not acceptable under and circumstances

Addressing a Dragon

         There is cause for some concern with regards to the proper method of addressing a dragon. After all, giving offense may mean becoming lunch.

         These instructions are still useful even regarding a dragon in human form. Though in those cases offending the dragon in question will likely have far less lethal consequences, they still tend to wield a great deal of power, and offending them is a mistake.

         Respect is paramount. As long you remember that you may well stay off the menu, but there are other details which will give the best results.

Approach with caution. Offer a greeting and wait to be addressed.

         If you are approached, do not run. If a dragon means you harm, running won’t help. If they do not, running tends to incline most predators to chase, and may annoy one who only intended to talk.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to enter a dragon’s lair, or to go deeper into more isolated chambers thereof (such as a bedroom), without an invitation. You may call out and wait for a response. If none is forthcoming you may choose to wait, or simply come back another time.

         Offerings help. You can’t go wrong with good food, gold, or gemstones, but some dragons have more specific tastes. Some even appreciate such things as music and poetry. Bringing a gift is a quick way to get in a dragon’s good graces.

         Generally speaking, dragons appreciate formality, particularly when interacting with a stranger. We expect to be treated as one would a powerful dignitary.

         If a dragon chooses to call you friend, you may find them becoming less formal over time, and it is appropriate to do the same.

         Flattery will get you everywhere. Compliments which sound insincere or placating are worse than an insult, but genuine compliments, no matter how over the top, will win a great deal of favor. Just don’t sound like you don’t take it seriously.

         Never be rude, and never challenge a dragon, whether physically or verbally. You will lose one way or another.

         If all else fails, many dragons enjoy games that require cleverness, and are likely to accept such challenges. Which if nothing else gives you time to talk and curry favor. We tend to enjoy gambling too. We like winning, so take that under advisement. Most of us don’t mind cheating either.

         Follow these recommendations and you may just stay in one piece, but I offer no guarantees.

         Good luck.

taako headcanons i totally accept: big nose, tooth gap, whatever tf body type, whatever tf hair color

taako headcanons i absolutely refuse to accept under any circumstances: that he is Straight™

okay but did bighit ever even resolve what these scenes were meant to mean

bc it’s like, . … ..under normal circumstances i’d be willing to accept that this is just about some rivalry going on between them but ? ? ??? u literally can’t have any explanation for this? ? ??? this is literally jungkook offering yoongi a rose? ?? ?? ? it’s a straight up confession scene? ? ?? i don’t know what to tell u man

Hey, crazy idea, but maybe like, killing people is always wrong? Like maybe the right to life is actually inalienable and killing people is never acceptable under any circumstances whatsoever? Is it that crazy to suggest that killing other people is not okay? Just like, a thought there.

Tips for those just starting high school:

•Remember to stay away from Librarians
•Do not go into the dog park. It is forbidden.
•All writing utensils are BANNED.
•The Sheriff’s Secret Police are watching you at all times.
•Do not, under any circumstances, accept any WHEAT or WHEAT BYPRODUCT from ANYONE.
•Do your homework.

This attitude — “who would even want to touch her butt?” or “she’s so ugly” — reflects the fact that women who speak out about being assaulted are often not taken seriously. If we can’t take Swift, a powerful woman, seriously about her assault, think about what happens to all the women who aren’t in the same position of fame and power.

It is never — for any reason, under any circumstances — acceptable to touch someone like this without their explicit consent. Being a celebrity, or having a certain body type, does not make actions like being groped okay. Fame does not negate the right to personal space and control over one’s own body.

Ultimately, it’s for the courts to decide what really happened. But no one should be blaming Taylor Swift for her own assault. That was the fault of the assailant alone.

—  MTV on how victim blaming is NOT okay

Okay but like. Under what circumstances would it be acceptable to hate Mary? How many times does she have to shoot Sherlock? Like five times? Or like. Would she have to personally hit me with her car before it would be okay for me to hate her? She tried to murder the main character. She would have succeeded, if not for moftiss magic pulling him back from the brink with gay love.

And please remember that the Mary of teh and tsot was a facade. As is the Mary who makes chitchat with Mr Holmes at Christmas. The real Mary is the Mary in Magnussen’s office. The Mary in the empty houses with her gun pointed at Sherlock asking him how badly he wants to find out what a good shot she is. The real Mary is the Mary back at Baker Street who sits there like a stone wall while everyone around her is crumbling under the weight of her horrible actions.

