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Someone asked me to do all 100 to a questionnaire post on here so here it goes:

1.The meaning behind my url: My mother was originally supposed to name me this but my grandmother and aunt convinced her to name me *cringe* Morgan instead. So i used this name as an alter ego. One of many actually.
A picture of me: check tagged/ me for that i only have the mobile app for now. Im beautiful tho. How many tattoos i have and what they are: don’t have any.
Last time i cried and why: It was over my lost keys. I was having a bad day. It was raining and i was sleepy and my phone broke that day. Tragic.
Piercings i have: none
Favorite band: New Power Generation
Biggest turn offs: Hyper Masculinity, fetishization of my skin tone, nubby nails, un kept hair, and terrible dress.
Top 5 (insert subject): Rappers : DMX, Mystikal, Jay, Andre 3000, and Pac.
Tattoos i want: none now but i used to want this cheetah print tattoo inside of a tiger wound all down the right side of my body.
Biggest turn ons: well kept nails and hair, just the right amount of cologne, free from hyper masculinity, southern accents, deep voices, bellies, and ears.
Age: 19
Ideas of a perfect date: Home. W either chinese food or take out from The Cheesecake factory: 5 Cheese Penne with chocolate crusted cheesecake and some wings from this local place called Dixie and we just sit and watch my favorite movies and talk about Prince’s catalog. Plan B: Find that place that serves shrimp and chicken w rice in Pineapples, have a walk and maybe window shop and talk. Then go home and touch each other and watch crooklyn in my apartment.
Life goal: Reach the approval of God and also to finally get to a place of financial security. Which im doing now by furthering my education.
Piercings i want: none. But i used to want a stud just like Tupacs.
Relationship status: single.
Favorite movie: The Wiz
A fact about my life: I don’t go anywhere but work and school.
Phobia: bugs
Middle name: Mariah
Height: 5'9
Are you a virgin? No
What’s your shoe size? 8
What’s your sexual orientation? Straight. But had a bi phase in high school. Was curious. Always been strictly dickly.
Do you smoke, drink, or take any drugs? I drink every blue moon.
Someone you miss: Nobody i know of.
What’s one thing you regret? Not coming to Tumblr sooner or even starting here. I love this site.
First celebrity you think of when someone says attractive: Michael Ealy
Favorite ice cream? Mint chocolate
One insecurity: My voice in middle school. Thats all behind me now.
What my last text message says: “now ive gotta work these next two days.” - sent to Alex 💕.
Have you ever taken a picture naked? Yah
Have you ever painted your room? Nope. The apartments we was in didn’t allow it.
Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? Yah. It was iight.
Have you ever slept naked? Yeah i try to every week. Good for the skin.
Have you ever danced in front of your mirror? No. Just by myself.
Have you ever had a crush? Is this is a joke? Lol
Have you ever been dumped? Once. Never again.
Have you ever stole money from a friend? No
Have you ever gotten in a car with people you just met? No
Have you ever been in a fist fight? Once. I dragged her on the dust backyard cause i told her no you cant use my gameboy. Other times I’ve always been held back by security after i threw the first hit.
Have you ever snuck out of your house? Multiple times. Always left a remote under my window so i could get back in.
Have you ever had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? No.
Have you ever been arrested? No. Had a dropped case tho.
Have you ever made out with a stranger? No.
Have you ever met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? Multiple times. W this guy named tyrone. My first “boyfriend”.
Have you ever left your house without telling your parents? Multiple times. I was a sneaky kid. My mom was so over protective and strict.
Have you ever had a crush on your neighbor? No. Lol whats that? Love and Basketball?
Have you ever ditched school to do something more fun? No. I just dont go that day.
Have you ever slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? Yeah. Just my sister and cousin.
Have you ever seen someone die? No.
Have you ever been on a plane? 3 times.
Have you ever kissed a picture? No but i want to.
Have you ever slept in until 3? I did today lol.
Have you ever love someone or miss someone right now? No.
Have you ever laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? No.
Have you ever made a snow angel? No. Lol 😂
Have you ever played dress up? I do all the time. Still do.
Have you ever cheated while playing a game? Twice.
Have you ever been lonely? No.
Have you ever fallen asleep at work/school? Work? Yeah took naps at my old job. School? Almost everyday in hs
Have you ever been to a club? Yes in Bk. Madlib was there. I still have the biggest crush on him. I was only 16 tho :/.
Have you ever felt an earthquake? No
Have you ever touched a snake? No ion touch Satans puppets.
Have you ever ran a red light? Nah.
Have you ever been suspended from school? Nah. Just didn’t go most of my senior year lol.
Have you ever had detention? Multiple times.
Have you ever been in a car accident? Once when i was 3 w my grandad. Then one w my mom when i was like 12. The man on the motorcycle was decapitated.
Have you ever hated the way you look? Yeah in middle school. In fact anytime i wore glasses. I refuse to wear them outside now.
Have you ever witnessed a crime? Yah. Ion snitch tho.
Have you ever pole danced? No but i will for the right person to ‘Insatiable’ (look it up kids)
Have you ever been lost? Once. Im good at directions.
Have you ever been to the opposite side of the country? Paris twice w my mom for FW.
Have you ever felt like dying? No.
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Once.
Have you ever sang karaoke? Nope. They never got the songs i like.
Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yah. Like eating cheese.
Have you ever laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? No
Have you ever slept with someone at least 5 years older or younger? Always older. I love older men.
Have you ever kissed in the rain? No. Thats how you get sick. Dumb nigger.
Have you ever sang in the shower? All the time foo.
Have you ever made out in a park? Yeah and had sex.
Have you ever dream that you married someone? Twice.
Have you ever glued your hand to something? No. Nigga i was skating and skidding my butt on concrete.
Have you ever got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? No. What is this The Goonies?
Have you ever ever gone to school partially naked? Nigga i used to change everyday in junior and senior year. I was fed up w my mom by then. I was ole girl from Scary Movie type stuff. Sweater in the car “bye mom”. Crop top w matching pants in first period.
Have you ever been a cheerleader? No. Nigga i played tennis.
Have you ever sat on a roof top? No. Want to tho and have sex w someone.
Have you ever brush your teeth? Was this made by a white person? Yall nasty. I floss, brush, and baking soda soak my teeth wym.
Have you ever ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? I dont like scary movies. Brings demons in the house.
Have you ever played chicken? No. Immature shit.
Have you ever been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? No. We’d be throwing bows if that happened.
Have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? All the time and on here ever since i started two months ago.
Have you ever broken a bone? No. Heard it hurts tho.
Have you ever been easily amused? No. I am very underwhelmed.
Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? Yah.
Have you ever mooned/flashed someone? Just my boobs to my boyfriend at the time across the window.
Have you ever cheated on a test? Used to put answers on the back of my chip bags.
Have you ever forgotten someone’s name? Im only good w faces tbh.
Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem real? No but i will when i meet Prince.
Have you ever give us one thing about you that no one knows. Fact: I am left handed.


