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So I went to a party last night and got drunk as hell. So of course, I had to write a drunk kabby fic. I had time to kill babysitting my niece anyway. This was nothing like i had intended it to be but then it just kind of…happened. I guess i was reminded of this one big bang theory episode. Anyway, enjoy!

Mild crack fic, cannon compliant, set post S2 pre S3.


Abby Griffin was drunk.

She wasn’t just tipsy or a little unsteady on her feet, but stumbling, face flushed, laughing and throwing her arms around Jackson, smashed off her face.

It had been three months since Clarke had brought down Mt Weather and rescued their people. Since then, everyone had been picking up the pieces and starting again, enjoying their period of peace, something that everyone (specifically Clarke, Raven, Monty, Harper and Jasper) believed was well worth celebrating. So with much persuasion and Marcus’s eventual support, the kids managed to convince Chancellor Griffin to let them throw a party.

Fortunately for them, free trade between the Skaikru and Trikru meant that their people could purchase goods they hadn’t had access to before; ripe grapes, apples and pears, and extracts from other fruity, spicy plants. This meant that moonshine was no longer their only alcoholic option, but Monty and Jasper were now able to brew wine, cider, and a rage of alcoholic spirits for the party.

Marcus wasn’t sure how much Abby had to drink, or how she came to drink so much when she had never been a heavy drinker; although he suspected that Jasper and Monty - who were sharing wide eyed, disbelieving looks and bursts of laughter as they watched their drunken Chancellor dance on the floor - had something to do with that.

Nonetheless, Abby had drunk enough that she felt as light as a cloud of helium balloons and tingling all over, alcohol clouding her mind so she was filled with nothing but the dizzying desire to keep on spinning, dancing and laughing with Raven, freeing her spirit from her body.

And Marcus couldn’t stop watching her.

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“Hey…” Abigail licked her lips nervously before speaking again. “I’m sorry to bother you. I know you’re busy and everything -”

“Abigail…” The person interrupted her rambling, worry coating their voice. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

The Witness blinked back tears pushing down the swimming emotions due to bubble over since her plane landed. She couldn’t keep it together. How could she? The Grace woman was all over the place. Her mind was scrambled and her hands were shaking. She couldn’t come to terms that everything was ripped from her within a second.

“Everything happened so fast…” Abbie took a shaky breath. Images of a dark tomb filled her mind. She remembered everything. The eerie cold clawing at her skin. The suffocating smog of sulfur in the air. The smell of death lingering on her clothes. “It just came at us.” A lone tear slid down her cheek. “It climbed on the walls and knocked me down. I tried to reach for my gun.” More tears fell, shoulders shaking up and down as the guilt began to swallow her whole. “I tried so hard.”

“Abbie…calm down and breathe mama.” The voice called out to her steadily, but underneath the calm was an uncontrollable fear and hurt for their friend. When she heard her take a breath, they spoke again. “Now, tell me what happened.”

“They took him, Bonnie.” Abbie took another breath but it only came back out as a sob. “They took Ichabod and it’s all my fault.”


“There are some new demons at play. Nasty big guys called the Frays. They’re causing havoc laying some sort of dark aura in particular spots to open up a portal for everything and anything to crawl out of the underworld. Jenny, my dad, Ichabod, and I have been killing the minions to keep the portal closed. We had some help along the way,” Abby pointed out thinking about the Winchester brothers. “But we were getting it done.”

“So, what went wrong?”

“A demon possessed Jenny and made her stole an artifact we dug some time ago. Some medallion we thought could be a power source that could jump start bringing one of the four horsemen to the living. The demon led us to some underground tomb under the Smithsonian Institute in DC. When we got there, Jenny was lying unconsciously on the ground with a medallion still in her hand.”

“It was a trap.”

Abigail nodded her even though Bonnie couldn’t see it. “It was the Frays. They lead us down there to trap us. The medallion wasn’t meant to wake up one of the four horsemen. It was meant to wake up something else and it got us and took Ichabod.”

Bonnie’s eyebrow pinched in confusion. “What I don’t understand is how do you think this is your fault, Abbie? You couldn’t have known that this was going to happen. You didn’t know it was a trap.”

“No, but Ichabod did.” Abigail hand clutched tighter around her cellphone. “He told me this was trap that we should think this through. He knew something was off and tried to tell me.” She shook her head as she stared down at her white gold wedding band. “I refused to listen and went about it my own way. I didn’t care what he had to say. I just knew I couldn’t lose Jenny. I lost her so many times before…”

“Go on…”

“Ichabod wanted me to stay home and give him time to think up a plan. I didn’t want to hear it.” Abbie wiped away the dampness on her burning cheeks. “I left on my own, he followed.”

“Abbie, the baby.”