Mary is selfish, violent, callous, and cruel. She murdered for hire. She lied and lied and hurt people she claimed to care about without remorse and without explanation. Those are plenty of reasons to despise her.

the concept/title of monsexual privilege does not exist for bi/pan/polysexuals to say “look!!! the darn gays have it so easy!!! they are 100% accepted everywhere they go!!” because obviously that isn’t true. monosexual ppl do have a very hard time being accepted in many environments–even ones designed for lgbtqiap people, under certain circumstances (racism, transphobia, fatphobia, lesbophobia from male gays, etc.) obviously, gay people, even the privileged ones, struggle with acceptance in a homophobic society. no one is saying that is not true. actually, bisexuals (and pan/poly people, although this post is really being written with biphobia in mind, so i may leave those orientations out) would know that it exists, since most, if not all of us experience same gender attraction and do face homophobia.

actually, before i go on, let me explain.

“but what??? how can  a bi person face homophobia…… if… they’re not GAY???!!!!” well, actually, homophobes don’t care at all how you experience attraction because to them, feeling same-gender attraction AT ALL is what they don’t like! it is not specific towards gay people! if i kiss a woman in public, this is absolutely not going to happen:

me: *kisses woman*

homophobe: *walks up* excuse me, are you gay or bisexual? i just want to check before i hurl slurs at you and harrass you :)

me: oh, no, sorry, i’m bi!

homophobe: very well! *walks away*

instead, THIS will happen:

me: *kisses woman*

homophobe: *insert slurs here* *insert sexual harrassment here* *insert other harrassment here*

because HOMOPHOBES HATE ANY SAME-GENDER ATTRACTION/BEHAVIOR REGARDLESS OF THE PERSON’S SPECIFIC ORIENTATION. yes, they do focus mainly on gay people, but once they see you with a person of the same gender that goes out the window and to them doesn’t matter anymore, because whatever it is they’re seeing, they don’t like it.

so, anyway, back to the point i was making: bisexuals DO face homophobia. if you just read all of that, understand it, and still dismiss our struggles and don’t consider that homophobia, or on the flip side you consider it PRIVILEGE, then you are a biphobe.

so in places mainly geared towards heterosexuals, bisexuals already have it bad enough. you’d think that in queer spaces it would get better for us, right? after all, we are part of the LGBT+ community, and we already have something in common with other members–oppression. surely, we’re now in a place where we can find comfort, right?

nope! there is all kinds of biphobia in lgbtq+ spaces that monosexuals perpetrate! this includes, but is not limited to:

  • bisexual erasure (eg literally everybody focusing on nothing but monosexuals, and “pick one, gay or straight!” which YES, as much as monosexuals like to say doesn’t happen, SUPRISE! IT STILL DOES, AND YOUR TRYING TO SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG CHANGES NOTHING AND ACTUALLY CAUSES MORE ERASURE!)
  • harrassment (eg “breeder” (as if we’re straight??), sexual harrassment (blowjob jokes) )
  • constant interrogation about our sexual history (”well, you know, you’re not REALLY bisexual if you’ve never had sex with both a man AND a woman)
  • cissexism AND slut shaming. these two go hand-in-hand within a frequently used line monosexuals give to reject bisexuals: “i would never have sex/could never be with a woman who’s bisexual, because that means she’s had a penis inside of her vagina so i can’t touch it because it’s dirty.”  this is cissexist because it enforces the stereotype that a bisexual girl would always have a vagina, penis=man, and that if a girl has had sex with a guy it MUST have been a guy with a penis because, you know, trans men don’t exist or anything. it’s also slut shaming because the person saying it is acting like the girl’s sexual history makes her “impure”, much like so many straight men say about promiscuous girls. also, why do you focus on genitals so much that you’re paying attention to sexual history?? if she’s clean of stds then i don’t see any reason it should matter??
  • also slut-shaming in general. “bisexuals have too much fun”, “they’re too greedy”, etc.

so you see? we are verbally and/or physically attacked in heterosexual spaces and denied a place in lgbtq+ ones. we have nowhere to go. monosexuals struggle in heterosexual spaces, of course, but at least they’re not rejected from a community that should be for them and CLAIMS to support them (if they don’t care about bisexuals, then take the b out of the acronym so we aren’t fooled into believing you care about us.) monosexual privilege exists mostly in lgbtq+ spaces, but don’t take that to mean for a second it hurts any less. heaped on top of the oppression we already get from straight people…. that’s a whole lot of opposition we get thrown at us.

so if you’ve read this whole thing and are STILL going to accuse us of being whiny babies or say we’re being homophobic by calling you out on your hurtful behavior, then congratulations, you are a biphobe.

