not air marshall john

nightpool  asked:

Gimme some midnight dirkjohn meetcutes. Here I'll start dirk is a semi-popular tumblr blogger and john is a marketing intern in charge of the dennys blog

sure why not

dirkjohn meetcute john is an air marshal and dirk gets detained and questioned for suspected terrorism 

dirkjohn meetcute dirk is catfishing people on tindr with john’s pictures and john sees his face on someone else’s profile

dirkjohn meetcute john is a vigilante super hero who assumes dirk is some sort of super villain based on his outfit and swordfighting ability and decides to be his nemesis but dirk is just a serial media pirate with poor taste

dirkjohn meetcute dirk is a city employee who tows john’s car for being parked in a fire lane but he was actually pulled over because the employees at sonic gave him a peanut butter blast instead of an oreo blast by accident and he was in the middle of anaphylactic shock