not a stalker omg

Sun prioritizing Blake's physical and mental well-being over her personal wishes is not abusive, it's called being a responsible friend.

All you people saying “Sun isn’t being respectful to Blake’s wishes omg he’s an abusive stalker!!1!1” need to pull your head out of your ship’s ass for about five seconds and look at this realistically. 

Blake is falling/has fallen back into the stubbornness we saw in V2 that caused her to become an anxiety ridden, obsessive mess. It’s canon fact that Blake’s stubbornness can cause her to completely disregard her personal safety which could easily lead her to getting hurt or even killed. Sun isn’t “stalking” Blake because he wants her to fall in love with him or because he wants to have fun with her, he’s following her to make sure she is safe and not putting herself into a dangerous situation. The entire reason why Blake ran away was to protect the people she cared about from Adam and the WF. So naturally when she sees Sun, someone who she clearly cares about, she’s going to be upset because she feels that now he is directly in the line of fire. She doesn’t want Sun, Ruby, Weiss, or any of her other friends to get hurt like her partner did. Blake feels directly responsible for what happened to Yang hence why she feels the need to go about this alone so that her loved ones will remain safe despite the fact that it’s at the cost of her physical and emotional safety. The moment a person’s well-being becomes questionable their personal wishes no longer take priority, their physical and mental safety does. If Yang had been the one to follow Blake around to make sure she didn’t do anything irrational y’all would be overjoyed about how “caring” Yang was and would use it as another reason why your ship should become canon.

So seriously, fuck anybody who is trying to villainize Sun’s actions in this episode. Because it’s obvious to everyone that you don’t give a shit about Blake as an individual character and you only care about your god damn ship becoming canon.

Sun: *Realizes that a member of the WF working for Adam (the guy who’s sworn to hunt Blake down and destroy everything she loves) could have followed them to Menagerie

Sun: *Tries to find Blake to warn her

Sun: *Realizes she’s talking to her dad and tries to listen in, probably to see if it’s okay to interrupt or not

Sun: *Accidentally falls through the door

Sun: *Tries to explain that he had a very valid reason to need to talk to Blake while being slapped

FNDM: “OMG, look at this DISGUSTING STALKER who definitely wasn’t just worried about his friend who is being hunted by a dangerous terrorist!” 


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Could you do me a Chris imagine?Where the girl doesnt want to admit she is falling for Chris and idk some smut and some jelaous Chris in the writing.

–> You dont know how many Chris’s smut requests i have XD

Instagram messages:

Chris: Hey
Y/n: Hey
Chris: Omg youre alive. I almost missed you my little stalker.
Chris: Im kidding lol
Chris: I swear
Y/n: What do you want Schistad ?
Chris: Hmm i like it when you call me by my last name
Chris: Are you coming tonight ?
Chris: At Williams ?
Y/n: Whats the matter with you and tripple texting exactly ?
Chris: Is that a yes ?
Chris: No one say no to Master Chris
Y/n: Master of what ?
Y/n: Of fuck and flop ?
Chris: Whats the matter with you and double texting exactly ?
Chris: You silly girl. You sure coming.
Y/n: Surprise
Chris: I cant wait baby girl ;)

End of messages.

God why am i even (do you guys when you read even you think of Even you know the god himself because i do and i almost cried while reading during my english class last monday) here.

Noora was stooding next to me, her eyes searching for something in the crowd. I looked at her smiling.

“Is that a something you are looking for or a someone ?”

Her eyes was now on me, surprised i noticed that she was searching for something.

“I… i have to talk to William”

I furrowed my eyebrows and smirked

“William ? William Magnusson ? Why ?”

“Some things just have to be say right ?”

She looked behind me so i turned around and saw William with two others penetrators.

I looked at her. She was bitting her lips.

“Go ahead”
Her gaze was on me with a worry look.


“But nothing! Im a grown up person i can watch myself alone, go talk to him”
She smiled at me and hugged me. I returned her the smile and watched her leave.


Not THAT grown up actually. I got a little bit anxious so i decided to move and get out of the crowd.

I put my head back on a wall when i heard giggling from girls.
I put my head to the side to see Chris flirting with two girls. He was kissing them silmutanously. He was surely gonna get some tonight.

I think i watched a little too much cuz i didnt notice that while the girls were kissing Chris was looking at me pointing four fingers at me with raised eyebrows.

I bite my lips at him and put two fingers in my mouth i licked them and when i took them out of my mouth, i show him my middle finger (Effy style. Queen).

I rolled my eyes and left. I was now outside on a balcony. Surprisely there wasnt a lot of people here. Only me and a couple.


I turned around to see Aleksander standing by the door. Alek was a good friend of mine. He has always been there for me and god hes the sweetest person i have ever met.

“Hey” i smiled at him.