I try to keep drama off my blog, but… followers, DA fandom at large, if you think for a second that harassing a dev is acceptable under any circumstance, please unfollow me. I don’t care what BS excuses you come up with. It’s not acceptable. Never. No matter what you think of a person, it is not right. You can’t come online and think your anonymity suddenly gives you power to shirk objective societal morality. If you think that, you’re wrong. Pure and simple. 

This is especially true for any mutuals, because yes, I expect better from you.

Grow up and become decent human beings.

An Incomplete List of Morally Obvious Things Which Should Definitely Not Be Points of Disagreement in Society
  • Our nation is the only one in which mass shootings regularly happen and the only one that continues to say that they cannot be stopped or prevented
  • Equal pay is necessary, and not just for white women.
  • The United States of America IS NOT RULED BY RELIGION.
  • There are exactly ZERO SITUATIONS in which your personal beliefs are important enough to deny other people equal rights for any reason
  • YES, we need feminism.
  • YES, all women.
  • Only yes means yes.
  • Victim blaming = NOT OKAY
  • Slut shaming = NOT OKAY
  • Racism = NOT OKAY
  • Homophobia = NOT OKAY
  • Rape = NOT OKAY
  • Islamophobia = NOT OKAY
  • Transphobia = NOT OKAY
  • Fat shaming = NOT OKAY
  • Erasure = NOT OKAY
  • Misogyny = NOT OKAY
  • Religious freedom is NOT “Everyone do as the Christian right-wingers do.”
  • No uterus? No opinion.
  • #blacklivesmatter
  • Dress codes are a product of the patriarchy: stop policing women’s bodies.
  • This is not a post-racial nation. 
  • Under EXACTLY NO CIRCUMSTANCES is it acceptable for a government official of any kind, especially the leader of our nation, to be racist, misogynist, homo/trans/islamo/any-other-kind-of-phobic, etc. 
  • Wealth disparity is a problem.
  • Healthcare inequality, accessibility, and cost is a problem.
  • Homelessness is a problem.
  • The current state of the prison system is a problem.
  • Education inequality, accessibility, and cost is a problem.
  • These problems have potential solutions that do not include shaming/blaming/judging/accusing.
  • Businesses are not religions and they are not people. Businesses cannot have beliefs. Businesses must follow the law. 
  • Discrimination for any reason is NOT OKAY.
  • Don’t believe in gay marriage? Don’t support abortion? Don’t agree with any other thing that NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO SUPPORT? Great. Don’t support it. Your disagreement is not more important than someone else’s freedom. 
  • Women’s rights are not a matter of opinion.
  • LGBTQ+ rights are not a matter of opinion. 
  • Voting rights are not a matter of opinion. 
  • Religion has no place in schools. EDUCATION has a place in schools. 
  • Any entity, political party, institution, or group that supports the systemic oppression of a specific group SHOULD NOT EXIST
The vast majority of Christians do not even know, and most likely would reject, the radical pacifism of their Lord.

Most people can point to “Turn the other cheek”, but He also says to offer the other one. He teaches that we are not to resist evil in any form, ever under any circumstance, to accept it all. We are to love our enemies. He goes even further: we are not even to resist lawsuits. If we are sued at law, we are not to fight, and then when we lose, we are to give even more than the judgment against us.

Try and grasp, if only for a moment, the level of nonresistance He is actually teaching here.

“Yeah, whatever,” Christians have been saying about what Jesus actually taught because they don’t have the belly for it and don’t even want to try. It goes against everything rational and “fair” that they’ve ever learned.

Read Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7 (in an older, real Bible, like the King James).

Your Lord and Savior was a complete radical. Too radical, apparently, even for you.

Christians have been going to war against each other and against non-Christians since day one, but that isn’t a surprise, because Jesus also taught us that His way wasn’t for every one:

“Wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat…Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

Plainly, the radical Christian teaching is not for the mass of humanity, but for the few who can hack it. Therefore, it follows, that there has never been a Christian nation, of any kind–ever.

The true radicalism of Christ has been side-stepped for 2 millennia now and it’s time the bullshit stopped.

You wanna talk religious objections? Well, I got a whole history full, buddy.

Fairy Tail Week is a week long celebration of Hiro Mashima’s manga and anime series Fairy Tail. The much anticipated event is kicks off today with a bonus day! Participate in the event by creating anything Fairy Tail related, making sure to follow the rules.


