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Take a Chance

The gifset of Dean giving himself that little pep talk from 7x04 inspired me to write this. Dean x Reader, Dean’s POV. Hope you like :)

For fuck’s sake, Dean, you’ve done this a thousand times. You can charm a woman without even breaking a sweat. Why are you so damn nervous?

Because, dumbass, it’s Y/N. This time it’s not some random bar chick that I’ll probably never lay eyes on again. And I don’t want to mess things up. I don’t want to do something that’ll make everything all awkward.

I just want… I just want to be with her. Whatever that means. And I don’t even know how to say that without making things all fucking weird.

Just tell her the truth. Well, the surface truth. Say you’re bored. Take a chance.

She doesn’t need to know you hate being in a separate room from her, that you miss being around her. That you feel not all there when she’s not around, like a piece is missing. That you’re dying to touch her. Like really touch her.

Okay. Here’s her door. Just heard a noise, so you know she’s awake. So knock already.

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Okay but since Percy lives in New York, I can he and Annabeth taking a lot of trips into New York City, and whenever they go into the city Percy forces them into the M&M store so he can get all the different blue M&Ms, and Annabeth secretly thinks its adorable. 

Going to the movies with the men of FF15

Noctis: He rents out the whole projection room, it doesn’t matter what it has to be the biggest and fanciest room too. He’s actually fine with whatever and not rent out the room but the people at the theater insist on doing it for him. He prefers to see the summer block buster the biggest action flicks and the best buddy cop films. He has a weak spot for the romantic comedies. Enjoys popcorn, soda and nachos with extra cheese. 

Prompto: He is a movie buff, arrives early stays until the credits has ended. Prompto sees all the major block busters and the random indie ones that made it big at Sundance. He’s more for story line than famous actors in the movies. Since he goes to the movies a lot he goes to the morning matinee to save money though certain movies he goes for the midnight showing for the ambiance. Totally dresses up for major events and plays trivia while waiting. Red vines, blue raspberry icee, popcorn, non-parils, m&ms all the candies. 

Gladiolus: He’s big on seeing them on days off specially late at night. Scary movies, action flicks, comedies and war flicks are his things. He laughs the loudest when things are funny, watches the credits to make sure it’s the actor he thought it was, sings to all the songs he knows in the movies. Don’t go see a action flick with him, he talks during the fight scenes to tell you what is inaccurate and he talks loudly. “That would have broken all of his ribs right there!”  Popcorn, water, smuggled in beer and gummy worms. 

Ignis: Premiere night only, sees all the broadcasts of the Broadway shows done in the cinema, writes theater as “theatre” and calls it the cinema instead of movies. Enjoys romantic dramas, biopics, history films and guilty pleasure of slap stick comedies. Buys wine from the bar, popcorn and andes mints. 

Ravus: Goes to the movies a lot and only during matinee times because it’s generally quiet. Comedies, thrillers, anime specials, indie, horror flicks, he likes movies. They know him at the theater as “that bishie” (Though some mishear and think “that bitch”) he shows up early doesn’t talk to anyone they just know his order at the concession stand. Popcorn, cherry icee, junior mints, non-parils and m&ms. He has a frequent user card but generally forgets it. (they remember his phone number and just key it in.) Ravus has a special spot to sit at every room all according to how well the room is for the perfect sound and good viewing ability. If you are nice and stuck behind him and can’t see he might move but without giving you a sneer, if you off him a red vine he will move. 

Cor: Goes to the movies like once every other month doesn’t have time for it so he goes to whatever showing available when he’s available. So it can either be super crowded or dead empty. Cor just gets water and popcorn with a lot of butter on it and a giant handful of napkins. Eats the majority of popcorn during the previews. Has fallen asleep in the movies. Goes to see whatever is reccommended to him so it’s generally action flicks and “based on true events” stories. Has a secret love for musicals. (Has a slight passion for There Will Be Blood, Matthew Mercer I’ll will never let you live down the wonderful There Will Be Brawl series!

Nyx: Has gone to the theater to watch porn. Like Cor he goes whenever he has free time so there is no set time though he prefers nighttime showings. Loves horror films, comedies and a guilty pleasure of sappy chick flicks. (HE DID NOT CRY DURING THE NOTEBOOK!) Smuggles in all the foods, goes to the Dollar Store and buys all the cheap candies, soda and hits up the grocery store to get the popcorn they pop there. Talks during the movie about other random stuff that he thought about from that previous scene. Laughs at all the jokes really loudly. 

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Tyvan movie night?

