not a stolen pic lol

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Those pics aren't stolen LOL it's a leak! How stupid are you????

Hi there!

First of all, the attitude can go. If you want to have a serious discussion (or just fun cause that’s at least my main reason for being here) I’m more than willing, no matter what your beliefs are.

Secondly, I think it’s a hack but I’m totally fine with you thinking I’m stupid because of it. I will say though, no matter if it is a hack or a leak, those a clearly private pictures and I’m not comfortable posting or seeing it.

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Did you know the reason FYZ is suddenly uploading pics of Louis is because they get paid for every click on their gallery now? So when people credit them for edits, they are essentially giving them money when there are plenty of others that upload HQ pics that aren't nasty Louis haters. :(

Really?! SO THAT’S WHY THEY’VE BEEN UPLOADING STOLEN!! LOUIS PICS.. Lol they’re so nasty I hope their site gets deleted again 😂😂