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I’ve been reading a lot of classic rock (McLennon) fanfic and I’ve noticed that while you’re all very talented writers, a lot of you just don’t know much about LSD. So I thought I’d make a post with all the basics:

-LSD is also referred to as Acid (dropping acid, tripping acid) blotter, Jesus, microdots (dots), zen, California sunshine (cali), heavenly blue, tab, dragon, window pane, and paper mushrooms

-people who do a lot of LSD are called acid heads, acid freaks, cheer leaders, and day trippers

-LSD and PCP (also known as angel dust) have some similar effects, but are different drugs with different highs. Make sure you’re not actually describing PCP when writing acid trips!

-LSD is completely odorless and tasteless

-LSD is most commonly taken by soaking a little piece of paper in it and holding it under your tongue, and dropping it into a sugar cube and letting it melt on your tongue.

-it’s extremely dangerous to mix LSD and other drugs. But a lot of people mix it with xanax (it is dangerous tho. Keep that in mind while writing)

-LSD takes 30 minutes- an hour to completely set in

-it’s not like weed where the high only lasts like 2 hours. LSD lasts from 5(at the VERY least) to 12 hours and it’s a VERY intense high

-it takes another hour or two to come back down. This time isn’t very pleasant. Everything looks like it’s made of plastic and you don’t feel real. You’re not actively hallucinating but things feel off. It’s not uncommon to have an anxiety attack

-the first time you trip on LSD, the coming down part might take up to a few days. But by the second time it probably won’t

-not every trip is a good trip

-if you take LSD while unhappy or anxious. there’s an 80% chance you’ll have a bad trip. So it’s not realistic for your muse to drop acid when sad to cheer up

-bad trips are REALLY BAD good trips are REALLY GOOD

-you can have a good trip that turns bad. And you can have a bad trip that turns good (but it’s less likely)

-music sounds really fucking good on LSD

-you become really sensitive to touch and texture. Even a brush of fingertips on your arm is electrifying. I remember stroking my girlfriends hair and it felt like water running between my fingers and pooling in my hand.

-getting an orgasm might literally send you into another universe

-any hallucination you have will be a reaction to something around you. For example if you’re staring up at a starry sky you might feel yourself swimming through the sky. If you’re in a room with floral wallpaper flowers might start growing from your fingertips

-things get really distorted in size and multiply. If you’re looking at someone’s face one of their eyes might be growing while the other one shrinks. And they might have 4 heads instead of one

-hallucinations don’t follow any rules of the universe. Be as creative as you want to when writing them

-people tend retain their memories of hallucinations to an extent. It’s unlikely that you’d wake up after a trip with absolutely no memories of what happened

-It’s not safe to trip with no one sober around. You might think you can fly and jump off a building. Or walk into the middle of the road without realizing it. So if your muse only takes drugs responsibility keep this in mind

-people don’t usually move around too much while tripping.

-you lose all sense of time. I always think I was only high for a few minutes when in reality it was 7 hours. Some people feel like they were on it for years

-you can’t really hold a conversation when tripping. You really are in your own universe

-there are no physical affects of LSD. I’m sorry if your health class lied to you. It doesn’t make you physically sick at all

-it’s a cliche but yes, people often see god (tho I haven’t yet)

-tripping with someone you love can be very romantic, but in a weird way

-hallucinations are weird, but you don’t really notice that they’re weird until you’re not high anymore. Don’t write your muse as being surprised or confused about what they’re seeing

-bad trips might include things like feeling yourself die over and over again, your face shattering like glass, spiders crawling out of your mouth/all over your body, being on fire, seeing the devil, things like that.

-colors effect you a lot. They’re not necessarily brighter but they are …enhanced? It’s kinda hard to describe to people with no drug experience but colors have more meaning to you and you really notice them. If your muse is looking into their lovers brown eyes they’ll notice that brown

-I ate some ice cream while tripping once and I didn’t taste anything. I’m not sure if this is what it’s like for everyone but that’s my experience

That’s all I can think to tell you at the moment!! Thank you for reading I hope this helped. And if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me!

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Why do pupils dilate when you're on drugs like LSD or MDMA?

So drug induced pupil dilation, also known as mydriasis, is often a result of high serotonin levels. Drugs like LSD, MDMA, cocaine, and certain antidepressants (e.g. SSRIs) are known as serotonergic drugs because they all increase the concentration of serotonin in your brain. 

The serotonin molecules agonise (stimulate) certain receptors known as 5-HT2A receptors which then triggers a parasympathetic response. One of the effects of this is that a muscle that encircles your iris, called the pupillary sphincter, relaxes. This in turn causes the diameter of your pupil to largen and dilate. Of course, the amount your pupil dilates depends on the substance. LSD is much more potent than say, an antidepressant so it’s effects on your pupils is much more noticable.

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A zine I made with @sidneyssketches a while ago but I just got around to take some nice photos of it. It’s a zine inspired on some really weird poetry and the title means ‘weird’, ‘bizarre’ or ‘strange’ in Dutch. You can buy it here!

It seems that I know that I know. What I would like to see is the ‘I’ that knows me when I know that I know that I know.
—  Alan Watts
If any of my beautiful followers have any stories about how LSD (or any hallucinogens) has negatively affected their lives please let me know!

I feel like there hasn’t been enough attention on how many young people have gotten fucked up by hallucinogens, so I’d like to write an article on personal experiences (totally okay if it’s anonymous).

My fiancée was hospitalized for taking what he thought was lsd last year. He started hearing people in his head and hallucinating pretty much constantly for a few months.. He even accused me of cheating on him with Tupac for goodness sake! It took him almost a full year to get back to himself.
I also feel that once a person does get screwed over by one of these drugs people just call them crazy and make it seem like it’s their own fault. When let’s be real.. Who hasn’t experimented a little? I just wish people couldn’t understand that drugs effect everyone differently, like if I were to take some booms rn I’d be having the time of my life, but if my bf took them he’d have to be hospitalized for two weeks.

Thanks for yalls help 😘

So I have this theory...

What if your brain naturally makes chemicals that you get high off of like THC, LSD, MDMA, etc. but the government puts certain chemicals in food or the atmosphere that block the receptors in your brain that create these chemicals. Like what if when you’re high on acid that’s what the world really looks like but the government doesn’t want you to know how beautiful the world actually is, they want you to see this boring world so that you’re willing to work for them and mindlessly follow whatever they tell you. What if when you’re high on THC that’s how everyone naturally is, but the government doesn’t want everyone to be so chill because then they would lose their power over everyone. I’ve put a lot of thought into this and it just keeps blowing my mind. Just imagine. Let your mind wander with it, it’s nuts.

April 7th, 1975: John speaks hotly against holding the Beatles accountable for advocating and promoting drug culture and (once again) defends Paul’s 1967 admission to taking acid.

JOHN: Well who gave the – A, that’s a dumb thing. A, who gave the drugs to the Beatles? I didn’t invent LSD. I bought it from somebody who got it from somebody, you know. We never invented the stuff. And also, the big story about the Beatles and LSD came when the British press, TV, interviewed Paul and said, “Have you ever taken LSD?” And Paul said, “Yes.” Like we’re filming now. And then the press said, “And do you feel any responsibility about announcing this?” And Paul said, “Yes. Don’t put the film out.” And of course they show the film out. And the same people five years later are saying, “Paul McCartney and The Beatles used, propagated drugs…” We didn’t do it. That’s why I said about the ship earlier, we were all on the same boat, you know. How dare they say we propagated them when they printed everything we did.