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Vox Machina: Death Count

How many time will they die?

Grog: 2 (K’Varn fight, soul sucked out by Craven Edge)

Vex: 2 (Deathwalker’s Ward trap, Raishan fight)

Percy: 2 (Ripley x2, one immediately reversed by Pike’s necklace)

Pike: 1 (Glabrezu, pre-stream)

Scanlan: 1 (Raishan fight)

Tiberius: 1 (Vorugal, permanent, off-stream)

Vax: 0 (How in the hell, lucky bastard)

Keyleth: 0 (Let’s keep it that way)

x-i-l-verify  asked:

Hello there! I just wanted to say that I love your Critical Role art, especially your designs for all the characters. :D I couldn't help but notice, however, that we've never seen your take on Tiberius. If you ever feel like drawing him, I'd love to see how he looks in your style. :)

aw thank you so much!! that means alot to me, and ive had a couple tibs sketches kicking around ive been too lazy to clean up lmao but hereS ONE FOR YA

Love Bites!

Hey, you know what was cute? 

That time in the Shopping and Shipping episode when Tiberius was really excited to talk to Gilmore

Or that time when he was so happy that Kashaw said his name right

Or when he had his intelligence dropped to one and he was still so happy to see his friends (and Scanlan was happy to have Tibs back to normal)

Or how he went out of his way to get a sweet little pet, and how he was always sure to feed Lockheed and teach them tricks

Or how he called Keyleth princess and they were both so sweet and awkward together

Guys, I really miss Tiberius

kelasparmak  asked:

lately i've been thinking a lot about an au where julius escapes & joins vox machina instead of percy. it's a fic i'm never going to write, but it made me wonder if in that au tiberius would live. because, well, stubborn bookish glasses-wearing nerd with questionable social skills and what seem to be v similar issues to percy's re fathers - i think julius would latch on and refuse to let him just leave. idk if this is a thought you will appreciate at all but i'm sad about it and wanted to share.

what the fuck, man. why would you. why would you do that. to me and also to Julius de Rolo. Because it’s not just Tibs, you realize, reminding him of Percy. There are small ones, albeit gnomes rather than younger siblings, and there are twins (though I do headcanon Vex most similar to Vesper), and there’s almost the right number of people, even - and the differences don’t matter, not one whit, except to make the absences hurt worse. We don’t know much about Julius de Rolo aside from his favorite brothel, but we can safely assume he’d spent his whole life corralling half a dozen younger siblings, and meant to keep it up: keeping them in line and keeping them safe, in equal measure. His family and his city -  his city, the heir, future Lord de Rolo of Whitestone - and he completely failed. His baby sister got him out, for fuck’s sake, and then he left her to die in the snow, has never even gone back. What the fuck kind of eldest brother does that? Though also: I like to imagine him as a paladin of Pelor, and I wonder if, in these circumstances, he’d take mostly levels in Fighter instead. Because also: what the fuck sort of god abandons his charges like that? What are either of them worth. Yesss, give me bitter, brokenhearted Julius who doesn’t think he’s worth anything as a leader but steps into the role whenever he isn’t thinking about it because he was raised for this, and who looks after the rest of Vox Machina fiercely because they’re all a substitute, a second chance, for/at the family and people he abandoned.