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Old Wounds - Chapter Six


Gigi checked the video screen at the door and scowled. Pulling her grey cardi tight around her, she opened the door to her flat to confront the interloper. “What?”

“Aren’t friends allowed to drop by unannounced anymore?”

Jack was being charming and that was a bad sign. It meant he was up to something. He wanted something from her and the last time he had wanted something from her had ended up a disaster. Yes. Everything about last night had been a disaster. Everything. It would be in her best interest to avoid him and his charmingness so she didn’t end up crying in a hotel room again. That was a good streak to start. Days since crying in a hotel room. Today was day one. She squinted at him until her eyelashes interfered with her view. “How do you even know where I live?” A sudden thought occurred to her spine went rigid. “Did you get it out of my medfile?”

He held up both hands like he was warding off a mugger. “No. After last night, I wouldn’t dare violate your medical privacy.”

She relaxed slightly. But only slightly. Because somehow he had gotten into the building too without her buzzing him up, though that was probably due to one of the other tenants letting him in. It’s not like she actually swiped the doorpad more than fifty percent of the time. His stupid beard combined with how nicely he was dressed meant anyone would have let him in because they would have assumed that he wasn’t an arse. Which he was, she reminded herself. Complete and total arse.  “Then how do you know where I live?”

Jack rubbed the back of his neck and grinned sheepishly. “Your mum told me.”

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Leave a TV show or movie in my ask box and I’ll tell you…

  • favorite male character: August
  • favorite female character: Regina
  • least favorite character: H00k
  • prettiest character: Regina
  • funniest character: Rumplestiltskin
  • favorite season: 1
  • favorite episode: 1x22 A Land Without Magic
  • favorite romantic ship: Swan Queen
  • favorite family ship: Swan-Mills Family
  • favorite friend ship: Snow and Red
  • worst ship: C@pt@in Sw@n

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I'm not defending D but maybe she and her brother actually like Coachella and wanted to go. She is the less clingy of the two beards louis has had so I can't really give her shit over a show, she's not out here stalking Louis page or geotagging his house or name dropping him every five minutes to her friends or getting papped hiking the same week babygate happened lol. I could go on, Elk is so extra I'm not even surprised she's back, she hated another girl took her beard spot. Its so Creepy lol.

They’re all bad to me, but Elk is literally a whole new level of yikes and nasty. She’s the worst 

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"It's not funny Baker!"

Her infectious, teasing giggle travels across the room like the sunlight being cast in through the floor to ceiling windows, engulfing everything in its light, including their daughter, who was loudly howling with laughter too, not even sure what was funny.

Gnny’s laughing so much, she’s bent over, grabbing her side, gasping for breath, eyes tightly shut, two seconds away from stomping her foot, a full body chuckle that had over taken her.

Kaia comes running up to her, tugging on her arm, bringing their heads together, matching dimples on full display, as he stood by the bed, fighting a grin off his face.

“It’s a….little…funny,” Ginny makes out before reining it in, only the remnants of a smile left in its place, as she gives her daughter an eskimo kiss.  

“Come on, that is so inaccurate, I can’t…that is not what I look like,” he argues.

That catches the attention of the little girl, and she buries her head in her mom’s chest.  A small, muffled, “He doesn’t like it” can be heard, and Ginny immediately snaps her head up to Mike, whose eyes immediately take on guilt.

Ginny’s hand comes to rest on the back of Kaia’s head, running it comfortingly over her curls.

“No, no, no,” Mike pleads, making his way over, and bending down with a wince, to get eye level with his little girl.  “Daddy loves it.  We’re gonna hang it on the fridge, and everyone can admire what a great job you did.”

She peeks out at him through long lashes, her hand still clinging to her mother’s shirt, before she launches herself into Mike’s arms, squeezing him tightly to her with her little hands, but a strength he knows she got from Ginny.

He gives her a kiss on the forehead.

“You better like it, it took me like…three years to make,” she says with such an attitude, it has Ginny snickering again.

“Three years, huh?  That’s more than half your life, little girl,” he says with a poke to her stomach.

“Well it took me forever,” she says with a flourish of her hands.  And he can’t help the smile that overtakes him at that moment.

“I think it is strikingly accurate, Kaia bean,” Ginny praises her, and she beams up at her mom.  “Why don’t you go get your glove, and I bet Daddy’ll play catch with you before dinner.”

She runs out of the room with a screech of excitement, never at a loss for energy.  And Mike moves to stand back up.