23.10.16 // 11oC ☀️

14-18/100 Days of Productivity

It’s been a weird week, and I’ve sucked at uploading daily pictures for DoP, so I thought I’d collate a few from the past few days ✨ I’ve been fighting Freshers Flu, finding my rhythm with all my reading, and getting to grips with the physical manifestations of actually doing stuff - I’ve been in bed as early as 7pm, have had a few days where I’ve had to pack working in after thirty minutes, and days (like today) where I’ve just not been able to do anything at all 😴🛌

But, all in all, I’m really enjoying uni. I’m probably about 3/4s done with my first piece of assessed work for my NAT module, and have a pretty good idea what I want to say for my International Security module. And I made a friend! 🙌🏼

sdv headcanons

just saw a post about common headcanons of the stardew valley characters and decided i’d add some thoughts of my own!!

-sebastian is self-conscious about being naturally thin. this is part of the reason why he hates the summer so much; he doesn’t like the idea of wearing less clothing and showing off his body to others.

-haley is actually a genius, and graduated at the top of her class in both high school and college.

-maru is short, like 5 feet tall or under, and perhaps full-figured or plus-sized.

-clint recently had an amicable divorce with his high school sweetheart, and he is awkward around women (particularly emily) because marrying young has caused him to have little experience in the dating world.

-penny had to put her high school education on hold to take care of pam when her drinking issues got especially bad. she was able to get her GED, but this is why she is so adamant about making sure vincent and jas get an education.

-emily is a vegan. 

-alex is secretly hopelessly in love with haley, but it is only if your character gets really close to him (8+ hearts) that he is finally able to get over her.

-demetrius is so protective of maru because after she was born, robin couldn’t have any more kids.

-robin had sebastian when she was a teenager, but she never regretted it.

-harvey is latino.

-evelyn was super gorgeous and a model when she was younger, which is why she always seems to reflect on the “good old days”.

-shane used to be an excellent soccer player, even had a college scholarship, but then severely injured his knee and was forced to drop out of school and work at joja mart. this didn’t stop him from loving the game, though, and he watches it regularly on television.

this is all i can think of right now but feel free to make changes or add to the list!


January 5th, 2016

Today was a snow day, which was such a blessing because I got a chance to get caught up with my stats homework! I also did an yearly overview for 2017, but these are just a few of the main events (bc my calendar is crazy – I might upload a screenshot of my calendar someday. if I actually filled out an overview, every day would be colored). kudos to @emmastudies for the layout!!

DCMK | kaishin a.k.a. ‘i still can’t believe i drew that and it’s been ag e s –

Tbh, that has been kept in my folder for almost a year now, and I didn’t upload it in here all this time until now.


Cuteness overload. Just wanted to draw some Ladynoir! 

It is actually the first official drawing of Ladybug I do, and also the first time in centuries I upload some drawings of mine haha ;;; 

I became a Miraculous trash and I’ve never been so happy

(Luna)freya Icons FFXV
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  • 100x100 icons
  • Meant to use on a lunafreya roleplayblog but apparently not, so I’m sharing them here. **RE-UPLOADING**
  • preview:

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dear @withkonic

Because I don’t really use twitter I will answer you here (p.s. your caps lock seems to be stuck).


the date I ripped and uploaded the CDs:

and your date:

Oh! What a surprise it’s the same as mine.

Second here is my post with the CDs (please pay attention to the photo):

and here your tweet:

Notice something? Bingo. It’s the same!
Because the photo is actually my scan that I uploaded when I posted the CDs and then you downloaded the cd’s, re-uploaded them and made a tweet with the link acting like it’s yours and even posted my scan with it.
Congrats, perfect copy!

Looking forward to your next excuses.