not about misha

“Season 13″

“Picture of Arrow and Zeppelin”

“Genevieve and Jared are expecting”

“Misha is reciting poetry with a full beard”


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Can we just talk about this. Look at jensen’s face. look at how he’s looking at Matt , look at how he caresses matts face. Look at how he stops his hand over misha because he knows misha will probably need to be reassured that he’s bae cuz I mean just look at the way Jensen is looking at Matt. And Matt just easily smiling the whole time shaking his head and laughing. AND THEN THERES FUCKING MISHA!!!!!!!! He was smiling and his face shifted a little into jealously but then he looked directly at Jensen and straight faced when Jensens hand touched his. Then before the second is even over without Jensen even looking cuz his eyes are all over Cohan, but misha looks at Matt so it wouldn’t have been noticed unless u were really watching and could repeat it over and over but right before misha looks to Matt, Jensen knows misha was looking and he smiles just a little bit without taking his eyes off cohan or his hand off misha’s

3 reactions whenever Misha does something

Reaction #1: Oh my GOD! He’s such a dad! Please stop embarrassing me you adorable little shit! 🙈

Reaction #2: YES! My son!! He must be protected at all times! He’s too good for this world! Such an amazing man!! 😭

Reaction #3: He is so fucking HOT it’s just ridiculous! EVERYTHING HE DOES SEXUALLY FRUSTRATES ME. Bless him and his loins!! 😍