not a very good friend

Burnet: “Guzma, I’ve always considered us to be very good friends—great friends. Remember your concussion?”

Guzma: “I do. But you married my worst enemy.”

Burnet: “I know—”

Kukui: “Well, I think enemy’s a strong word. ‘Cause I think we have a really charming back and forth—”

Guzma: “Enough.”

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to the anon asking about aros who might want a relationship. i dunno if this helps but here: I'm pretty sure I'm aromantic, but I've had a hard time figuring that out because I really love romance. I adore musical comedies and really want that someday with someone. I've never been romantically attracted to anyone in particular, but if a very good friend asked me out, I'd probably go for it because it sounds like a lot of fun

here is a good example!! this wonderful person!

So here’s the deal. Yesterday afternoon I was kicked out of the house by my mum, and I now have no computer. I’m fine. I don’t want anyone to worry. A very good friend of mine took me in, and I’m currently working on getting a stable job, new computer, and living arrangements. However, until the time I’m able to get a new computer, my activity will probably be incredibly sparse. Just wanted you guys to know that I am safe and I love you all very dearly. I’ll be back. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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I’m a sucker for the rivals to lovers trope u know, this just quenches my thirst

in the last few episodes (this is mostly me crying over julian here) Julian was so cute ??? So happy to be a part of a team and trying his best!!!! He may be a bit of an ass but he’s trying so hard to make friends he just isn’t very good with social skills and I can’t believe we missed a whole fuckin year of Julian and Barry bickering before he became this excited puppy ready to tag along on adventures, I’m so bitter

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Also the whole point of Voltron is that everyone kind of needs to get along and be bonded together in a sense. And the fact that Shiro hasn't seemed to make much of an effort in attaining an actual friendship and bond (that we've seen, although even off the stage I very obviously don't think it's happened or it would have been shown) with Lance and Hunk somewhat bothers me. I wish Shiro's favoritism had shown actual consequences in the show (by which I mean formation of Voltron or something 1/2

As large as that) so that Shiro could realize that he wasn’t being a very good friend and, by extension for me at least, leader of Voltron. Plus, the vibe I got from the show was that Voltron was all about trust and having a common goal (and mindset by way of saving people, hunting things, the paladin business; i just made a reference oh lord). In conclusion, I want Shiro to apologize. 2/2

I hope Shiro’s favoritism does end up having an effect on the team. It just might with him being gone now. Hell yeah, I want Shiro to get his shit together

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I had a bit of a thing with a guy a few months ago. We were very good friends and we cuddled a lot, went on a date, and made out a bit. He was the unfortunate victim of my "I knew I was ace, but it turns out I'm REALLY ace" panic. (1/2)

And I broke it off with him. We are still very close friends, but the most physical contact I get from him now is like bro hugs (with the back pat and everything). (Oops I lied, there’s 3 parts lol. 2/3) 
The thing is I still experience very strong sensual attraction to him. Just like his smell, and cuddling him and stuff, but i can’t get that anymore and it sucks. (3/3) 

I had a very similar experience with a male friend also, though we never dated, and he broke the friendship off. Personally, I don’t see any reason why friends can’t cuddle & be intimate (though kissing for me is out of the subject), but I can understand if the situation you’re in leaves cuddling kind of awkward.

You seem like you want to keep each other in your lives, so I would definitely open communication about this. You could also possibly try dating again if he is willing to respect your boundaries as an ace. 


“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special

Show off
  • Yuri: I'm going to showcase our love in front of millions of people, in your own homeland, so they can all know you're mine
  • Victor: *shudders*Y-yuri!
  • Yurio: fucking showoffs
  • Yakov: if you think they're such 'show offs why're filming them on your phone?
  • Yurio: that's cause I need more Instagram followers, they're a fucking gold mine, that Thailand dude isn't going to be only one getting something out of these fucktards
  • Emil: man that's cold
  • Taako: you must be at least a level 4 friend to unlock my backstory
  • Kravitz: hey
  • Taako: okay, so you're getting bonus xp just because i kinda like you

Everyone says Sun was being stalkerish and a jerk probably hasn’t been in a situation where they can’t accept no for an answer, especially regarding a friend.

It would be one thing if he asked her out, she ran off, he followed her just to ask her out on another date. Given he was surprised by her look, He wasn’t just hiding all corners of the shadows, he probably legit had been trying to find her for a few months to actually catch up to her. Also, remember that these are characters TALKING, there are multiple ways of saying one thing, or something that close enough, and not every character is exact or “by the book straight to the literal definition” when they are speaking. It’s one of the things that create good dialogue.

Anyways back to the point. If I was in Sun’s position, I wouldn’t take “No, I want to be left alone.” For an answer either. The reason being is because he followed her not out of wanting her affection, but because she could easily get herself killed. Blake has shown before that she will disregard her own safety for the sake of her friends, to the point you sometimes wonder if she is trying to get herself killed.

If your friend or someone you care about suddenly runs away and is in a potentially life or death situation, would you really take “No” for an answer?

Back before my boyfriend and I were dating, he refused to take “No.” for an answer when I would randomly vanish from the group without saying anything, when he knew something was wrong, when he knew I wasn’t okay. I’ve also had another friend who refused to take no for an answer when I was self harming and needed help. She forcibly dragged me (physically, and literally before just carrying me there) to the counselor– which ended up being the first few steps I needed to stop because I was beyond the point of being able stop on my own.

Even though Sun was initially wrong about Blake’s intentions (and given if Yang wasn’t so severely injured, and wasn’t terrified of Adam she probably would have went on a revenge spree on her own) he was right when he knew that something wasn’t right when Blake left. In either situation, running from the White Fang or fighting them head on, she can’t do it alone.

Blake has to learn to accept help and companionship, that she won’t be able to protect everyone on her own, that she won’t be able to protect herself on her own.