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Controversy 101

I read the Snape tag some evenings, and instead of basking in an insightful discussion about my favourite character, I often come away from it genuinely worrying about the intensity of hatred that some (not all) posters have for a fictional character.

I appreciate that not every character can be universally adored, and I understand that Snape is Marmite (for the record, Marmite is awful) - and amongst those who hate him are those who love to hate him (which is slightly different).  

…but I do think there’s a real difference between thoughtful critique, genuine questions, and thought provoking conversations versus the type of baiting, vitriol and virulent spreading of antagonistic misconceptions that the tag is mired in.

Of course, it is each to their own – if you’re having fun, well, have at it, I suppose.  …but personally, I can’t help but feel that it seems a little miserable, petty and self-defeating - and I would argue that those are some of Snape’s worst traits.

Which makes me wonder - have we come full-circle?  There’s a rather beautiful irony in the idea that the really passionate Snape haters have somehow embodied the most negative aspects of his personality.  

Because, y’know, that is really quite funny.

In all seriousness, why not do something awesome with your free time?  Why rally against a fictional character when you could be embracing the series and celebrating those that you love?  Why not write an insightful piece about your favourites, or the characters you find most interesting?  Why not draw or paint something you love?  Why not write a story, or do a craft?

Life really is far too short to be so incredibly angry.  Don’t waste time on what you hate; do what you love instead.  And in a world filled with hate…why not be kind?  :)

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Question for the mods: What (in your opinion) are the top 5 most controversial opinions/topics brought up on this blog since the blog started. It's interesting to think about what generates the most buzz. Love to know your thoughts. :)

Top 4 are Snape. lol

Snape loved/was obsessed with Lily.
Snape deserved/didn’t deserve Lily (as a lover or friend)
Snape was/wasn’t bullied by the marauders
Snape was/wasn’t justified in his behavior as an adult
five is probably Dumbledore; Awesome or Manipulative Maniac? 

runners up:  Black Hermione/Poc anyone, We need diversity confessions and i feel like theres another but im really missing it right now 

Person: You’re way too emotionally invested in fictional worlds. 


@grrhatlet just fyi I was on the phone with a friend and ASKED her to send me this.
I would never do this to an innocent anon.
I was in a mind set for a particular thread I’ve been working on where snape and lily have a falling out, I wanted to roll with that.

Also. With all do respect you are NOT the author of the books. You have no clue how lily would treat snape after he calls her a racial slur to her face in canon. Obviously, they never spoke again, but we don'tknow if snape ever tried to mend the friendship.

I’m of the mind set that everyone has a limit, no matter how kind they are, that if you are cruel enough to them they will stick up for themselves…..sometimes they'recruel when they do so.

I’m sorry if you took offense, but to be frank stay off my blog if you aren’t okay with me being creative and using it how I want to. Feel free to block me if this singular reply bothered you that much.

Edit: also I have no idea what you.mean by “tag properly” i usually tag any charcter mentioned. Or at least try to. Sorry if that’s an issue for you but as I said before just block me and you’ll be fine!


So I went to check (read: stalk) the queen’s tweets and I came across this one.

And I finally get it why Harry named his son after Dumbledore and Snape (especially Snape). As someone who is as noble as Harry. It was his way to honour him and also an act of way of asking forgiveness to those who died at the Battle of Hogwarts. I don’t think it’s okay to named someone after a bully, but I understand Harry’s motives.

As for why Ginny does not say a thing about it. This is my opinion. I think because, as someone who understand Harry as much as Ginny, she would also understand why he named his son after Snape. And she lets it because she also hoped by naming his son after him, Harry also be able not get haunted by those deaths. And I think that’s why she lets Harry do it.

No, Snape IS NOT A HERO. But, he was brave I gave you that. He also a bully, vindictive and bitter.

In the end, my conclusion is. As what The Queen’s has said, Snape was grey. He’s not wholly evil nor he was wholly a saint.

And this does not mean you have every right to defend his actions. His actions towards Harry, Neville, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and every other kids that he used to bully when he was teaching. No! Nor worship the ground that he walks and said that he was a hero. Cause he was not

I’m not Snape-apologist or Snape-lover. And this is not Snape appreciation post. I still dislike him, a lot. If I met him, I would definitely kick him. I still think he’s an arsehole. So…….

Sometimes when I get bored and I start to imagine funny scenes about Severus Snape and Charity Burbage

I mean, if she called him ‘friend’ even after Dumbledore’s death, then there was something between them.

And I really like the idea. Maybe Charity being so cute and funny, trying to make Severus less stressed than he is. And Severus enjoying her company even if he don’t say it.

I love them. They’re my cutties.

A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend.
—  Unknown

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Hi! I'm part of the Drarry community but I follow and love you :) I hope I never accidentally ostracize any Snape lover because he's pretty legit.

Hello! Thanks so much! I don’t know who you are, but I love you too :) feel free to DM me anytime!

The thing about marauders fanfiction is that J. K. Rowling kind of wrote us all into a hole with the whole “Pettigrew’s evil, but they all won’t find out about it for another decade, so all your prequel fic has to have the marauders being best friends with him even though you the reader know he sucks!” thing, plus the whole secondary “you probably want to love James as a character and make him into a total bamf, but (awks) there’s substantiated evidence that he was a complete dick during all those years, and you really can’t ignore that” thing, so it’s like all we as fanfic writers have left to do is make Remus and Sirius gay lovers and ignore all the other characters to make their gay love plotline central, ugh, what a bummer