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#acowar countdown | april 30th → favourite scene from ACOTAR

“Where’s your guest?” Rhysand asked, lifting my goblet and sniffing it before setting it down again.
“I sent them off when I sensed your arrival,” Tamlin lied coolly.
Rhysand now faced the High Lord, and his perfect face was void of emotion before his brows rose. A flicker of excitement—perhaps even disbelief—flashed across his features, but he whipped his head to Lucien. Magic seared my nostrils, and I stared at Rhysand in undiluted terror as his face contorted with rage.
“You dare glamour me?” he growled, his violet eyes burning as they bore into my own.

Hey Friends! So I know I don’t post personal stuff onto this page, but I have been doing a lot of thinking, and feel like it’s time for me to post something like this. This community is a place where I feel surrounded by so much support and love from everyone. With all the encouragement I see on this platform, whether it be from Thomas or others in the community, I feel like this is a place where I feel comfortable. So, thank you so much to everyone for all the love and support here, and giving me the confidence to finally post something like this!  So here’s me, singing and playing a part of Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect.

ID #60492

Name: Candace
Age: 16
Country: Canada

hello friends! my name’s candace but many people call me candy. it crossed my mind for the first time a few minutes ago that i should find a penpal, not only because it’s incredibly cute but also because i’d love to find new friends! i really love the idea of getting snail mail from someone on the other side of the world! anyways, here’s some stuff about me:

one; i love music. my first instrument was the piano, and now i teach it to lil kids as a part-time job :) my main love is singing though, and the ukulele! i also love the guitar, but i’m terrible at it. i also listen to ALL genres–no kidding, my music library must have 10000+ songs. so if you love music and want super cool and obscure music recs OR you have a super cool and obscure music taste i’d love to get to know you !

two; i love books + movies. my favourite books are harry potter, to kill a mockingbird, flowers for algernon, the outsiders, and the kite runner (but i enjoy a variety of books). my favourite movie is it’s a wonderful life and pretty much anything with audrey hepburn!!! as you can probably tell i like the classics, but i also like new stuff, too! i try to be as unpretentious as possible i swear ;)

three; i’m nice and sweet and if i grow attached to you i will probably never let u go >:) nah but honestly i’m very caring and i love giving and receiving advice. even though i can be very cheerful and sweet, i often come off as a little shy and distant. i’ve had a pretty rough year mental health-wise but i’m definitely recovering! so if you have mental health issues or just want somebody to talk to when you’re sad i’m your girl.

four; like i said, i love reading. i also love writing, photography, my friends and family, spring, sleep, watching tv, and volunteering/doing stuff other than staying home or going to school (although i do this the most :P) right now i’m thinking of majoring in psych and eng @ uoft but i still have two years of high school before i have to figure it out! i don’t particularly like high school but i don’t particularly hate it either. but it’d be nice to know someone outside my little bubble.

other little things about me include my love for cheesecake; my desire to travel; my favourite stores (chapters or other small bookshops or record shops or coffee shops!); my favourite food other than cheesecake (pho and poutine); my favourite tv shows (friends, gilmore girls, merlin, brooklyn nine nine); my favourite places (london, amsterdam, wwohp, my room); and my favourite genres of music (jazz, indie rock, indie folk, alternative, jazz hip-hop).

this summer i will be going to vietnam for a month so if you’re from there PLS TALK TO ME my vietnamese is crap.

okay i think that’s all! thank you for reading this massive wall of text :)

p.s. how do you find will smith in the snow? you look for fresh prints

hehe hope you liked the joke if you didn’t please pretend you never saw that

Preferences: if you think we could be friends please talk to me ! i love talking to younger kids and also older kids and also old people in general. adults are kind of gross but if you’re cool then i’ll allow it :) jk adults are cool too. oh and if you’re around my age (15-19) thats nice too! *checks to see if i’ve covered all the age groups* oh ya any babes can contact me too ;) (…sorry)


Is there a song you’ve sung on stage that feels like it was written for your life?
Why, from Tick, Tick… Boom, pretty much defines a moment that I experienced.
Standing there and going I’m gonna do this. It doesn’t matter what else I think I should do, and it doesn’t matter if I fail.

“Who was Lucille?”

The question comes out of the mess of tangled limbs and blankets and hair to his right; Negan hesitates a moment, frozen, skin warm and aching, hoping that Carl—fucked out and tired—will fall asleep and forget the question entirely, but he doesn’t. Instead a moment later propping himself up on one elbow and staring at Negan with his single eye piercing and catching the moonlight and his mouth set tight at the corners like he knows Negan’s avoiding the subject. His body pale against the sheets like a spill of milk upon blood.

