not all republicans are bad

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Don’t hate people for things they can’t change. Like dammit why is this so hard to grasp.

You guys go on and on about how the world needs to respect/love women, lesbians, trans people, etc. And that’s great! We do need to respect them! But then in the same breath y'all turn around and declare that you hate all men, white people, etc. And that heterosexual people are dumb, that cis people are boring.

What??? Where did all the love go???

Then there’s the group ideology issue. Don’t hate all Muslims, got it. Just because some are violent and hateful and shit doesn’t mean all are. Good concept!

Then here comes the hate wave! ALL Christians and Republicans are bad. Are some hateful? Sure, some of every group are. But how dare you preach love and acceptance then turn around and declare that over 50% of the country is complete garbage? It’s not a hard concept to grasp. Plenty of Christians and Republicans are wonderful people, just like how plenty of Muslims are.

This isn’t even a strawman issue. Some good friends of mine have all this hatred seeping onto their blogs.


You’re not trendy, you’re not helping the world be just, you’re being gross and hateful. That’s one thing I’m not going to back down on.

It’s perfectly fine to hate racism and homophobia. It is NOT perfectly fine to declare everyone with a European parent trash and everyone who’s Christian awful.

How is this a difficult concept to grasp???

Why is this site so hateful??

I mean, I get it. Half of you are in your teenage rebellion stage where you declare your repulsion to everything your parents liked. A lot of you have had bad encounters with people before, maybe you’re gay and a classmate was cruel to you or you’re Hispanic and were denied employment. I realize that a lot of you are frustrated, whether it’s with the system or with your momey failures or your personal history of abuse or anything. Being upset at wrongs is fine. I get that.

But that doesn’t make it okay to release your anger by taking it out on innocent people.

And don’t you dare fill up my inbox with “UMM SWEETIE NO WHITES ARE INNOCENT???” and “You’re probably a cis man aren’t you” and “OH so you’re saying you hate blacks and think we should love nazis???”.

I’m not racist, homophobe, or anything like that. I’m just someone who thinks we’d have a much better time if you guys got over this trademark hatred.

You still don’t like my words? Fine. It’s not like MLK and Jesus and a slew of other beloved figures say the exact same thing.

Maybe try it out. Instead of looking at the world as an awful enemy, try loving people. I guarantee you’ll be happier.

“25 US governors say they will no longer accept Syrian refugees.” Because, you know, deep down, these politicians think all republican voters are simply sheep. Say the right thing (”Foreigners are bad!  The Middle East is bad! USA! USA! War! Military! USA!”) and you get a positive reaction and instant vote.   That’s it: No principles or morals. Just pure, basic manipulation.  And they know people will fall for it. Every time.  It’s so, so easy.

Pavlov’s dogs got treated with more dignity, quite frankly.


Here’s John Kasich, your “moderate” Republican

  • “Moderate” Republican blocks businesses from extending paid leave to workers.
  • “Moderate” Republican blocks businesses from raising minimum wage
  • “Moderate” Republican allows guns on schools grounds and in daycare centers
  • “Moderate” Republican bans abortion after 20 weeks
  • “Moderate” Republican backs Stand Your Ground laws

This is why I’ll never understand progressives and Democrats who insist on praising him as a “moderate.” Kasich has always been saying 85% of the same problematic things Trump is saying, but he’s just been saying it in a calmer, more reasonable sounding voice. The more people call John Kasich a “moderate,” the less extreme Donald Trump appears by comparison. The GOP is playing a game of good-cop / bad-cop, when they’re all bad cops with the same extreme Republican agenda.

John Kasich is not a “moderate” anything.

BREAKING NEWS: HE’S A REPUBLICAN. Putting the word “moderate” in front of Republican is like putting the word “nice” in front of axe murderer. Do not cut Kasich, conservatives or Republicans any slack just because they occasionally say something you agree with. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

SO WHAT if Kasich ~*says*~ he dislikes Trump? Is the bar for being a moderate really that low? LOL. Remember how liberals were praising Mitt Romney for trashing Donald Trump? And remember how less than a year later Romney literally went begging for a job in the Trump administration?

