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Sugar Rush [1/??]

So, uh. This. What is this even.

I’ve been playing a lot of Huniepop recently because hella procrastination, and the whole time I was thinking, man I would love an FFVII AU where Cloud goes round dating the shit out of SOLDIER/everyone in general, assisted by the lovely Love Fairy Cetra Aerith.

This was meant to be that AU. Except it bears zero resemblance to the game and somehow developed plot. Sort of. I didn’t want to go all out ridiculous in making Aerith a love fairy, but then I started trying to reasonably justify her abilities through her being a Cetra, and tbh this is AU is not something that should be reasonable. Now she’s just OP as fuck.

But look, it’s sassy shit Aerith and harangued Cloud shenanigans, eventually Cloud’s gonna date the whole of ASGZ (and Aerith at some point too probs) and bang all of them and it’s just meant to be silly fun. >>

Not sure how far it’ll go, since multichapters are my archnemesis, but. Shenanigans.

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Everytime someone in a fandom calls a canon bisexual character gay/lesbian

I’m like

i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.