When I was younger, I would sometimes wonder what it was like to be a dog. It just seemed like they were always having the time of their lives because they have the freedom to do whatever they want. As a dog you can eat whatever you want, pee wherever you want, you don’t feel pressure to lose weight or exercise, it’s socially acceptable for you to never mature, people let you kiss them even when they don’t want you to, no matter how funny-looking you are someome out there will want to take you home, people still think you’re cute even when you’re old and gray, you can give into your primal instincts and no one will blame you, those who know you make excuses for your bad behavior, girls are friendly to you even when they’re secretly afraid of you and they’re loving towards you even after you’ve hurt them. 

It’s like being a guy, only when someone tells you ‘no’ you actually listen.

“Not all police officers!” “Not all white people!” “Not all slave owners!” “Not all men!” “Not all gamers!”

It happens over and over again in movements, the cries of “Not all” or “We matter too” miss the point. They strive to tell the protesters, usually the oppressed group, that they are better than most, that they deserve special treatment, that they shouldn’t be protested against. And that is the very reason they are being protested against because they think they are special and that their image is more important than the grievances of the oppressed.

"Not all men." You’re right. Dan Howell, YouTuber, meme-enthusiast and full time member of the Phil Lester defense squad would never do such a thing.


Not all men indeed

Edited to add: 

Kay, I got some weird anons over this, so I’m going to address the matter here  Yes, I know that all of this nonsense started off as ‘satire’ against feminism on twitter, which was depressing (though I’ve heard some people say it was male feminists that started it as a satire against MRA’s and they never got the joke)    Then some men’s rights activists took it seriously, which is even more depressing   This comic is aimed at the latter camp, if I was addressing the former this would be a comic about how actual satire is supposed to punch up at the powerful, not be a sad dig at people who are already down