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I’m really intrigued about whats going on with Mark Sheppard and spn. You know at first I was like, I’m not gonna take notice of what he says because he could easily just be trying to make us believe he’s not coming back so it will be even better when he does. But looking at the stuff he’s saying, he seems really bitter and angry.
“Suprise suprise, it was cut.” - talking about his line.
He also said he wasn’t appearing at any CREATION conventions. 🤔 I really hope he’s able to tell his story. I can tell it’ll be good.

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I hate to be completely uneducated but what is the vid dan is talking about and why is everyone freaking out?

Well you know how Dan suddenly tweeted he was in the bahamas? People started freaking out because it was strange for him to go there by himself for such a small time period. He himself made it seem strange and didn’t specify why he was there. Theories popped up and there was one that he didn’t actually go to the bahamas at all. BUT yesterday, Dan tweeted saying he’s going to clear up the whole bahamas controversy in a video so naturally, we’re all pretty curious to know what he’s on about.

I didn't, but I wish I had.
  • Case worker: Mom is very worried about how she is spending her days and not comfortable with her going to work with you. Can you tell me, broadly, what you do?
  • Me: I'm an astrophysicist. I mostly study the big bang and the formation of the Milky Way. Basic science stuff. And my husband is an archaeologist, so Katniss has been helping him organize dinosaur fossils.
  • Case worker: Did you ever get her school books?
  • Me: Nope, but when I was her age I was definitely in a sex ed class, so she's doing a report for me on the female reproductive system. When that's done she's going to make up an educational poster about different kinds of birth control and whether they protect from specific STDs. Katniss is very into calligraphy and art so this should be a great project for her.
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Please, delete any messages left by the troll. Don’t acknowledge they’re existance and keep doing what makes you happy, okay? This fandom has seen a lot of unpleasent drama and this guy won’t be able to divide it either. Just ignore this troll’s existence and take care.

So, this chapter was inspired in its entirety by tisbubb’s “A Little Change.” The characters belong to tisbubb (roughly interpreted), but this word vomit is mine.  This story is an alternative ending to the well known nostalgic sleep over between Branch and Poppy. This idea was eating away at me for weeks so I had to write it down-just to get it out of my brain.  I’ve never written a fan fiction before,and I probably never will again.  I am pretty anxious about it. I have no purposeful intention of pissing off anyone who loves “A Little Change” as much as I do.  Maybe it will help hold you off for the much anticipated Chapter 18. I hope you enjoy, but if you don't—just ignore this post.

                    (Takes place after Chapter 15 of tisbubb’s “A Little Change”)

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