“I know, I know. I wasn’t thinking.” Her hand instinctively went to her belly. “I wasn’t thinking about the baby or Ichabod. I just left…” Abigail watched droplet of tears fall on her hand. “Bonnie…” More tears fell. “I need him back.” A sob broke from her lips thinking of her husband’s bloody face as the demon dragged her husband away in the darkness. “I don’t know where he is. I don’t know where to start. Jenny in still unconscious…” The Witness wrapped her arm around her middle desperately trying to hold herself together. “I don’t have anyone else.”

Silence stretched over the phone. “Hello…Bonnie, are you still there?” Abbie pulled the phone away from ear checking to see if she lost connection. See she hadn’t, she called out to her childhood friend again but no answer.

Frustrated and irritated with the damn thing and with herself, she threw her phone down beside her. Abigail buried her face in her hands clutching at the root of her hair as her guilt ate away at her. She never felt so alone than she felt right now. She could deal with many things and she has…but not this. She couldn’t bare the thought of losing Ichabod now. Not when they came so far. Not when they were finally together. Not when their baby was growing inside her. This was not how the new year supposed to start.

“Stop that.” Abigail lift her head from her hands seeing none other than the Mother of New Orleans in the flesh. “Stop guilt tripping yourself. After fourteen years you would think you’d grow out of that.”

Abbie snorted but her tears never ceased. “Sorry to disappoint you, hun. Hard habit to crack.”

Bonnie sucked her teeth as she leaned forward to wipe her friend’s tears with her hands. “Geez, I bet you still feel bad about losing Mrs. Cuddles.”

“It keep me up at night.” The witness gave a watery smile. “She was all alone in the library with mean ol’ Mrs. Whistler.”

“Eh,” She shrugged. “Mrs. Cuddles is a tough bear. She could handle the crabby Liberian any day of the week. Besides,“ Bonnie playfully tapped Abbie’s nose. “You’ll make it up to me I’m sure.” She then leaned upward to kiss the top of Abigail’s head, wrapping her arm protectively around her.

Warmth spread throughout Abbie’s find letting her feel a tingling sensation to the top of her head to the soles of her feet. “Bonnie?”

“Hush. I’m protecting my baby niece and nephew.”

Abigail pulled away, eyes wild and pupil blown. “Niece a-and nephew?” She stuttered dumbly. “Bonnie…I’m having twi -”

“Never mind that. We have to save my brother-in-law. You,” She pointed at Abigail. “Drive to the armoury or whatever you call that place with your weird artifacts and dusty books. I need to make a call.” Bonnie said while taking out her phone to send a quick text.

Abbie stared at Bonnie for another moment before she turned on the ignition. Her shaky hands moved to grab the steering wheel but another hand stopped hers. Abigail glared at the hand then at its owner.

A comforting smile pulled at the Bennett-Mikaelson witch’s lips. “We’ll get him back, Abs. I promise.”

A lone tear fell down Abbie’s cheek. “Pinky promise?” It was meant as joke but it didn’t come out that way. The Witness was terrified. She never felt this scared in a long while. Not since her mother locked her and Jenny in the car with her to die. She needed to know that Bonnie had her back, because she really couldn’t do this on her own. She needed her best friend. She needed hope.

Bonnie saw the fright and tiredness on her friend’s face. She didn’t know what was going to happen next, but she knew she would do anything for Abbie. She would tear open every plane in existence. Clear every darkness. Shake and turn the supernatural world upside down to find Ichabod. She would go beyond to help Abbie and her unborn niece and nephew. She would do this because she’d do anything for her best friend and she knew Abbie would do the same for her.

“Pinky promise.”

Abigail swallowed the thickness in her throat unable to speak. Instead she nodded her head and began to drive down the open road.

Bonnie sent three more text then went to her contacts to make her call.

“Who are you calling?” Abbie flitted her eyes to her friend’s phone then back at the road.

“A friend who could help our cause.” Bonnie answered as she waited for the other person to pick up. “Do you have the medallion on you?”

“Yeah. It’s in the trunk.”

Bonnie nodded. “Good.”

They finally answered. “Bonnie Bennett, why are you calling me?”

“Excuse me Rosalee Calvert, it’s Bennett-Mikaelson. Why is that so hard to say?”

“It’s not. I just choose not to acknowledge that rabid dog.”

“That’s my husband you’re insulting, Roe. Be nice.”

“Ugh! I can’t believe you married that creep. I don’t know what you see in him. The only good that came out of marrying him was my adorable babies.”

“Well, you took Monroe from me, so I had to make due what I had. I could’ve had adorable babies with him, you know.”

The woman laughed heartily on the other line. “Please don’t say that in front of him. He would never let me hear the end of it. Now,” Rosalee started, hilarity drained from her voice. “What’s going on?”

