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ok so I'm trying not to over analyze things because I don't wanna get my hopes up for nothing, but I can't resist:

Exhibit A:
We all know that Lily is a cheerful and positive person, but from the caption of these pictures, she sounds just a little bit happier than usual.
Plus, she used #lotsofJs when there really isn’t that much Js. I mean, Jamie.

Exhibit B: 

Now, I’m not 100% sure on this one, but some people say it’s Jamie’s dog.

Exhibit C: 

Maybe this means they were separated, but eventually they find their way back to each other.


Exhibit D: 

Some things strike a chord so strong… That they leave a constant melody playing in your head… 

Their love was so strong, that even after they broke up, they still feel very strongly for each other.


Exhibit E: 

Sometimes it just is what it is… And what it is, is something quite beautiful.

Maybe they’re not fully back together yet, they’re just taking things slowly this time, and they’re enjoying it.


Exhibit F: 

Somewhere along the line, their relationship (journey) continues.

bunnyofnegativeeuphoria asked:

I'm confused and apologise but are you ofjimkirk? Because if you are then think about that time you did poly jimjossbones? That was glorious, and today I thought about king and queen bones and jocelyn and little princess joanna and suddenly new stable boy jim. Who is gorgeous. And clever. And shy. And great with horses and even greater with joanna. And bones wants to wreck him and jocelyn is like hoe he mine and they both like hoe he ours and jim is like :3 and *.* yeah. If I'm wrong sorry XD😓

yeah I’m ofjimkirk and poly relationship bonesjimjoss was the best thing i ever did apart from pastel punk jim and then sub jim because hOLY HELL


bc honestly, why have a love triangle when u can have a threesome??


Imagine King Leonard and Queen Jocelyn hiring new stablehand Jim Kirk from the village attached to their castle, an adopted son of one of the guards that work closely with Leonard’s security who had assured that Jim had experience with handling horses and with kids, and Len and Joss mutually agree with his hiring and Jim is brought in the next day and it turns out little Princess Joanna loves him entirely, from the tips of his blond blond hair to his work boots and Jim loves Jo from the very moment he saw her.

Len and Joss go through a bit of a rough patch, but they haven’t been together this long and ruled a kingdom without having a bit of healthy communication and come to realize they’re both attracted to this beautiful stablehand who looks a little bit lost whenever he thinks somebody isn’t looking.

it takes several months of careful courting, and plans that have been thought of long and hard and it cultivates in Jim, all pink and flushed whenever he so much as looks at Len and Joss, being summonded to their private rooms where there is a small dinner set out, and Jim just has to choose the strawberries;

Len letting out a strangled noise in the back of his throat as Joss clears her throat when Jim bites into the strawberry, red juices staining his lips and dripping slightly down his chin and they would have thought that Jim didn’t have any idea of the effect he had on them until they saw the little wicked glint in his electric blue eyes as he sinks down to his knees and shuffles beneath the table, hidden by the table cloth, all flushed cheeks and heavy lidded coy eyes as he touches Joss’ delicate ankle in her stilettos, pressing a kiss to her knee as she gasps, her fingers tightening in his golden blond hair and Len throatily asks whether Jim is ‘gonna be our good boy, ain’t you, darlin’? all ours, pretty baby,” as he shows just how much he appreciates Len’s and Joss’ appreciation and just how much he’s come to love them both during their careful courting of him


We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honored dead. And yet it should be noted, in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world; a world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect and nourish. He did not feel this sacrifice a vain or empty one, and we will not debate his profound wisdom at these proceedings.

Can we please talk about the fact that Jace is just as protective as Alec and Alec is just as reckless as Jace. I mean Alec jumped on Sebastian without a weapon and Jace was like “whaT ARE YOU DOING YOU RECKLESS PIECE OF SHIT?!”