Here ya go! I hope you enjoy it! (Also thank you this is one of my fav ships of all time)


It was the end of the month, and both Evan and Tyler were excited. The two had started a tradition of watching a movie together at the end of every month, and so far, they had loved everytime.

Tyler stood outside of Evan’s door, waiting for Evan to hurry up.

“If you don’t get your ass out here, I’m gonna leave without you!” Tyler joked.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” came Evan’s muffled voice. He opened the door and smiled at Tyler. “Ready?”

“Are you seriously asking me after it took a week for you to get ready?”

“Shut up, it was only like, a minute or two. Now come on, let’s go.” Tyler rolled his eyes before dragging Evan out of his apartment and to his car.


“What movie are we watching?” Evan asked as they got to the theater.

“I was thinking the John Wick movie. That good with you?” Evan nodded, and they got their tickets. Evan grabbed their seats as Tyler got the snacks: one large popcorn with extra butter, two medium drinks and a bag of m&ms for Evan’s sweet tooth.

“I swear, your teeth are gonna rot out of your head if you keep eating those,” Tyler said as he handed the bag to Evan.

“Says the guy who orders extra butter on his popcorn.”

“Hey, I paid for it, so shut up.”

They both laughed and settled down, making fun of the commercials before the movie actually started.

Surprisingly, there weren’t as many people as they thought there would be. There were a couple of other people on the other side of the theater and a couple that sat a few rows in front of them.


Half way through the movie, half of the popcorn was gone and all of M&Ms were eaten.

The couple a few rows in front of them had obviously gotten bored with the movie, as they were now busy with each other. Evan and Tyler were now very annoyed with them, as they couldn’t focus on the movie with the moans of the couple.

“I swear, if they keep at it, I’m going to shoot myself,” Tyler groaned. Evan nodded and looked at Tyler’s popcorn.

“Can I see that for a second?” Tyler handed him the popcorn silently. Evan grabbed a piece and threw it at the couple. Evan frowned when they didn’t stop and grabbed a handful before throwing it at the couple.

Tyler covered his mouth and held back a laugh. The couple stopped for a second before returning to what they were doing previously. Tyler took back the popcorn, grabbed a handful of popcorn before throwing the entire bucket down there. The girl screeched, getting up and getting the popcorn out of her hair.

Evan and Tyler burst out laughing, holding onto each other to keep themselves up. The couple left quickly after that. By the time Evan and Tyler had calmed down, the movie had ended. They left the theater, still laughing about the whole ordeal. “I was, I was not expecting you to throw the entire bucket, oh my god,” Evan said in between giggles.

“You started it by throwing the first piece,” Tyler shot out, laughing afterwards.

“I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out,” Evan replied as they left the theater.

“I’m glad they didn’t though,” Tyler said as they got into the car.

“Yeah… I don’t think we can ever top this visit,” Evan chuckled.

“Probably not,” Tyler agreed, “but either way, that was awesome and I can’t wait until next month.” Evan laughed, and they continued to talk about the movie until they got home.

When they did, they just ended up playing video games together until they passed out on the couch and on top of each other.

Sing for Me

Here’s this, finally, sorry this took so long! I’ve been catching up on stuff lately. I have one more long scenario, three au’s (one of which is Minghao), and another Day6 reaction before I’m opening up requests, and I’m going to try and get most of it done tonight (I’m very ambitious), BUT ANYWAYS, here’s the thing :3

Pairing: Minghao(svt) x reader

Genre: fleufffffff :3

Word Count: 561 (a cute lil drabble)

Summary: Minghao is shy about his voice


You sighed happily as you stood there in Minghao’s arms for a moment.

“I missed you.” You mumbled against his chest.

“Missed you too, baobei. Ready for the movie?” He leaned back to smile at you.

“Yep, got the snacks.” You reply, brandishing grocery bag filled with goodies of both sweet and salty varieties. The two of you waddled on into the living room and you curled up on the couch as he grabbed the remote from the coffee table and then sunk back into the cushions to sling his arm over your shoulder. Once the play button had been pressed, you two hunkered down under a cozy blanket with some popcorn and m&ms. All through the movie, you leaned on his shoulder and focused as well as you could. But you’d already seen this movie twice before, so while you enjoyed it, the late time and the tiring day you’d had started to sink in, causing you to sink further and further into drowsiness as the movie neared its end. By the time the credits started rolling. Minghao was laying down on his side against the back of the couch and you were laying in front of him while his arm rested over your side and his chin rested against the top of your head. Neither of you moved to turn off the dvd player, and by the time it went into sleep mode on its own, you were both still just lying there, enjoying each other’s company. You had closed your eyes a little while ago, and were just beginning to doze off.


