. He perched himself on a patch of grass, placed his bags and guitar beside him. Going home to Busan reminds Jeongguk that he’s just a kid with humble beginnings, with a simple house and cute dogs. Busan is childhood, his adolescent dream while Seoul is work, adulthood, music, fans and of course…

Seoul is connected to Taehyung.


Jeongguk shook his head at the idea of him crying in front of Yoongi after finishing the cover a while ago. He was just so jealous of Bogum and frustrated with Taehyung and their relationship. Why can the two of them go out while Jeongguk waits at home? How can they look so fucking perfect together that the management allows them to post it in Twitter while he can’t even post selcas with Taehyung without causing an uproar?

Why can’t they express love same way other people in love do?

Sighing again, he took out his guitar and looked around if here are anyone around. When the coast was clear, he strummed the chords of the song away.

We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you, I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It’ll never be enough

He laughed at how this song fits him so much right now, it literally hurts. He was taken a back though when he heard a familiar baritone singing the next few bars.

Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
'Cause I’m yours

Taehyung sat beside him on the grass, their knees touching. They both look the same, hoodie, cap, black mask but underneathe faint night light, Jeongguk can see Taehyung’s eyes.

Pleading. Apologetic. Sincere.

“I’m so sorry Kookie… I shouldn’t have chosen Bogum over you. I’m really sorry.”

Jeongukk placed his guitar down and looked at Tae directly. He cannot get angry with those eyes on that face. He just can’t. Just like LANY said in ILYSB, I’m hella obsessed with your face and yeah, Taehyung’s face gives him that feeling. Somehow, the all that jealousy and frustration dissipated when Taehyung started peeling the mask off Jeongguk’s face. He cupped his hand on his cheek and Jeongguk sighed into it. Taehyung is Taehyung. Nothing else feels right when Taehyung is right there, smiling at him.

Everthing else, poof! Gone.
Out of the window.

“Kiss me then, if you’re so sorry.” Jeongguk haughtily said as he pulled the strings of Taehyung’s mask off his eyes, revealing his boxy grin. Oh lord, he is such a delight. Why was he angry again?

Taehyung kissed him slowly at first then fervently soon after. Kissing him felt the same as snuggling against him every night, holding his palm against his with their fingers intertwined.

Busan is Jeongguk’s childhood, Seoul is his work.

Taehyung is home.

“We’ll work this out, babe. We’ll get through this one day. Let’s keep this secret safe for now, okay? Don’t let go Kookie, I never will.”

With their foreheads touching, Jeongguk smiled and kissed Taehyung lightly once more.

“You have all my cards, Tae. I’m not going anywhere.”

Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftop
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
'Cause I’m yours

They both know it will take a long time for them to be able to tell the whole world of their secret. They also know that some secrets are better kept unsaid. But they’ve built their own little world around each other, no secrets, no lies.

That, for now, should be enough.


3:15am PST.
Fuck i have a 9am meeting.
Idgaf I’ve been hurting for Taekook for the past few days, fite me. I need to let this shit out.

Not beta read, done in 2 hours.
Oh sleep cmon. Let’s go!

Mie 9/10 (video-report #2 - part 5) (update -  @hotarukai@yabu-tsubame​ thank you!!!!)


Yama: “Really, I’m like “Ikuzinashi” (a song Hikaru and Yabu sang as members of Ya-Ya-Yah before their debut ). Well, I tried doing it!”

Yabu started singing, but he didn’t remember the words clearly. Yabu sing a song (na-na-na + some words) (can be seen in the beginning of the video). Yama, Yabu and Chinen dancing.

Yabu: “You’re doing great”.

Yama: “All members doing it.”

Yamachan is really very cute at dancing.

all of this ed sheeran nonsense on my dash reminds me that back in middle school one of my dear, incredibly straight, friends chose me as her +1 for his concert and it was a relatively nice concert (i memorized all of his songs at the time so i wouldn’t feel left out and i wanted to support my friend) but this girl at the very front row thought that the entire concert revolved around her and would get out of her seat and start… voguing aggressively at the end of every song?

every time he tried to say something emotional and inspirational she would get up and start shaking like a weak tree in the wind, and i will never forget the way he stopped what he was saying that he clearly prepared to be emotional and thoughtful, drank like three glasses of water as if he’d never seen water before, sweating all over, and leaned into the mic and said “please stop. can you sit down now? i’m trying to talk. thank you”. and immediately after played a song about sweaters and we all went wild and i don’t remember anything else about that night

Oblivious!Poppy Headcannons

(Pining+Tsundere Branch/Oblivious Poppy is honestly on of best things to ever exist in the Trolls Fandom)

- Even after the events of the movie while to Branch it was kinda obvious True Colors was sort of a big love/crush confession duet for him Poppy honestly didn’t think of it in a sort of romantic sense because she’s used to singing sappy “I love you” kind of songs with her friends all the time and is overall just too thrilled about Branch finally being happy and seeing her as a friend.