nice post-dogam things to think about
  • karou laughing for minutes at a time over stupid jokes zuzana makes bc she spent way too long being sad and fuck that she has a right to be happy
  • akiva not really understanding half of zuzana’s jokes but he always ends up laughing too bc karou’s laugh is contagious
  • mik teaching any baby (and non baby) chimaera who’s willing how to play the violin
  • eliza finding out that scarab is like really super cute when she blushes and making it her absolute mission to make her blush as much as possible
  • eliza and karou discovering they have lot more in common they ever thought and becoming really close friends
  • zuzana and eliza pranking everyone. literally. the only one safe is issa bc she helps too
  • liraz making a habit of picking up flowers she finds and putting them in her armor or her hair
  • akiva and liraz having long conversations about how much of a pain in the ass hazael actually was and how much they loved him. sometimes they laugh a lot. sometimes they cry
  • liraz questioning whether physical intimacy is a thing she’ll ever want to, and when she reaffirms that she might never want to, she realizes it’s okay and it doesn’t mean she’s broken at all
  • liraz talking to ziri about this bc she wants to be honest bc she has grown to love him and she wants to make sure they’re on the same page about this. ziri being accepting and understanding and telling her that he’d been questioning the same things and had come to a similar conclusion
  • whatever it is they have, they conclude, it’s real and it’s love and it doesn’t matter in which way they show it. it only matters that they do
  • karou slowly trying to reconceliate these two different lifes lived inside of her (she is madrigal in soul, but she knows in many ways she isn’t really madrigal anymore)
  • karou and akiva steadily working through the left-over anger and guilt together, recognizing that sometimes is not easy, but that they can work it out
  • it’s year-round dream season for scarab and eliza :))))))))))
  • scarab and nightingale helping akiva control his magic
  • akiva letting his hair grown long
  • man-bun akiva
  • ziri letting his hair grow too and he and akiva exchange bro tips on how to make their hair extra soft
  • karou cutting hers really short but keeping it blue
  • zuzana and karou getting matching tattoos about something really dumb but cute probably
The fossil is a partial left thigh bone of a theropod dinosaur, the group of two-legged, meat-eating dinosaurs that includes Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex and modern birds. It was found along the shores of Sucia Island State Park in the San Juan Islands.


Here’s a picture, courtesy of the Burke. It’s the sharp thing on the right:

Also does anyone know that grad student on the left? Asking for a friend who thinks he’s cute. 

Read more about the bone here and then GO SEE THE BONE AT THE BURKE!!!

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Things that make me happy today

I was really down last night because I was so concerned for Jared and it has kinda spilled over into today after I saw his Facebook post.  So, I am making this list to remind me of everything I have to be happy for.

  1. I’ve lost 14 pounds!!
  2. My husband didn’t go out of town to work this weekend so I get to spend the whole weekend with him.
  3. He starts his permanent job on Monday, no more temp job and using our car for work!
  4. It’s a pleasant 83 degrees and sunny here today so we’ll probably take a ride in the convertible later.
  5. This may sound stupid but, I’m glad Jared is safe at home with Gen and his boys, that makes me feel so much better and not worry about him as much.  I know Gen will take excellent care of him.
  6. I’m happy I’ve found such a great group of people in the Colts and Quills Family.  They have really made my experience here 10000 times better. beakaleak32 crowley-is-my-homeboy hidingfrommychildren spnjensenlove02 femmedplume mamapeterson jessica-bones-winchester climbthatmooselikeatree breaksuperwhobad rizlow1 eyes-of-a-disney-princess snarky-fangirl skidaddle-o3o sweetasscas geeklibrarian obsessiontisanoblething misswhizzy hides-in-the-shadows eatit-twilight

Nah but for real don’t be in a rush to be fetishized and objectified if you have a slim body. I can tell you from personal experience that it can be very uncomfortable existing in a body that men prioritize as ideal because people literally assume that you’re inviting sex and sexual advances just by existing in your skin and men truly make no bones about devouring you visually and seeing your body as an offering and its gross and uncomfortable to not be in charge of what you wish to exhibit or express. There’s a lot of (superficial, temporary) “power” in having a fat ass etc etc but there’s also a (conscious, unrelenting) subjugation to male desire which can be stifling when you’re just trying to make it through your day.

Part one of the season finale and it appears that we’ll FINALLY be getting a big FitzSimmons episode. About damn time. Sure, season 2 has had plenty of time for Skye to do everything under the sun, but as of 2x20, FitzSimmons still haven’t even talked about the most important thing that happened to them last season! After those tweets between Clark and Elizabeth, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll get something good, but if they don’t have the fucking conversation on Tuesday, I’m going to seriously question whether the writers do this on purpose just to jerk us around.