“Hmm” He hummed lazily. You could feel the sound vibrating against your head through his chin and it made you chuckle.

“Can you sing something?”

He was silent for a moment, and you could practically feel him start to blush a little.

“Hmmm” You mumbled questioningly, wondering what was wrong.

“I don’t know..”

“Why not? I love your voice.”

“You’ve only ever heard it on our finished songs.”

“Yeah, and it’s so sweet. I love it.” You chirped quietly in reassurance.

“But it’s different in real life, it’s not autotuned.”

“I’m sure I’ll love it.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I love you, silly.” With that, you turned around to face him and kissed his cheek before you nuzzled into his chest and closed your eyes again. “Please?”

He chuckled at your cuteness and caved to your request, though the pink tint to his cheeks remained. So, he started to gently hum the opening notes to I’m with You by Brother Su. At the beginning, his voice was very tentative, but as it continued and you snuggled closer into him, enjoying the sound and the rumbling you could feel in his chest, he became more sure of himself and worked up to a gentle, soothing rhythm of the sweet melody carried by his equally sweet voice. As he approached the final chorus, you leaned up to kiss right under his jaw before snuggling back into his arms and dozing off once again. The final note blended in with the sound of your breathing, and he looked down as he felt your chest rise and fall as you napped. He smiled down at you, and murmured gently into your hair.

“Well if this is what happens when I sing, maybe I should do it more often.”

  • Aries: Smokes two cigarettes at the same time
  • Taurus: Forgets to eat and perform other functions
  • Gemini: Doesn't blink
  • Cancer: Has caffeine pumping through their veins
  • Leo: Discovers cure for cancer
  • Virgo: Cleans their carpets with a lint roller
  • Libra: Stares at a mirror for an hour
  • Scorpio: Counts all the m&ms in a bag
  • Sagittarius: Focuses on Twitter instead of work
  • Capricorn: What's the difference between AM & PM? none.
  • Aquarius: Realizes that they are God
  • Pisces: Distraught because they can't sleep

hey guyz good morning! im home alone again and this time im NOT gonna eat everything edible i can find in my house xD





