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Zodiacs dating a kpop idol.

Aries : I.. *Dies*

Taurus : Accepts the fact and lives happily ever after..

Gemini : Is never hungry because they eat away all the awkwardness.

Cancer : The over protective ones who need someone to take care of them…

Leo : The cute , savage girlfriend / boyfriend

Virgo : They are very shy at first but they love each other  lot.

Libra : The OTP couple. Actually is lowkey addicted to each other. Which might cause heavy sad moments.

Scorpio : The funny one who is cute in the relationship.

Sagittarius : I… *Idol dies* They are this cute.

Capricorn : The introverted scary shit that are so cute. And lowkey sexy.

Aquarius : The *give zero fucks* couple. Chilled and the couple that has a lot of trust issues but they last forever. 

Pisces : That only one couple every one supports. 

I know some of you guys probably really want this but I honestly don’t think you’re getting more POV’s than Rhys and Feyre’s. And I say that from a writer’s perspective. This story is told in first person and its about Feyre’s journey. From page 1 its been about Feyre’s growth and now in ACOMAF her relationship with Rhys. As in, its still focused on her. 

I just don’t think it would fit the series or conclude the series very well to suddenly add in POVs from multiple other characters like Cassian or Nesta or Mor. Rhys makes sense because he’s Feyre’s mate and through her, this has become part his story as well. And he gives us a look inside the Night Court, so we know what’s happening while Feyre is in the Spring Court (for at least half the book, I assume. dear god help me.) But I think adding in another element where we get inside the head of Nesta or Cassian and diving deeper into a new relationship when we’ve been so focused on Feyre and Rhys’ story would actually hurt this trilogy. 

And I know were used to Throne Glass where SJM has introduced a completely new set of character’s almost every book but I think it works for that series a, because its third person b, because theres so many books in which to explore these characters, and c, because TOG has much more a group dynamic feel to it. ACOTAR, on the other hand, like I said, is Feyre’s story, She is our first person narrative and I would find it very jarring to suddenly have another narrator who isn’t Rhys in this story. 

I know a lot of people probably won’t share this opinion with me and will be upset if there isn’t a Nesta and Cassian POV but I just thought I’d say it. Because I don’t think SJM will take that route and I’m prepared for many of you to be angry at her for it. 

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I'm new, so let me see if I understand. Daddy is your only bf, but daddy can/could have more? Since he did have Stopper before right?

I’ve never had an actual boyfriend before Daddy… Just a couple of flings.
Showstopper is his ex.

I’m pretty damn sure he’s not cheating on me with other people, so no, he can’t/couldn’t have more boyfriends.

Does the face of a person ever just randomly pop into your head and you can’t help but smile (internally or externally) You can either: A) Relate this to rl B) Or be like me, hopelessly in love with fictional characters

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Killian laughed bitterly into his knees, body folded up and his arms wrapped tight around himself. “My tragic fucking backstory.”

His shoulders were tense and tight and, from the sliver of his face that was visible, Luka could see his eyes screwed shut. He looked like… like a crumpled up sheet of paper, like he was made of glass and was trying to shatter himself in his own embrace.

Luka’s heart ached for him, he felt the twists of guilt wriggling their way into his stomach. “I’m sorry,” he murmured, reaching out a hand to stroke Killian’s shoulder. Kil made a low noise and shuddered, a little, before unfolding himself all at once and bringing his hands up to scrub at his face. His eyes were shining and his skin was blotched red with emotion, but when he met Luka’s eyes he sighed, letting some of the tension out of his frame.

“I’m sorry too,” he breathed, holding Luka’s gaze for just a moment before he slumped forwards, suddenly, against Luka’s chest.

Kil’s breath was thick in his chest but he made an effort to keep it steady, even, in and out. He clutched at Luka’s back a little, holding tighter, like he wanted to crawl inside Luka’s ribcage and hide from the outside world. “We’re a couple of fucked up babies, aren’t we, huh?” he mumbled into Luka’s neck.

“Yeah,” Luka said. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”


“We are Trignal!!!” by Trignal
From Trignal’s Live Tour 2016 “SECRET GARAGE”


A couple of disclaimers:

  • I actually had been debating with myself while subbing this whether to keep “KiraKira☆Beat” as in or just outright translate it while subbing, and decided to go with the latter instead. Sorry.
  • I know 最高のCoolish has “Coolish” written in English, but I decide not to keep it that way since, well, it’s a weird word to use here to be very honest… ._.” (with it being adjective and all too…=w=“) Sorry about this to. =_=“

…Wing’s cute movement and Boss getting embarrassed after doing the flying kiss always get me though…=w=“

I was tagged to post a selfie by @theblack-titan yesterday, so here you go! :) I just got back from a nice long walk in the woods with my favorite dog and my new (borrowed lol) camera, which I’m trying to figure out before I go to Peru in a couple weeks and have to actually take some decent photos haha.

I’m gonna tag @triptobeingfit, @busybeerunningfree, @fueling-mydreams, and @itsfriday-im-inlove!

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Favourite ship/ couple in all of rt, ah, and funhaus

Fandom wise (aka only in AU’s) I like Raywood. I like the dynamic between the two personality types. (But like I said this is only in the fandom stuff, I don’t think the real Ray and Ryan would work as an actual couple) 

In reality, Michael and Lindsay. I love how much of a fluff ball Michael becomes when he talks about his wife and future daughter.

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Okay so I know people have speculated for years about Dan and Phil being a couple but one things that’s always bothered me is….if they’re actually couple, how do you explain the vlogs phil made when he can’t sleep at night? He’s very obviously alone in all of them. I imagine they’d share a bedroom if they were really a couple. So what’s the theory on that?

(I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to challenge anyone or invade dan and phils personal life. i’m just genuinely curious and have always wondered how people explained that.)