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How would both teams teach their significant others how to cook and what would their specialties be?

(by “their specialities” i’ll assume you mean dishes the boys would consider their best v u v") 

Makoto: This boy is a complete mess in the kitchen, from knocking things over with his elbows or flat-out burning the food, and he might even forget how to hold a knife at some point. It would be less of him teaching his partner how to cook and more of his partner trying to get him to not set anything on fire. However, he’d be much better off if someone’s there to help him, and with a lot of practice, he can proudly present a bowl of onion gratin soup. (Although his original specialty would be rice balls.)

Haruka: Obviously it goes without saying that if his partner wanted to learn how to cook, the first thing he’d do is pull out the mackerel and a frying pan. He’d actually be quite good at teaching his partner how to cook, since he’s more patient with this rather than something like teaching them how to swim. He would find cooking with his partner rather fun, and feel extremely proud and smile a little when they happily show him a bowl of mackerel soup. “Good job.” (Grilled mackerel is definitely his biggest pride in his  cooking skills.)

Nagisa: Cooking is not Nagisa’s forte. That isn’t to say that he’s as big of a mess as Makoto is, but baking things like cookies and other sweets would be something he enjoys more. He’d be pretty good at guiding his partner through all the different steps, but he’s incredibly clumsy when it comes to adding or stirring things or just spilling things over, so he and his s/o might end up spending more time cleaning up than actually baking. (He can make some great strawberry cookies, though.)

Rei: Like Nagisa, Rei enjoys baking more than cooking meals, but his real talent shines in making drinks and desserts. It might be because he works extremely well with measurements and makes sure everything is exact, but when it comes to hot chocolate to coffee to even fruit punch, his aesthetic is all in decoration and making sure they look beautiful. He serves up the kind of drinks that have sliced lemons on the side of the cup and hearts drawn in whipped cream, but he would spend more time flipping out at his partner for not having exact measurements or the eye for perfection that he does. (He can make a really delicious, intricate parfait.)

Rin: Rin is pretty confident in his cooking skills, since he’s had to cook for himself before. He’s definitely above average, but like his coaching, his lessons wouldn’t be easy and he’d be hard on his partner when it comes to doing things right in the kitchen, but only because he doesn’t want them to give up on cooking if the dish doesn’t turn out well. As a coach he’s got lots of patience and will take over if his partner is struggling with something, but he’d feel a genuine sense of pride when they make something they’re proud of too. (Rin’s specialty is definitely his pork cutlet.)

Sousuke: His cooking skills are so-so. He’s never been able to call himself proud of them, but he can make a decent dish once in a while when he needs to. He’d be a little surprised that his partner suddenly wants to learn how to cook, but he wouldn’t reject them, instead smiling and offering to cook together. Similar to Rin he’d be a bit of a strict cooking teacher since he doesn’t want his partner to hurt themselves or get discouraged, but the dish would come out a lot better than expected when they make it together and he’d offer to do it again sometime. (His best dish is probably his vegetable potage, since it’s so simple.)

Nitori: Admittedly, Nitori’s skill isn’t really in cooking entrees as it is for desserts. He really enjoys making sweets, not just because he likes them, but because sweet things usually make people smile and that’s mainly why he cooks. He’d be overjoyed to know that his partner wants to learn how to cook from him, and he’d be a very careful and steady teacher, thoroughly instructing them about all the ins and outs of dessert-making but still smiling at them the whole way through. (He loves making caramel flan and considers it his specialty.)

Seijuurou: Seijuurou really doesn’t get discouraged easily, but even so, he has to admit that his finesse in the kitchen isn’t as good as it could be since most of his food ends up getting burnt even when he tries his best. When his partner tells him they want to cook, he’d give that hearty laugh and promise that it’ll definitely turn out awesome if they work on it together. He only knows the basics of cooking but would teach them the best he can, taking their hands and showing them how to move a knife and such. He’s very laid-back when it comes to cooking, too, so it’d be fun to spend a day cooking with him. (He works best with pancakes because they’re so easy and he loves piling syrup and fruit onto them, which is his main motivation to make them in the first place.)

Momotarou: Unlike his big brother, Momotarou actually did pretty well in home ec class, so he does know his way around the kitchen and which one is the salt and which one is the sugar. (He labels them just in case.) He’d grab his partner’s hands and nod with all the energy in the world, promising to be the best teacher ever. He tends to have a liking for food that can be decorated easily or anything he can add his name onto. But his teaching skills wouldn’t be the best since his instructions are so vague. “No, no, you add this stuff to this bowl first!” (His best dish is definitely his omelet rice. He loves making it just because he can write his name in ketchup on it after it’s done and draw peaches all over it.)

Weirdest idea ever: Chester King is actually Harry Hart’s father, the older man divorced his wife years ago and since Harry doesn’t want anything to do with him, he changed his last name to his mother’s. 

Although his son hates him, Chester loves him with no conditions. He tries to show it by favoring the current Galahad more than other agents, but Harry doesn’t give a single fuck. When Harry proposed Lee Unwin for the position of Lancelot, Chester hated it, but he tried to hide his scorn and distaste as much as possible (needless to say he was almost satisfied when Lee died, almost because he had to see his son’s grief and guiltiness everyday)

When Harry again nominated another Unwin, this time the son, for the position of Lancelot, Chester once again had to enter the test of his patience. But he noticed something else too. Harry was fond, too fond, of the boy. He showed off his skills at the bar for no reason, and then proceeded to watch every single step of the boy’s journey to become a Kingsman agent. There was something other than pride (and he had those evidence of fucking heart eyes and flirtatious remarks to prove it)

When Eggsy failed to shoot the dog, Chester was immensely relieved and happy because he was able to get rid of this low-life scum from both Kingsman and his son’s life. But it was not that simple. Before going to Kentucky (he made Valentine promise him not to harm his son in any ways), Harry had a serious conversation with him and for the first time, his son asked him a favor (to make Eggsy a Kingsman no matter what). He refused, but Harry kept insisting and even pleading him a bit (Harry would totally deny this later)

When he had to see Valentine breaking his promise and his son’s (fake) death, Chester lost himself in pain and grief for a moment. Then he was determined to make his son proud of him for once and came up with a plan without telling anyone else. When the boy, Eggsy, came into the office, he finally did it. Neither of the glasses was poisoned (he consumed it beforehand), and he definitely could make out the boy’s trick easily (he’s the head of Kingsman for a fucking reason), but he accepted his death

“I hope you’ll be proud of me for once, my dear boy” - that was his last thought before the darkness consumed him wholly