not a spoiler but i liked this shot lol

Karamel Fanfic #33

WARNING! Milld spoilers from Supergirl 2x17

Title: these violent delights have violent ends

Prompt: Kara and Alex watch over as Mon-El finishes Romeo & Juliet.

Word Count: 1574

Also posted on AO3

Notes: SURPRISEEEEE!!!! Guess who’s written a Karamel fanfiction at literally the middle of the night. But in my defense, I so was not planning to write any one-shots, so I started writing this after a split second decision and I just finished it at like 3:30, so if there’re any mistakes, I apologize dearly, it’s probably because of my sleepiness lol. But once my beautiful Karamel fam put this idea in my mind, I just couldn’t get rid of it and I HAD TO write it. Sooooo I wrote it.

Anyway, this was inspired by this post by @myfangirlinghq, who had a freaking amazing idea (you’re awe-and-some sweetie :D). I also wanna thank @thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain for tagging me and @contygold86 who gave me an idea and motivated me to write this at 2 a.m. in the morning, and also @stygian-omada-fan who was so excited for it and wanted to be tagged :) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!

Kara couldn’t take her eyes off of Mon-El. She didn’t know for how long she’d been watching him from her spot at the DEO. It was probably longer than what would be considered normal, even getting to the point of stalking, yet she couldn’t help herself. He looked just so cute reading the last few pages of Romeo and Juliet.

Even after their conversation from the previous day, and Kara reminding Mon-El a second time that neither Romeo nor Juliet survived at the end, she knew he still held hope for the both of them. He didn’t want to believe, in his exact words, that “a love like that could end in such tragedy.” Apparently now he’d come to the part that said love ended in, well, tragedy.

Honestly, what did he expect? The play was in its name a tragedy.

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Spoiler theories

TBH I called Grundy and Jason from like the last minute of the supernatural lol. But I think Grundy was dating Jason and when he wanted to leave he went to say his last goodbye to Grundy and she did a whole “if I can’t have you then no one can” type of thing and shot him.


Some of my favourite shots of the 4th class trial mainly of my favourite characters (ouma, saihara and kiibo)
Ouma looks possessed and I love it, plus he’s got some of the best sprites in this game \^_^/

Damnnnn such good things about that opening scene omggg

THAT MUSIC and Killian Jones being sad when he thinks no one is looking

This poor smol omgggg and he’s fucking being sad 

while drinking what I’m presuming is vaguely fancy rum

This shot lol. Archie is like WHOA RUM 

And this shot lol These two together is SO great.

And fucking COLIN and his DELIVERY. Like the slower words and the heavier breathing is like SO ON POINT OMG and he SAYS HE”S BROKEN I CANNOT EVEN DEAL





  • SO
Karamel Fanfic #34

WARNING! Milld spoilers up to Supergirl 2x17

Title: Earth Birthday

Prompt: It’s Mon-El’s Earth birthday, and Kara has a surprise party planned for him.

Word Count: 3343

Also posted on AO3

Notes: Yup, I just wrote another unplanned Karamel one-shot in the middle of all my exams and homeworks. But what can I say? I literally can’t stop thinking about these two lol :) In any case, I really, really needed to write a fluffy fanfic after writing angst for a week. This was a real good break from that before I go back to it tomorrow.

I hope you like this!

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screamsdisney  asked:

what are some of your kingsman ships? ps ily

I dont have any shippy art at the moment :’)) but aha Hartwin  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hahahaha my brotps are Roxy and Eggsy aandd the knights of the round table lol ( like squad goals galahad, merlin, percival, etc XD)

oh wait i almost forgot

^^^^^ The update HAHAHAHAHA //shOT

anonymous asked:

hi i was wondering if you could rec me some haikyuu fics, but not the really popular ones because ive read most of them already. like 'hidden gems' or something. ive really liked what you recommended in the past so i was wondering if you had some more :D

TUUUH idk which pairing but…if you look through my fic recs tag the most i’ve rec’ed is ushioi and iwaoi. I don’t really read much outside from those pairings LOL but for ones not yet included there I’d say….