“I need you to come to Sleepy Hollow.”


“Like yesterday.” Bonnie heard chime on her phone letting her know she gotten a text. She read it quickly then got back on the phone. “In fact, I have someone to pick you up.”

“Who?” Then a pop and loud yelp came through the phone. “Damn it! You can’t just make people pop in here without notice, Bonnie!”

“Sorry, but can you help, Roe? I need your spice expertise.”

“Cute. And yes, I’ll help. Of course. Do you need anything from the shop?”

“My sister will fill you in. When you’re ready, she’ll take you where to meet us.”


“Thanks Roe. I owe you one.”

“Stop that, Bennett. I’ll tell Nick and the gang you said hello before we pop out of here.” Rosalee hung up with Bonnie to be in the company of Freya Mikaelson.

Bonnie answered a few more text messages. “I have a few more friends on their way to help us out.”

“Bonnie, I -”

“Forget it, Mills. They’re already there. I told them about Ichabod and the Frays and they’re willing to help anyway they can. I just need you to tell us everything about that thing that took Ichabod and everything you know about the Frays. We’re wrapping this mess up quickly without fail. Aurora has ballet at noon tomorrow leaving us less than twenty four hours to get this handled. I’m not missing my Sweet Peas’ first recital and Aunt Abbie Cadabby and Uncle Ichabod is not missing it either. You promised.”

Abbie remained silent for a moment taking in everything her best friend was saying to her. She turned back to the road before entering into Sleepy Hollow. “Who’s coming?”

“The usual. Mom, Davina, Freya, Lucy and her annoying vamper girlfriend.”

“Pause! Katherine?” Abbie yelled out incredulously. “Katherine is coming to help me? She hates me!”

“One,” Bonnie put up her index finger. “She’s not helping you perse. She’s helping me. Me, she likes.” Abigail scoffed at that. “Two,” Bonnie put up two fingers. “She doesn’t hate you, you know, hate you. She just a bit sour about the fact Lucy had…have a crush on you. Nothing major.”

“Yeah, nothing major. Like it was nothing major when she unexpectedly pop out of the floorboards trying to rip my throat out the last time I visited you.”

“She did not pop out of the floorboards.” Bonnie snickered.

“She sneaked attacked me!”

“I got zapped her off you. You’re alive and well. Lucy chewed her out when she got home to her and James.”

“God.” Abbie shook her head in disbelief. “I can’t imagine being in a relationship with her. A polynomial relationship at that.”

“Bless James and Lucy’s heart. It works for them as crazy as they all are. As long as Luce is alive and happy, I will not complain…much.” Bonnie smiled at Abigail. “It’s going to be fine, Abs. We’re going to get Ichabod back.”

“I know.” Abbie let go one hand off the steering wheel to grasps Bonnie’s in hers. “I know we will, Bon.” This time, the Witness believed it. She knew she would get her husband back and she was going to kill every demon that got in her way. “Soon, we’ll be at the archives, not armoury,” Bonnie rolled her eyes muttering whatever. “With six other vicious women planning to take action to get my husband back and destroy the Frays once and for all.” Abbie chuckled. “I almost think we need a codename. Avengers assemble and all that.”

Magic crackled over Bonnie’s skin as she felt her excitement for a fight brew. “The Vicious Female Eight has a nice ring to it.”

A sinister grin spread across the Witness’ face. “You know…I really like the sound of that.”

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i love when HeR puts pictures of real life people in the games.  Like, who is this child? Does she belong to one of the people in the game? Is she a family friend? A niece? Did Abby steal someone’s child’s yearbook picture??

So I was drawing with my five-year-old niece and sketched a doodle of Abbie Mills. My niece looked at it and said, “Who’s that girl?” and I explained that she was a police officer on a show that hunted monsters and she wasn’t on the show anymore because the people who worked on the show were mean to her. My niece stared at the picture some more and said, “It’s okay. She’s probably a sailor scout anyway”.

Abbie Mills would be the best Sailor Scout ever.


Filmmaker and great-niece of Andy Warhol, Abby Warhola:

“Uncle Andy” is a documentary film about the iconic artist Andy Warhol, told by his immediate family, the Warholas. Filmmakers are Abby Warhola (Andy’s great-niece) and Jesse Best. This unique film captures stories told by Paul Warhola (Andy’s oldest brother) along with the many nieces and nephews that grew up around the famous pop artist. The family’s memories reveal an intimate side of Warhol, far removed from the counter culture scene of the infamous “Silver Factory.” They were with Andy from the beginning, and like flies on the wall, they witnessed firsthand his unprecedented transformation from humble son of a working class Pittsburgh family into one of the most important and celebrated artists in history.

You can back the project over on Kickstarter.