C'mon fam. Don’t be so thirsty for “allies” that you take the first nasty thing that comes along. Don’t be gullible. Don’t fall for the okie doke.

anonymous asked:

It doesn't matter how much money Hillary makes. One time I heard her husband give a speech about minimum wage workers in this country and everything that they go through, and he cared so much that his voice started quivering. Did you ever see that from a Republican?

No, because they’re not economically illiterate to the point where they let their emotions get a hold of them. The minimum wage hurts workers

First, what is the minimum wage? It is a law put in place, that a business can not pay it’s workers making an hourly wage less than a set price. In economics this is what is known as a price floor.  In the case of minimum wage the product limited is a worker’s labor and the minimum price set currently is $7.25. There are two groups of people that are in favor of minimum wage. Those who do not understand economics and those that do yet have self serving intentions. I can infer that you are the first. This first group believes that by raising minimum wage, they are helping the low wage workers and increasing the worker’s pay. However the intentions of a law do not equal the outcome of the law.

When the price of a good or service is artificially raised, a surplus of the good or service is created. It becomes too costly to employ workers, which is shown below as a leftward movement along the demand curve. And an excess of workers to meet that demand, or an upward movement along the supply curve, shown below. In real world language, this means an increase in unemployment; An increase specifically in low wage workers. So rather than have their pay increased, some of the low wage workers will be left high and dry with zero income.

Now, many of you other internet justice bloggers out there are going to realize that not every worker will be laid off, which is true and you might think that the increase in wages to the workers that are left will account for the increase in unemployment or something along the lines of that. However the problem of low wages is compounded when you account for the increase in the consumer price index in response to minimum wage. This means that consumer goods like food, clothes and your daily items will increase, because minimum wage workers exist in those industries to a large degree. This increase in prices isn’t a problem for people with upper middle class parents like many of us, myself included. However low wage workers are affected most by increases in consumer goods because those take up a larger percentage of their spending. To summarize, the poor have to spend more on food and clothing which they already struggle with and then they have to worry about losing their job because of minimum wage. Still think Democrats are morally superior? No? Let’s keep going.


In the long run, industries that do not or can not replace their low wage workers with automated technology still demand a certain demand low skilled workers. What must happen for that demand is the dollar must lose value to allow for the worker to be paid at minimum wage. This means that each dollar a worker is paid is now worth less than it was before.

So if we raised minimum wage to your example of $12.75 an hour, eventually that $12.75 would not be enough to live off of, this is due to increases in the CPI and inflation. So all you lefties who want minimum wage pegged to inflation, you’re literally trying some pseudo-science shit.

My final point is the second group of people; those who understand all of this yet still want an increase in minimum wage. These people often have ties to unions or are union funded. Think new New York City mayor Bill De Blasio. He’s just been sworn in and supports raising minimum wage to a “livable wage”. Yet he also has strong ties to unions. When one raises the minimum wage, the easiest workers to fire are non-unionized workers. Firing non-union workers reduces Union competition in the job market. This ensures that Union workers higher wages without the chance of being fired. The unions vote Democrat and carry heavy political sway, therefore the Democrats raise minimum wage.

So what have we learned. Increasing minimum wage will

  • Cause the low wage workers to lose their jobs.
  • Cause the purchasing power of their wages to decrease
  • Cause the products they need most to increase in cost
  • It’s a tool for unions to snuff out competition

So while you might think the Democrats are looking out for the little guy, they’re looking out for their Union buddies and actually cutting workers pay or eliminating it all together. Meanwhile the Republicans are the made out to look like the bad guy.

bruisedbacobas  asked:

Hi! I'm not from America so I have a very basic knowledge of American politics, but to me it always seemed like the Democratic party was the "good" one. How is it corrupt? Thanks for your answer :)

It’s true that the Democratic Party is not as bad as the Republican Party, but all in all they’re still in the pocket of big corporations. 

They love to present themselves as the ones who will save America from the horrific Republicans, but as long as they stay just progressive enough, they can be as conservative as they want. 

Democrats don’t  loathe the working class as openly as the Republicans do, but they refuse to fight for us in any meaningful way.

They think that as long as they’re a little bit better than the god-awful Republicans, that people will continue to be forced to vote for them instead of face the alternative. This has worked for them for a long time, but I don’t buy it anymore. 

This is why I’m a Socialist. 

i pointed out the similarities between trump and hitler to my parents and my dad literally said “not all hitler’s ideas were bad”.

holy fuck what are republicans