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i am in love with art school graffiti tracer
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But can we talk about how I’m S01E15 The Laziest Town, Robbie started the episode with giving out ice cream to the kids

I’m really in love with the idea that a lot of Plague-Magic is really just Flesh-Magic. The ability to warp and deform and grow and destroy living flesh and bone is unique to plague, and while yes, most elemental magics have developed some form of healing or physical manipulation, Plague dragons are the real masters of it. Their magic isn’t just the crude spreading of disease, it’s the alteration of things that live, and all the little things that live within them.

Basically, my thought is if disease = bacteria (or virus, but ignore those for a sec I don’t understand them), small creatures that infect and destroy, and plague dragons can, theoretically, summon or activate or invoke these tiny creatures, who’s not to say a skilled bacterimancer couldn’t level up and start manipulating more developed creatures?? Plague is almost in a way the Fauna to Nature’s Flora, oops.

This is also why I believe that while shapeshifting magic comes mostly out of the Tangled Woods, early breed-changing and the like came out of the Scarred Wasteland. 

What other people in the ANE fandom title their fics: Really cool titles reminiscent of the story, often which have a strange sense of irony and/or foreshadowing, often even go so far as to research outside their native language to search for the perfect name.

What I title my fics:


I did a video again, but this time featuring my cat! pls support me LMFAO

A letter to my local law firm.

are there lawyers who specialise in divorce from a movie franchise? I’ve given mine, Star Wars, so many chances, but they keep letting me down and breaking all their promises. I was promised the romance of this generation but they let me down. I was promised Finn being treated with respect, given a full character arc, and to be force sensitive. But once again, I have been let down. A relationship can’t work on a foundation of no trust.
Angry and Disappointed Me.

danisnotonfire straightened his hair every day and wore black t-shirts and skinny jeans and took pictures with exaggerated smiles and peace signs to hide his self-doubt.

Daniel Howell has curly hair that’s here to stay and likes drowning in oversized sweaters and showing a little bit of skin and letting his softness show in his smiles because he loves himself now.