“Need some help, old man?” Ginny teases, offering her hand to him to get him upright.

“That picture does not look like me,” he says with a whisper, not wanting Kaia to hear him, as he grabs the crayon drawing from where he’d placed it on the bed.  “I look like…”

“A cousin from Duck Dynasty?  Or Cousin It?  Take your pick,” she peers at it behind him, over his shoulder, resting her chin on him. 

“It touches the floor.  She made my beard touch the floor.”

“See, all those years I told you the beard was bad, and it takes your daughter to point it out for you to finally see the light,” she teases, tugging on it for good measure.

He turns his head to look at her, “You love the beard.”

“Oh yes, I love the beard,” she sarcastically spits out.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what you said last night,” he says with a wink, before he’s loudly interrupted.

“Daddy, I’m ready, come on!”

“The artist has beckoned,” she motions out the door for him.

“Thank God her throw is better than her art skills,” he says with a bemused grin, heading out to his curly haired little girl, bouncing up and down to play with him.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1) - Night at the bar.

That’s my suprise for you guys. I tried to keep it a secret but some of you already know about it. Please, be gentle, ‘cause it’s my first story ever (and English is not my native language). Can’t wait to see what you think about it ;) If you like it then I’ll post next parts.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Masterlist here!

AO3 link here!

Summary: You’re a medical student and a hunter. Your parents died, killed by a demon, and you picked up where they left off. No one knows about it and you live a perfectly normal life. What’s gonna happen when someday you run into Dean Winchester, having no idea, that he’s a hunter, too?

Timeline: Let’s say that after John Winchester gave his soul for Dean’s life they came back to Lawrence and tried to start a normal life, but they were still hunting.

Word count: 2171

Paring: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none

Thanks to @superwholock56 for encouraging me to try writing <3 Also, big pretty thanks to amazing Elly @pada-ackles for being my beta. Thanks for being so understanding and nice to me.

Tags: @balthazars-muse @ilostmyshoe-79 (hope it’s okay, if not, then let me know) @icecream-and-gadreel @latinenglishfandomblog @ellen-reincarnated1967 @the-mrs-deanwinchester @angelwingsandspookythings @cassgracie , @kingcasifer , @kittenofdoomage @bovaria (hope it’s okay, if not, let me know).

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“Sitting alone in the corner and thinking about my miserable life. What a lovely way to spend a Friday night,” you thought to yourself, looking at your friends, laughing and having lots of fun. You could have been at home, looking for a case or even studying. Everything would be better than being stuck here.

Unfortunately, Elena turned twenty yesterday and she wanted to celebrate. That’s why she and her friends dragged you to the nearest bar. You don’t go out often and you feel rather uncomfortable. Besides, she made you wear the shortest dress you had, the simple black one. It was tight and emphasized your curves, lowering your self-esteem quite a bit.

Elena had been talking to her boyfriend for a little while now and you quickly become bored. You loved her but sometimes it was truly annoying to be a third wheel when they got into their ‘lovebirds mood’. Deep down, you knew you were just jealous that she had Jake. You never chose to be alone, just nobody ever wanted you. You were the nerdy one, always staying at home and never having fun. How little they knew about you. You were having a lot of fun picking up leads and going on small hunts. They had no idea who you actually were.

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There's one thing in particular that made me realise how shitty the narrative is. 'Louis' said that gay rumours are degrading and that shippers are deluded 'cause he acted with Harry the same way he acted with everyone else in the band and his other friends, YET he only changed the way he acts in public with Harry! WHY? If Harry and say Liam are on the same level, why doesn't he avoid Liam too? Aren't the Lilo gay rumours degrading? Could it be that his behaviour wasn't the same to begin with?!!

YUP. If you have nothing to hide then you hide nothing. So why did Louis change the way he acts with Harry and literally no one else?

Let’s also keep in mind that all of these comments came from print!Louis and @Louis_Tomlinson and we all know how trustworthy those two guys are.

May 29th, 2014. Getting ready for a bike ride. 

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Sigh. How about we focus on what really is creepy? Tabloids making profit off a teenager's supposed love and sex life for several years. A teenager's sex life being illustrated by pre-arranged photo ops in the papers. International press capitalising on a teenager's hyper sexualised image. Numerous 'walk of shame' situations selling only one narrative. The strategic objectification of a teenager. Reducing his worth as a person to his 'sex life'. And his PR allowing it. It's absolutely sickening.


Bad Suns: The Sessions Interview