okay, but legendsfam + movie night

  • It all starts because of Jax (what a cutie pie).  He used to have movie nights every Friday with his mom, and sometimes with his football team.  Some of those memories are a little bittersweet now, but he still carries that association and that makes it feel weird for him to be on a team and not have movie nights.
  • Jax recruits Ray and Kendra first, because he figures that out of the rest of the crew, they’re the most likely to agree to the idea.  Much to his surprise, not only do they agree, but they’re as enthusiastic about the idea as he is.  Kendra is a big sucker for Bonding Activities (she probably tries to arrange those little ‘get to know you’ games during dinner, like “wow guys, it’s awfully quiet.  I have an idea! Let’s all share something about ourselves–”), and Ray loves anything that gives him a chance to cuddle or marathon TV and movies, so of course, he is so excited.
  • Sara overhears them discussing it and inserts herself into the conversation.  She highkey is in love with the idea–like Jax, she used to do movie nights too, with Laurel and Quentin, and is 100% willing to help them orchestrate their little scheme.
  • They all drag Stein into it next.  Martin is rather resistant, at first, because, well–”that’s rather pointless, isn’t it?  plus, aren’t we supposed to be focused on stopping Vandal Savage? We can’t let ourselves get distracted–”.  But Stein really is a softie at heart, and all it takes is Jax beginning to talk about how he and his mom used to do movie nights and how much he misses it for Stein to start to crack, and before he even knows it, he’s entirely complicit in their plan.
  • Convincing Snart is possibly the biggest ordeal, his initial response to the suggestion is to close the door to his quarters in their faces.  They’re forced to resort to guerrilla tactics (which is to say, having Jax reprogram Gideon to lock Snart out of his room until he agrees).  Snart grumbles a lot about it at first, but the others are pretty sure that he’s actually rather pleased to have an excuse to participate without seeming soft.
  • Mick doesn’t even take any convincing–it goes like this:
    ”Hey Mick, do you want to watch some movies with us?”
    ”…sure.” (though, the only people brave enough to sit in his personal space are Ray and Len)
  • They extend an invitation to Rip, but he doesn’t respond. so they’re not really sure if he’s going to come or not.  Much to their surprise though, as soon as the movie starts, he’s slipping into the room and settling on the floor by Sara’s feet.  
  • Eventually, the movie nights do become a regular thing, which can be problematic because they all have very different opinions as to what movies they should watch
  • Ray loves fun scifi movies and thinks that the rest of the crew should too, considering that they’re–you know, time travelers.  His tastes are hardly the worst of the crews, but if he tries to make them all watch The Fifth Element again, they’re probably going to strangle him.
  • Stein likes war movies, though to his credit, he knows they’re not for everyone and doesn’t really try to push it
  • Kendra likes two types of movies–cute romcoms, and (a taste that she shares with Mick) action films, complete with utterly unnecessary explosions and violent (but well-choreographed) fight scenes that Sara criticizes endlessly.
  • Rip is endlessly fascinated by documentaries, particularly the ones about animals.  To him, it paints an interesting picture of the past, gives him a perspective on the past that he never really got while working as a Time Master in the 21st century.  It drives the rest of the crew crazy, especially because Ray and Kendra sulk like children every damn time a predator  kills a deer or a rabbit or something .
  • Sara is a proponent of horror movies and heart-wrenching tragedies.  Not because she has any particular fondness for them (they’re okay, but not her favorite genres–she lives for chick flicks like Legally Blonde and Mean Girls) but because, through force of will, she is able to remain stonefaced and emotionless while watching them, and she rather enjoys seeing the rest of crew (well, maybe not the Rogues, but definitely the others) wince and get weepy during the most extreme of her picks.
  • Snart, true to form, likes crime and heist movies–well, that’s not necessarily true.  He claims to like those movies, and those are always the ones he suggests.  Does he actually like them?  Will the rest of the crew ever find out his actual favorite type of movie? No one knows.
  • Jax doesn’t actually have a favorite type of movie–he honestly likes them all, and is down for whatever the rest of the crew wants to watch, which often makes him the deciding vote when they’re torn between two or three films.  It also means that, generally, when Jax wants to watch a film, they do.
  • There are some movies that they decidedly can’t watch.  Rip (being the ultimate Time Dad) probably checks IMDB’s parent guide to make sure that there’s nothing that will upset them–because they’ve learned a hard way that any films that involve the death of a significant other (or just romantic tragedies in general) are not fun for Ray, and that films that involve child abuse are an absolute no-go for Len.
  • When they first start movie nights, its probably really awkward.  They’re not quite sure what to do with themselves.  But by the time they have their third or fourth movie night, they don’t even care anymore.  Kendra makes them all fancy coffee drinks.  Rip and Stein probably team up in the kitchen to whip up one of Clarissa’s fancy dinner recipes, and then they probably all try to squeeze into the couch.  Ray usually ends up snuggled between the side of the couch and Mick, with Len sitting sprawled on the floor in front of them (eventually, they both become desensitized to Ray’s habit of clinging during films, though the first two movie nights are laden with withering glares and awkward apologies).  Jax and Sara usually push their way onto the couch as well.  The assassin has a habit of propping her legs up on the other occupants of the couch, which is kind of annoying until they get used to it.  Stein  gets the loveseat to himself, on the excuse that trying to squeeze  into a seat with him probably will not have a positive effect on his continued health.  There’s really no argument against that.  Rip usually ends up sitting on the floor in front of Sara (because nobody else can tolerate her habit of using human heads as armrests), and Kendra more often than not will end up on the floor too, between Rip and Snart.
  • Then they all eat M&Ms and greasy pizza and drink cute coffee drinks and are cute and hAPPY

Imagine Jack going with Bruce to lex crop, so Bruce and lex can talk business and Lex is just an asshole to Jack the whole time. He keeps on making rude comments about Jack being a gold digger and a whore.

Jack wants to really punch him but he can’t because of the security there and not wanting lex to call off any business agreements Bruce made with him.
While he’s there he notices that Lex has quite the sweet tooth, his office has bowls of jolly ranchers and chocolate.

So Jack gets an idea, he runs to a near by store and buys reese pieces, skittles and M&Ms.

He sneaks into Lex’s Office and fills an empty bowl with all three and quickly gets out. Then he waits.

When it’s time to go Jack tells Bruce there’s something he wants to see first. He see lex enter his office and goes to the bowl and grabs a handful of candy.
“Jack we need to go.”

“Hold on…”

“What exactly are you waiting fo-” Bruce was cut by a scream from lex.

Jack grabs Bruce’s hands and starts walking quickly. When they get to the car, Jack is laughing his ass off.

“What the hell happened?” Bruce asked
“I put skittles, Reese pieces and M&Ms all together in his bowl.”

Normally Bruce would scold Jack on his pranks, but this time he’s actually laughing too. Sometimes he loves it when Jack is devious.