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✧ January 18th - January 24th ✧

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I pray that because of His unlimited resources for our lives, may you be aware of His guidance in your life, that though we are not made perfect, in His perfect love may you begin/continue to desire His discipline and correction in any area that calls for obedience, that these things not only shape your character but that they may also influence your surroundings so that they work for you and for your good. I ask the Father to open your eyes to accept how He operates in His favor to bring your circumstances under His care and plan for your life. I pray that you may attract the kind of attention and people that will build you up and encourage you to walk in love and in success, in wealth and in health, into the lives of those who will also be encouraged and built up by you. I pray that God's guidance will always lead you to places and situations that you can continue to learn from so that your spirit matures so that your loved ones, friends, peers, and colleagues will benefit and be blessed from the knowledge and presence you have been given by our Lord and Creator. And may He keep you in conscious unity with Him to guide your decisions and discernment of situations and people you come across today. So above all else, whose name is Jesus, shall be exalted, in whom I also faithfully pray, amen.
“Happy Birthday Markiplier” Call for online birthday card submissions!

What is this website?
This is an online birthday card dedicated to youtube’s very own, Markiplier!

Who is this Markiplier guy anyway?
Markiplier is a popular youtube “let’s player”. He’s an American internet personality know for his charismatic gaming videos and hugely successful charity livestreams.

What do I have to do?
It’s up to us as a community to submit any messages, images, or videos we want him to see for his birthday.

When is Mark’s birthday?
June 28!

Can I submit more than once?
Due to the sheer volume of interest in this project we would prefer one submission per person! We have queued all your posts up so that they are scheduled to come out all throughout the month.

Can I submit something AFTER his birthday?
Submissions will be closed June 28 12:00AM Eastern Time. Late submissions will be added to the website the day after his birthday.

Can I submit fanart?
Absolutely! Although under no circumstances will we accept NSFW. Any submitted fanart must be created by you.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! Your posts mean a lot! And please remember you have a little over a month to put something real nice together :)

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‘Hyperion’ wasn’t satisfied with Kaguya’s half-baked apology, but it was the most he could expect under these circumstances. “I…guess I accept. By the way, for future record…call me Kurosei. Its far more appropriate then Hyperion.” Shura turned from Kurosei to Kaguya. “Huh? I wanna come!” Jose put his hands on her shoulder, “Whatever Lady Kaguya is gonna deal with…it may well be dangerous. Once we finished here, it may be well off to relax and catch up with your family.” Shura looked from from Kaguya to her father, and resigned herself to let it be.

Maxwell looked from Ares to Naomi…they were exchanging in meaningless banter, and everyone else had their eyes off him…he couldn’t take action…for himself. However, he had a worst-case scenario plan. He looked up to Omega, giving her a unique activation phase; “Go my child…I set you free, do as you please!” Ares and Naomi refocused their eyes on Maxwell. Naomi wondered what he said, “To whom were you addressing?” She was unaware that that was a code, and not random words.

Omega shifted its focus to the world around here. The code in question disabled all her neural inhibitors, making her self-aware. She looked down at NIA, whose weapon was fully primed. Her first words were, “Big Sister…why do you wish me eliminated? We only just met.” Those words threw NIA off balance, hesitating in firing. Now that her weapon’s charged, keeping it in a primed state any longer would cause it to implode. She couldn’t fire it at Omega, so she fired it skyward…past the moon. Because her weapon wasn’t fired at a specific target, the surrounding temperature dropped significantly. NIA was now quivering…not of the, but due to her now being on emergency power. “Combat…no longer possible…” Omega caught her as she fell, gently lowering her to the ground. She had profound respect of her sister. “Recharge…I have a mission that needs finishing…”

Omega phased herself in front of Kaguya, inquiring, “You slayed the Shibata Clan’s leader…what did you do with the power he stole from master?!?” Chireru was curious. “If your anything like NIA-San, then Argus need not be your master.” Omega NIA nodded, “Correct. Argus is not my master. My master is the strongest living God of Chaos. Kaguya Otsutsuki…where did you put the vessel of Wrath?" 

Eva stood in front of Maxwell grabbing his collar, "Explain yourself! Why is she asking for one of the Seven Sins?!?” Maxwell’s smile is full of venom, “Simple…I’m a patron to two deities. Omega is currently attracting the attention of Amatsu. Since you’re the vessel of Lust, consider yourself dead if you don’t leave.” Eva punched him, “Lust is my power…MY SIN!!!!!”