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[3/?] Belter Creole

“the belter language is typically written in the latin alphabet. most letters have similar phonetic values as in english, but there are some differences.”

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hi can i ask how do you make time to create so many gifs? i barely have time to make one gifset in a week :(

Short answer, I’m really fast and I have a very fast computer!

Instead of giving a long answer though, I thought I’d give a few tips on how I do it, since this is a question I’m asked quite often, so what the hell, I’m gonna share my wisdom :)

The following tips are very useful and will 100% cut your time on photoshop of a significant amount… Though I want to stress on the fact that it’s having a lot of RAM on your computer that’s going to make the real difference on how fast you can be. 

How to be faster when you gif:

  • I’m not sure how important it is to other people, but I’m very organized. When I’m making a gifset, I put the screencaps in different folders for how many gifs I’m making. That’s helpful for several reasons (it’ll be relevant a couple of points down too), but also cause I know how many more scenes I need to capture to complete my gifset, and I directly have a general idea of what the gifset is going to look like.
  • Related to that, I usually keep on my computer, on a pendrive and on a HDD the screencaps of some of the scene I use the most/I can possibly use in the future. They’re all in different folders, some named by character, some by fandom, some by episode, some by colour. This is very useful cause I don’t have to go and capture them again and again, wasting time. (Say, I gif Tony Stark quite a lot, I have most of his scenes already saved. It saves me A LOT of time!)
  • I use potplayer for capturing frames. Using that, or whatever app you have (I had kmplayer before) is way faster than using photoshop to do it.
  • I always capture the screencaps before I open photoshop. I usually keep the 2 phases separated. It’s mostly habit by now, cause my old pc was much slower than the one I have now, and this is especially helpful if you don’t have much RAM, cause as you know, ps runs on RAM, and will eat as much as you give to it. If you have other stuff open at the same time while using ps, it’s gonna make your pc and the whole process really really slow.
  • Following that, you can actually up the amount of RAM you can dedicate to photoshop! Go on Edit -> Preferences -> Performance! Remember not to overdo it though, especially if you plan on using other apps while you work on pc! I keep mine at 70% (so I have 10gb of ram dedicated to ps, now you see why I’m fast.)
  • Uploading screencaps as multiple DICOM files is much faster than loading files into stack! The main difference is that you can’t pick and choose which files to load, but you can only load folders (hence my putting everything into folders I said above!)
  • Now, the best advice that I can give you, the one that will change everything and really make everything so much faster: make actions, use actions!

Seriously! I’m the laziest person you’ll ever going to meet, so I made myself an action for literally EVERYTHING. Why? Cause a lot of the work we do on ps is repetitive and we end up doing the same things over and over for 8, 10, 20 gifs. Making frames from layers, setting the animation delay, resizing, sharpening…. It’s always the same things, but we waste so much time to input all those commands! 

I made myself an action for making frames and setting the delay. I have several other actions for resizing in the dimensions I use the most (like I have an action for 268p x 140p, one for 268p x 170p and so on). I have another action for sharpening. That means that the only thing I need to do is hit play and that’s it. In a couple of seconds everything is done and I have the gif ready so I can start the fun part: colouring it. 

I don’t know why but it always takes me way less when I use actions than when I have to input those commands by hand. A+++, best thing I ever started doing, would totally recommend you try it! 

I don’t have much time myself, love, that’s why I keep everything organized and ready to go, so I can gif on my breaks, and I don’t have to be more frustrated than necessary (and god knows how frustrating colouring can be!)

I have the advantage of having a pc and not a mac, so I can use potplayer directly and not waste any time converting my videos in acceptable formats that quicktime can read (kudos to mac users who spend so much time on that omg how do you do it!)

I hope this helps honey :D 

Social Media Horror Plots/AUs

Send me an emoji for a plot/starter, all of them related to horror and social media. Feel free to adjust the placement of my/your when sending these to decide for yourselves which muse plays which part.

💀 - My muse has been dead for over a month when your muse starts getting messages from their social media account, but no one else has access to it.

😰 - Our muses are watching videos together, when they come across what could be a real disturbing event caught on film.

😀 - Your muse has been blocked by mine over and over again, but they keep making more and more social media accounts just to stalk them.

😈 - My muse confronts yours about a chain letter they sent them over email. They thought it would be funny, but now strange things are actually happening.

😖 - My muse gets a follow/friend request from your muse and thinks they seem interesting. However, one quickly begins to realize the other muse may be stalking them.

🤐 - Our muses have never met in person, but one day your muse notices mine tagging themselves in all of your muse’s photos. In the background in the shadows. In a dark window. Behind a cracked door. In the closet.

👽 - Our muses see something they can’t explain and manage to get it on camera. But when they upload it to social media and start getting a lot of attention, it mysterious disappears. And suddenly they’re seeing strange people outside their homes and following them wherever they go.

👻 - Our muses meet on a forum about ghosts and the paranormal while sharing their own experiences.

🤡 - While looking through a gallery of photos our muses took together on a date/trip, they notice a strange figure in the background of every photo, watching them.

🕵️ - My muse has been talking with someone on a dating app for a while, but your muse doesn’t trust them. They think something is wrong, and are trying to convince my muse to be cautious (perhaps after some online digging uncovers an unpleasant secret).

👁 - My muse sends yours a selfie, but your muse is the first to notice something odd in the background. It looks like my muse isn’t home alone after all.

Tutor Me? ReggiexReader! Part 3.

Hey guys, as promised, here is part 3 of Tutor Me? This is actually going to be the final part of this mini series, though if anyone would really like it, there is an epilogue that contains the next scene but it does contain smut. like real smut. if you’d like me to upload the epilogue, please send me an ask! don’t worry too much though, I’ll definitely do some more Reggie oneshots! he’s such a cutie lil fluffball. 




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pit stop; shawn mendes

a/n: hey remember when i said the Doritos one would be next? well i can’t find it :( i gotta label my fics better, anyway, for tonight i’ll give ya a couple of random blurbs from blurb nights! a re-upload, here’s why x [masterlist]
synopsis: the one where she gives him car head, but without the actual smut?
warnings: nsfw talk

You blow a bubble out of the mint bubble gum you’d popped into your mouth upon getting out of the car, and then another one at the front door just for good measure. 

Shawn had watched you do so with a smug grin on his face, skin glowing in a natural highlight - cheeks blushed a deep red from the events earlier. 

The image of you leaning over and unbuckling his pants while on the freeway is one that’ll stick with him forever, and he’ll take the words you spoke to him to the grave “Pull over, don’t wanna die with your dick in my mouth - can’t have that etched onto my grave stone” 
“You fucking wish” 

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