He walked over me and placed himself close next to me.

“Enjoying the view”

“Nah more like avoiding the party”

“Youve never been a party person right ?”

“Am i even a person ?”

I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and watch him giggled.

After a few minutes of silence Alek spoke up.
“Y/n listen” i was now facing him. Him holding my hand. I was kinda surprise by his move.

“I know its not the perfect moment but since i met you i didnt found the perfect moment. But now i know i know i didnt need to find a perfect place cuz i already had something perfect.”

He moved closer and kissed my lips gently.

I pulled him back. Why ? I dont know. It just didnt feel right.

“God. Im sorry y/n”

He let go of my hand and pushed himself away from me.

“No Alek its not you. Its just… i feel… i feel nothing for you. I mean i like you! You are really sweet to me and i would never thabk you enough for that. But you kn…”

“No please just forget it okay ?” He cut me off and left me on the balcony.

I watched him leave. And there was Chris standing by the door watching Alek leave the balcony as well.

I looked at him with mad eyes.

“Funny huh ?”

“Nah i would say awkward” he giggled at his own reflexion.

“Fuck you Schistad”

I turned my back to him and put my head in my hands.

“Who was he ?”

“Alek… a… friend”

“A friend ? Wow friendship kinda changed right ?”

I turned around and yell a little.

“You know what ? Go and fuck yourself Chris ! Im so fucking done with your fuckboy cliché ! You are such an asshole so just fucking walk away from my life. What happened is your fault !”

I let my mouth opened still confused of what was my last words.

“Forget it.”

He walked over. Not with an amused look on his face but with a worried one.

“My fault ?”

“I said forget it”

He was now a few inches away from my face. I was looking down at my feet so i didnt have to look up at him.

“Just tell me why ?”

“Because you are an asshole”

“Okay i admit it im an asshole, a jerk, a fuckboy, a complete waste of place. But im surely not the one who fucked things up between you and that Alek boy”

I looked up at him with teary eyes.

“Omg i know you are all that but i didnt know you were also blind and stupid af”

“Just fucking explain yourself then” he said that a little bit louder.

“I love you Chris.”

He stood still and so did i. We were looking into eachother eyes. My eyes becoming blurry because of my tears.

“Clear now ?”


“No fuck you”

With that i pushed myself away from him and made my way upstairs. I walked into a room and closed the door behind me.

I walked in the room a little thinking of what happened when i saw the door slowly opening.

Chris was there too. Before looking at my feet again i noticed that his eyes were red and so his cheeks.

He walked over me slowly. He was now close to me like when we were on the balcony.

He took my head in his hands and raise my head up so i was now facing him.

“Dont mess arount with me you jerk” i whispered while looking at him.

He was looking at my lips.

He smiled at that and softly pressed his lips on mine.

It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. I returned the kiss slowly wrapping my hands around his neck.

He placed his hands on my tighs so he was now holding me up.

The kiss started to be more aggressive and more passionate. I didnt want to break the kiss.

I was craving him.

He put me on the bed still kissing me. He broke the kiss to took off my shirt. I took off his as well so his chest was now revealed to me. He kissed me again with passion.
I was feeling his hands caressing my sides and my hips holding me tightly. He left my lips to meet my neck.

He left wet kissed and started to suck.
I let out a soft moan so he knew he was doing good. He smiled.

I put my hand down unbuntonning his pants and trailing them down.

We were now only in our underwear.

He took out a condom from his pocket before his pants met the floor. He put it on and before doing anything.

He stared right into my eyes.

“You sure ?”

I smiled at him and kissed him. He demanded for entrance so i let him in. Our tongue were moving in sync.

Thats when he first penetrates. I broke the kiss and let out a loud moan.

We kissed again without breaking it. We were breathing loudly our body moving together sutck to eachothers.

More he thrusted more he was going deeper and faster.

He was feeling so fucking good.

I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear.


We both came at the same time.

He pulled out and laid next to me.

My eyes were closed and i was still breathing fast.

He laid on his side to face me.


I did the same and faced him.

“I love you”

I smiled at him and put my hand gently on his cheeks.

We both laugh.
God his laugh was going to be the death of me.


[Text from IV] How are you?

[Text from IV] Sorry, that sounded too formal, I just wanted to know how you were, we haven’t spoken in a while. 

[Text from IV] Sorry I am being vague, do you want to have dinner some time?

[Text from IV] You can say no, it’s not in the terms and conditions of your post. 

[Text from IV] But I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt your prospects for promotion. 

[Text from IV] I wasn’t being serious there by the way. 

[Text from IV] Sorry for sending so many texts. 

[Text from IV] I’m drunk. 

[Text from IV] I miss you. I miss how you taste.

[Text from IV] Sorry that was inappropriate.

[Text from IV] Have dinner with me.