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06.13 Happy (41st) Birthday “Sakupyon” Takahiro Sakurai!

i wanna make up my mind but i don’t know myself, no i don’t know myself (x)

i was going to wait to post this with a comic, but i figured i’d give it to y’all as a combined (temporary) parting gift and thanks for 900 followers! please watch the music video and imagine arima and kaneki alive and happy and dancing forever (◡‿◡✿)

- we’ve got the world in our hands  : A mutants/superpowers AU. Louis and his friends attend the Cowell Institute for General Education and Mutant Training in London; when Louis meets Harry, the newest student at the Cowell Institute, he immediately recruits Harry to help play matchmaker for his friend Zayn. Harry and Louis are so caught up in meddling in Zayn’s love life, though, that they don’t notice that their own friendship is progressing into something more. Meanwhile, an ominous threat up north grows slowly until suddenly, no mutant - or human - is safe. (54k)

- Supernova  : It’s hard being a teenager. It’s hard being a teenager and at a new school. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school and also gay. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay and a mutant. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay, a mutant and who has no idea that he’s meant to be the world’s next super hero. It seems like Louis has a lot of catching up to do. (172k)

- My Love is a Fortress (My Love is a Louvre) : Harry likes to think he’s juggling the whole part-time uni student, part-time superhero thing rather well, strictly speaking, because despite the fact that he has absolutely no social life outside of uni lectures and clandestine, midnight crime fighting, at least no one’s gone and died on his watch. Yet.  A Superhero AU. (51k)

- Tell me what you find :        Harry wanted to kiss Louis. He wanted to kiss Louis, and Louis couldn’t get it out of his head. He didn’t mean to peek into his new friend’s head, but he was tired, and Harry woke him up at eight a.m. on a Sunday. Harry was talking some shit about needing help with studying for the physics test the next day, and Louis was trying to focus on his words, but he maintains that he’s not really a person until after eleven.   Louis can read minds, and Harry figures it out much quicker than he was supposed to. (3k)

- you’re cold and i burn : superhero/mutants au in which fire and ice are opposites for a reason (so are louis and harry).featuring: liam, niall, zayn, ed, perrie, jade, and sam (smith) (36k)

- Don’t turn away now : If a year ago you’d told Harry he’d team up with a gang of semi-criminal mutants to save his ass and the world while falling in love, he would’ve laughed in your face but, alas, it’s exactly what he’s done. (34k)

- Sparks, Flowers, and Fuzz : Louis’ a mutant with electricity running in his veins and Harry would love to just hold his hand. (12k)

- Mind Games : Harry Styles was just a normal teenage boy, a normal teenage boy who had a happy life and was quite content to live it the way nature had intended: completely normally, with no weird happenings or crazy adventures. Yet some things, it would seem, are destined to be, and it would appear that Harry’s fate was to be abducted by insane strangers intent on experimenting on him, and their four other hand-picked victims. Harry sometimes feels so alone, even when his best friends are only a few metres away - and he can’t seem to help but be afraid, because there are so very few things left in his life for him to control… (140k)

- Bye Bye’s Are Not For Legends (I’m Forever Young)    : A Superhero AU where Louis, Liam and Niall are immortal and have superpowers - Liam can clone himself, Niall can inflict pain at the drop of a hat and Louis can kill with the blink of an eye - and want fellow immortal Harry, who puts a twist on the term ‘mind control,’ to join their group in order to save the world.  (51k)

- restore me, restore life the way it should be  : Superpowers!AU. Loosely based on Sky High. (3k)

- Weaker without you : Louis and Harry have superpowers but that doesn’t really define their lives. What does is meeting each other, and school and prom and life and bullies. But they get through that together because they’re harryandlouis and they were meant to be, right from the start.Or, the one where they have powers and grow up together. (14k)

Well, this wasn’t exactly the greatest year I ever had. To be honest, this whole year just seemed like a never-ending spiral of chaos and madness, and everything seemed to transcend from bad to worse. However, despite all that, there were still many specks of light that helped to brighten the days. First, I want to thank all of you for staying by my side and for all the support you have given me throughout the year. I’m really glad to have befriend and gotten to know a lot of you, and I really hope that next year will lead us to a brighter future. I love you all and I hope you all have a happy new year~ ♡

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okay so i did promise i would celebrate this milestone with a bang & so let’s begin the firework display!!! :) honestly though, i can’t believe what a year 2016 has been. so much has happened in the world, and to me in my own life. but really, the highlight (& this might sound lame but idc) is this site - during this year, i have met some people on here who i would probably give my life for. i have been allowed to just be me, weird and awkward, terrible and affectionate, over the top and silly, and somehow i have been loved for being this person. i’ve literally never felt that from a collective group of people before so… thank you. you will probably never understand how touched my soul is by this whole experience.

now, let’s cut to the chase. to celebrate this wonderful incredible achievement, i am hosting my first ever tumblr awards !!!!

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What if she was screaming not “no” but “Leo” or is it me so desperately wanting her to mention his name one more time?

adorable puppy♥