not actually a stick poke


another one of a kind zine made for a beautiful pal! i made this collage zine for Jonnine for their birthday. their actual present is the stick & poke tattoo design of ‘mulder it’s me’ that i’m going to give them… i just got a bit carried away presenting the designs i’d done lol.

copies of this aren’t for sale, but you can shop my other zines in my etsy store!

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A bodyguard AU no one asked for. Probably.

(Young characters are aged up to about 17/18. A surprise for @diisco–girl cause i’ve seen that she wanted a bodyguard au at somepoint.)

Pacifica Northwest had questioned many decisions her parents had made over the years, but none more than their ‘smart’ idea of hiring a body guard for her. She had protested that she didn’t need one, that no one would dare attack the only daughter of the Northwest family, but her father refused to listen. He said that because Gravity Falls was getting weirder, he had to protect his assets from anything untoward. That included her. She grumbled about it for hours before she stopped fighting it. But when the person they had hired showed up at their manor, she was astounded. He was her own age, a scrawny wimp of a boy. Furthermore she was positive there were actual sticks poking out of his messy brown hair.


“Pacifica darling..”

“No. You can’t be serious. He’s supposed to protect me?” Pacifica cried out, and begun to list his apparent faults. “I’m not sure he could protect me from a fly.” They boy took the insults thrown at him without flinching, and simply smiled at Pacifica and bowed slightly.

“So you are the illustrious daughter I am to protect. I see the rumors of your elegance do not do you justice.” She felt her cheeks redden in indignation before huffing, turning her nose up at the boy. She could barely believe that this commoner had the audacity to be rude to her. He had to go.

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So my workout today during the sweet fast was more intense than usual lol…my son actually did the “poke it with a stick” test to see if I was dead. 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽😭😭🙈🙈

But, gods willing ✊🏾✊🏾, I will continue to get stronger and be able to endure more. I think moving them up to 30 and changing my sets changes and marks my progress, as does extending the time. Throwing in yoga moves with my other exercise certainly helps, and I’ve already walked four miles today. Now to do chores and homework…