not about kerbal space program

After watching Markiplier’s last video.

 Space core:  

 space.. space buddy.. I like space… spaaaace


-contemplating the beauty of space- 

So cooooooool


 Oh great, now Kevin has a space buddy. 

The man comes all the way up here but can’t bother to send me back down! 



-forgotten by his friends, his ship crashed on the surface of the moon, abandoned by the screaming man at the mission control… what fate awaits this corageous traveller  in this floating rock?- 


fuck the saturn v

[[alright explanation: you can put decouplers on your rocket to separate stages and stuff. the largest size of decoupler is made to separate giant rocket fuel tanks and stuff! decouplers provide a fixed force when you activate them; for large decouplers, it’s pretty big. in this technique, you build a spaceship entirely out of components that have the property that no matter how many of them you add to your rocket, they only contribute a tiny, fixed mass. so, you can add as many decouplers as you want, and you never have to increase the mass of your… “rocket”! around 256 you have enough force to instantaneously accelerate your kerbal to ~6,000,000 m/s. at that point, you’re getting out of the atmosphere fast enough that the computer can’t calculate any drag. learned about this in this guy’s video explanation!]]