-Branch really tries to show Poppy that he “likes her likes her” but even though he’s great at romantic poetry, Branch honestly has been lacking face to face social skills because he’s been alone for so long so the boy sucks at communicating and expressing his emotions clearly so he’d be like the equivalent of Shang in Mulan when all he could say the girl of his dreams was “You… Fight good.”

-Poppy low key has a crush on Branch after the events of the movie but she keeps thinking that everything that happened was meant in a platonic sense and tries to repress her feelings because she doesn’t want to screw things up with Branch because he’s finally happy.

-To be fair, Poppy has always been oblivious to someone actually having a crush on her because she’s so used to being affectionate with people - DJ Suki and about a third of the troll population have crushed hard and can confirm.

-Branch resorts to textbook romantic things like bringing Poppy flowers but she still doesn’t get her hopes up.

-The roses or flowers he gives her are always pink because he assumes its her favorite color and while it is a sweet gesture, Pink flowers represent gratitude and more of a friendly love while red flowers represent romantic love. Poppy really appreciates the pink flowers but she can’t help feeling a little disappointed.

I was talking to this girl who used to be really close to me today and she was trying to be all uppity about all of these pop culture things I knew, and that reminded me of this thing five months ago.

So my friend tried to show a song (Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas–I knew of this before SPN Y’all. My dad has the Best of Kansas CD and I would listen to this song on repeat when I was 6) and then she tried to be all snotty and say “I bet you don’t even know this song or the band.”

And I went “I literally showed you this song two years ago.” Which I did. And I introduced her to half of the bands that make up her current playlists. She tries to pull this bull all the time (and with some movies too).

And she was like “Oh my god, no you didn’t! I heard this from Supernatural. Stop pretending like you’re better than me. I knew this before you just accept it!”

And her mom (who was in the front seat) was like, “No. She showed you that. I remember because you came home that day and told me all about this song Angelina showed you. It was all you listened to for a week.”

And then my friend got this horrified look on her face and shut up for the rest of the car ride. 

And she tried to show me another song (Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz) to prove that I didn’t show her every song on her phone, and I was like I showed you that too. 

And she was like, “You did not. I bet you don’t even have this song in your music library.” And I pulled out this crusty ass iPod I had from like 2010 and showed her that it was clearly on there. 

Yeah…she doesn’t talk to me anymore. But good times…

[TRANS] 170513 Gahyeon Fancafe Update - Today’s feeling???????????

Hello~ A V App broadcast to celebrate 3 thousand fan cafe members! I did a solo broadcast! It was exciting being alone, so I didn’t know it was a thing..ㅠ You guys should also have fun.. hehehehet
Later if I get the chance, I will do a broadcast focused on communication!! Hehe
It was my first time being alone, and it was so long like that, so I was a bit worried and scared, but you commented a lot! You gave a lot of hearts. You all were there, so I could do a happy broadcast>~<
And! It’s not that I couldn’t do the game, so our manager unnie did very, very well!!Hehe, and.. when I practiced I clearly won each time, so why…why on earth!!!! ㅠㅠ😡 What should I do
Did I do the game well? I want our fans to let me know😘
All the games ended and we went to an arcade, so I did the claw machine and tried Pump It Up (dancing game)!! As always our song was very hard.. kekeke But I saw people doing Chase Me at the hardest level and I felt like Pump It Up has admiration for our song!! Kekeke. It’s been a while; when I stroll the streets of Hongdae at night, my mood is really, really good, keke. It was a really healing broadcast, hehe
And we couldn’t do a fan meeting today so I was very, very sad…ㅠㅠ It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to be able to communicate..ㅠㅠ So I really, really miss you. Is everyone healthy and not sick?? When you’re sick I will scold you!!!+.+ We’ll be able to see each other tomorrow, so even the fans we cannot see!! Think of me a lot ❤️ It’s late so hurry to sleep and meet me in a dream💕 I love you💕

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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Once you get this, post 10 facts about yourself and then pass this along to 10 favourite followers <3

1-It’s impossible for me to drink coffee without additional sweetener
2-Long haired boys, long haired boys, long haired boys 💖
3-I can be really aggressive If someone is yelling at me, I’m sensitive to loud sounds
4-My inner voice is always talking in English, even English isn’t my native language (wah?)
5-I really enjoy watching historical documentaries while drawing. Also I really love sketch talks, I need dudettes for chatting 😄
6-I love birds but big birdies scaring me
7-I have a perfectionist side, I can spend a whole day for a drawing If It’s not looking good as I imagined
8-I don’t have a constant fave color, my favorite color is changing on my mood
9-Did I ever mentioned about my elastic fingers? I can bend them horribly
10-Some songs inspiring me for creating ocs, I imagine songs as people so then I can see faces in my mind haha ✨  (weird huh?) 

There’s I have lot of beautiful people who I love and support, I can’t count all of them but I tried to tag babies I remember clearly 😍
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I just realized some of my favorite babies already done with challenge so passed them for tagging, they know themselves 😍