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Tom Holland wonders why a T-Rex wasn’t pink or furry. - A compilation.

I’ve never related to anything more than this in my life.


Pennywise: aaaa the old sewer trick, never gets old

*tumblr walks by and sees pennywise*

Pennywise: hiya! Wanna balloon 🎈

Tumblr: oh yes clown daddy 😫😫👌🏼♥️♥️💋💋🤡🤡


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Boy on my bus: You’re always reading, you must be a fucking genius or something
My book:

Me: …
Me: yes you’re right, I’m reading constantly, always in pursuit of filling my brain with stimulating and intellectually challenging material


When it comes to summons, Sora’s got his way, Noct’s got his…

Noct’s way is significantly scarier, though… getting a giant rock thrown in his general direction, scooped up by a giant thunder Santa, dragged through water by a giant water snake, nearly frozen to death by a pack of scantily-clad icicle women, etc…

Yeah. Give me the deer that drops healing items everywhere and a pixie capable of necromancy any day.