  • Bloodied, but Unbowed - Royal AU (they’re both princes), hasn’t been updated for a long time but I’m really hoping it’s not dropped bc I really love it ;___;
  • I Followed Fires - Exiled prince Tooru and ranger Iwaizumi. I WON’T SAY ANY MORE BUT IT’S FRIGGIN GOOD
  • Lanterns Lit - Oikw is a sorcerer who got amnesia and iwa/mattsun/makki are dragon tamers (i think.) IT’S REALLY CUTE
  • Saunter’s omegaverse series!! - I’M REALLY HYPED FOR THIS SERIES you dont even know. If you want you can look through saunter’s tumblr to see drabbles in the OV tag so you can feel my hype. There are spoilers there though!
  • If You Water It, It Will Grow - so adorable!! an AU where people can grow from plants! HOW COOL RIGHT well I don’t wanna give spoilers so you’re gonna have to read it yourself ;^)
  • the other side - FHQ AU that made me really cry
  • Glow of Love - Oikawa is a witch, Iwaizumi is a forest nymph. VERYYY CUTE please give it a shot! It’s one of the most creative concepts I’ve read :’^)
  • Deus ex machina - fencing AU!!
  • i hope you like the stars i stole for you - mega angsty……..i hate and love this fic  i was crying like a baby
  • Food for the Heart - SO ANGSTY AS WELL
  • of odd numbers and intimate regrets - angsty too
  • The Boy Who Waited - i only remember bits and pieces but…theyre the spoiler ones so i won’t say LOL this also made me cry






Some polyships:

  • The Agreement (ushioiiwa) MY FAVE USHIOIIWA!! good smut
  • h(a)unting (bokuakakuro) so nice!! Bokuto and Akaashi are ghost hunters. there’s art too. anyway this is a really cool fic

That’s it for now since I don’t really know what ship you’re looking for. My bookmarks for iwaoi fics is assorted by smut angst and fluff bc there’s so many but…if anyone asks for it im just gonna take a screenshot LOL also i have a lot of unread fics T___^ SERIOUSLY i have like 50+ tabs open of unread fics every night but i keep opening new ones (because i go in the hq tag in ao3 every night) and that’s not including the ones i bookmarked that are unread as well.

thebeeskneecap  asked:

How close were you to crying at the end?? I teared up and I'm usually heartless when it comes to movies lol (also 'it's beautiful... like you... on the inside')

Didn’t cry because I thought my friends were going to judge a little. Also, it was hard to cry because, even though dramatic moments were touchy, the humor was? just? so fine? I was laughing so hard throughout most of the scenes?

But. Parts that almost made me cry:

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anonymous asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Thanks for the message anon! So, in no particular order, my five favorite fics that I’ve written are:

The Art of Control - My first, well technically second, multi-chapter Richonne story. It’s honestly turning out better than I originally expected or thought, lol.

Last Day on Earth- I think this was on of my first Richonne one shots. It was right after the season six finale. I actually wrote it on my phone while I was work (shhhh) but the idea just hit me while I was supervising a bunch of twenty something boys… I think because I wanted to Lucille them.

Still - This was based on the Richonne spoilers that came out about 7x12 some time ago. I like it because it was my first attempt at writing Michonne and Rick in action - slicing their way through a small group of walkers, and because of the story I had Rick tell Michonne about going to a fair. For some reason, thinking about an adolescent Rick being punched in the face by a girl makes me giggle.

Prompt #38: Things You Said While Holding My Hand -  *le sigh* I want a Richonne wedding in the show. I just want to see Michonne is a flowy, white dress and Rick confessing his love for her in front of all of their friends.

Drive- This was my FIRST one shot. This is the one that started all of the other ones. I was a closet Richonner because literally no one else I knew at the time watching the show was into it and I wasn’t active on tumblr. I saw 6x10 and the flood gates were opened! I just love some Carchonne, I love Grimes 2.0, and I love that country ass song Let Me Down Easy.


Prompt #27: I’m Pregnant

Things You Said series

I’m gonna tag @raeovsun@glowysweetfab@lovedmoviesb@rubducked@herewaskendra

So like, Missy is definitely behind that locked high security door. No doubts about it lol

And I assume it’s Missy and not Simm because those promo shots pretty much scream “Hi I’m Missy and I’ve been locked up in here for way too long”

Also someone mentioned it looked like she was laying on top of a piano in them? If so that settles it lol

Can I just say that I love Emma Cullen?

Like her husband was killed in cold blood along with other people, and she made damn well sure their killer wouldn’t get away with it

I mean she even straight up said she was the only one with the balls to do it

AND (spoiler) she got her revenge on her husband’s killer and shot up a lot of bad guys in the process I mean what more could u want?

anonymous asked:

Yeah, Sloane got shot because I had no idea what was going on and I just sat there like ????? then I did my coin toss (Sloane won) and reloaded the game. And I mean... I did get those scenes with Reyes, but I still feel like I got little to no information out of them, definitely not enough to decide who should be in charge. Maybe I'm just dumb? lol

No you’re not. We can see the difference in leadership styles (Sloane’s methods are very much in your face, Reyes less so) but I agree with you, doesn’t mean we know enough about them to make such a big decision.

But to be clear: nobody asks us to pick one of them as leader. What happens is that we either protect Sloane from the sniper or we don’t. But saving her… It doesn’t mean we want her as leader of Kadara, it’s just the consequence. 

(and if you ask me, the Angara should retake the port!)


Episode 3x5: Death and Hysteria