not a whole lot of things make him happy anymore

Over (Request)

could you do one where Harry and Y/N are exes and they meet at a party and have break up sex in either the bathroom or a car and maybe base it on the song “love you goodbye”


It hadn’t been an easy couple of months. You hadn’t planned for you and Harry to break up but that’s exactly what had happened. It hadn’t been an ugly breakup; there was no anger or feelings of resentment. Your break up had been one of those things that neither of you wanted, but it had to be done. You weren’t making each other happy anymore. In fact, the longer you stayed together, the more miserable you became. Harry was a great guy and you loved him a whole lot, but sometimes love isn’t enough. You both had different lives and were heading in two very different directions. When you did actually have some time to spend together, you didn’t connect the way you used to. The spark that used to be there was gone and it irritated you. That, in turn, would irritate Harry and, more often than not, you both went to bed frustrated with each other.

Ending your relationship with Harry had not been an overnight decision. It was something that had been building for months and both of you knew it. There were a lot of reasons that breaking up was probably the best idea, but it was hard knowing that you both cared about each other so much. You didn’t want to end something that you were still holding out hope for fixing. But, after a while, you realized that it couldn’t be fixed. The love you had for each other was still there, but the rest of it just wasn’t working.

The worst conversation of your life came when you and Harry had sat down to finally figure everything out.

He had come home very late at night from recording in the studio and was surprised to see you still awake. You were sat on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and sipping on cup of tea. You looked up slowly when he came in the door and he watched you as he kicked off his boots and took his jacket off.

“You’re up late,” he said.

“Couldn’t sleep.”

Harry stood for a few seconds, but ruffling a hand through his hair and letting out a sigh.

“M’tired,” he mumbled, “Think I’m gonna call it a night.”

You let him get about two steps before you stopped him.



You took in a big, stuttering breath.

“We need to talk.”

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Maybe a Bit More than Magic: A Halloween Fic

Sorry this is two days late! Happy Halloween!

Annabeth sighs as she adjusts the bunny ears once again on her head—they’re a little lopsided, but there’s nothing she can do about it now. This is what she gets for procrastinating on her Halloween costume until the very day she needs to wear it.

She debated not dressing up at all, but—based on the decorations she has seen for the past few weeks around her apartment building—she figured she’d be the only one not celebrating the holiday and she wasn’t about to ruin the fun for a bunch of little kids.

So she resigned to being a rabbit. The costume had taken her a few hours to scrap together but now that she’s looking in the mirror she thinks it’s not too bad.  Definitely recognizable as a rabbit or another furry animal.

She glances over her shoulder in the mirror, crinkling her nose where there’s a pink layer of makeup and crooked whiskers. Maybe it’s not her best effort, but it’ll have to do.

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Green Peppers and Saussage

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: Sometimes, love is like a pizza… sort of… 

Trying something new with this fic, please please read and tell me what you guys think!

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Ulterior Motives


Henry has an ulterior motive when he tells Emma about Operation Light Swan.

Henry tells Emma about Operation Light Swan.

He says it’s it to help inspire her light the Promethean Flame, but there’s an ulterior motive to his handing over the classified section to Emma, the one with Hook’s super elegant handwriting circling a home that’s going to be theirs. This motive has nothing to do with potentially defeating the darkness once and for all, and everything to do with helping his mom along on this next step in her relationship. Because no matter how she finds out – from him or Hook – she is most definitely going to freak out.

Hook suspects she might freak out a bit, but he’s hopeful she won’t because he’s super in love with her and super distracted with the Dark One thing. He’s not thinking too clearly, because Henry also saw him fiddling with a ring, and that would really scare his mom, and Hook has to know that. Right?

Henry’s pretty sure that Hook is his mom’s True Love, but Henry is still (and will always be) her first True Love, so he feels he has a little more insight into her. Insight such as knowing that his mom is definitely ready to move in with him, but needs to be totally eased into the idea by someone not Hook. Because though she really likes the pirate and his sweeping declarations, they also scare her a bit, because that means he really cares and she wants him to really care.

And nothing scares Emma more than wanting something.

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