not actually vans

 Ive spent the afternoon sorting and merging cc. I keep having weird problems merging in s3pe, i get errors on random files. A pair of shoes that previously merged fine, 3 of simlicious’ patterns and 2 leahlillith hair conversions. Wtf. 

Anyway loading my game for a minute now to go play some bears. Their horse has mysteriously turned up missing…


Matthais examined the posters. “One hundred thousand kruge!” He shot a disbelieving glower at Kaz. “You’re hardly worth that.”

The hint of a smile tugged at Kaz’s lips. “As the market wills it.”

Bonus! :


I’m a man who has a large heart to protect you
I’ll take you home, lean on me.


- We have it within our power to rid the world of this evil.