not actually bollywood


@anglmukhii Hold everything NOW THIS is my favorite rendition of bollywood songs sung to Shape of You, god BLESS

Meryl Davis And Charlie White, Vancouver Olympics 2010 (Original Dance)

Aw, remember Original Dance? For its last Olympic hurrah, Meryl and Charlie gave us what to this day may be the only Bollywood-inspired program that doesn’t heavily utilize Jai frickin’ Ho. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Jai Ho, I’m just tired of it and would like to hear more catchy songs from actual Bollywood musicals)

ANYWAY. These costumes were and are solid. They didn’t just do their idea of Indian dance, they did their research and it shows. Even the fabrics are right!

I love those colors on Meryl, and seriously Charlie just went completely authentic, pretty much. Both creative and respectful, and all-around fabulous.

Grade: A+