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Anime cliches I miss because they don’t really do them any more

The sweatdrop

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Liberal use of the V sign, even in situations that did not call for it and does not require a camera to be present.

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Falling over because someone said or did something so incredibly stupid it made you lose all strength and will to live.

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When they do the anime face thing

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Making characters squishy

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the dignity laugh

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in my first lecture on shakespeare the lecturer opened with the words “Shakespeare is bisexual. Most literary evidence points towards this, and it is the most commonly accepted understanding of his sonnets in modern literature.

so if I have to read even ONE essay that comes to this ‘shocking’ conclusion this year, so help me god you will NOT pass this module”

anyway this is your reminder that shakespeare is bi, 100% bi, super bi, and laura jenkins wants people to shut up and focus on his fucking nature imagery thank you goodbye.

My submission for issue II of the @shallurazine, Stars Aligned ~

Thank you Cat and Jules for all your hard work, and for letting me be a part of this! Everyone’s submissions are so beautiful and creative. I’m blown away ♡

I was just thinking about how hilarious it must be to the YOI in-universe figure skating pro community and fan community that for all intents and purposes, as far as they can tell, Victor Nikiforov took most of the skating season off to make Yuri Katsuki fall in love with him, and as soon as he locked that shit down and showed up in public continuously lens-flaring his engagement ring, he went back to competitive skating.

“What’s your theme for the rest of this truncated season, Victor?” the press asks.

“My theme is I’M HITTING THAT, FREQUENTLY AND FOREVER,” Victor says, lens-flaring his beautiful ring in the direction of a wide eyed, frozen Yuri Katsuki.


i still think about boysbe a lot