Negan sighs. He doesn’t know how he continues to forget that Carl when he wants to know something is like a wolf set upon raw meat. Trying to keep the conversation light he says, “How do you know I didn’t just name her after a movie character? You ever seen Cool Hand Luke, kid? Your dad doesn’t strike me as the kinda guy who would—”

“Negan.” Carl reaches out with one hand. Traces a path down the line running along the center of Negan’s ribs, down to his navel. Resting his hand over a mark he left not half an hour ago with his teeth and his fine red mouth.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me,” Carl says, after a few minutes of both of them laying there, breathing in tandem in the dark and the heat.

“No, I—” Negan breathes out. He was going to tell Carl. He was. Eventually. Someday. Currently the only people who know about her are either dead or scattered to god knows where else in whatever’s left of the country and it’s been seven years, seven fucking years and still he can barely think of her without wanting to—well, to bash some fucker’s skull in.

In his mind her face flashes briefly, the long dark hair and the film noir eyelashes—and her eyes nearly as blue as Carl’s—

“Lucille was—she was my wife,” he says, and Carl raises his eyebrow. The look on his face betraying surprise. Negan wonders what he thought he was going to say.

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Dear hateful, lesbophobic anons who have been trolling the accounts of my friends and blogs I admire today…just some thoughts for you….

Everytime you claim that people should not hc Vilde as a lesbian because she has had sex with men - Vilde will press repeat on a Hayley Kiyoko song and lean back onto her pillow with a sigh, closing her eyes and imaging Eva’s soft hair under her fingers, her even softer lips on her lips, imagine herself gripping Eva’s waist as she trails hot wet kiss down her neck, her collarbones, all the way down her stomach….

Everytime you use the words “dyke”, “pussy lickers” {yum!} or any such intended insults - Vilde enjoys a tub of Benny and Jerry’s as she watches “Carol”, her stomach full of butterflies everytime Cate Blanchett kisses Rooney Mara.

Everytime you say that we are pushing our ‘opinions’ onto you and your bigoted little sensibilities are offended - Vilde has her own “Dancer Chicks” slow-mo moment, peaking from behind the door as she watches them rehearse. Her knees turning to jelly and warmth filling her stomach as she watches them twirl. Smiling to herself and swallowing down little gasps as she thanks the heavens for whoever invented lycra.

AND…last but definitely not least…Once enough of you have claimed that you should have the “freedom to hate” women with women - Vilde gets just drunk enough at a party that when she hears Chris Schistad call someone a “dirty dyke” she marches up to him and backhand slaps him across the face. Crack! a lovely big red handmark across his cheek, visible even before his back hits the ground to a couple of cheers. Vilde turns around and walks out of the room not before she high fives Isak and shoots Chris the middle finger over her shoulder. She then grabs Eva by the wrist and they head to the bathroom for some heavy making out.

Thank you and Goodnight!

100 Followers Special!

Well, here we are. Over a year later and I finally have 100 followers. 100 people who follow a 16 year old Brit who doesn’t know what he’s doing with life. And for that, I thank you all. Now, I made a promise. And here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Dread Angel singing Lazy Town’s We Are Number One.

The occasional mumbling is because, well, I have INSANE stage fright and hate performing, so it was a little difficult to get over my fears and record this. But I’m happy I finally did it.


Now then, where do I start? 

Well, why not @thepizzalovingturtle? I feel bad for not talking to him so often as I used to, but he’s an amazing person, and someone I can call my best friends. I owe him a lot, so here’s to you, pal.

Next, @flameeliwoodart! Literally contacted me outta nowhere late last year, and has been an amazing friend in helping me improve my artwork! I would honestly say more, but I’m bad at writing long things that aren’t Chapters, but still, Flame here is a great person!

After that, there’s @seanscomics / Seanplayssplatoon. Sean is still a really good friend in my eyes, and I respect ‘em a lot. They’re a fun person to be around and manage to make me laugh in that madness of a Discord server. Good on ya, Sean.

Now, @glad-youre-evil has been such a nice person to me, and they even helped out with a bit of a personal issue recently. Their art is amazing and I’m so grateful that they’re so willing to talk to me and even draw my characters. “If I wasn’t the man I was I’d kiss ye.” -Demoman

@zharkfins HOO BOY WHAT DO I SAY ABOUT MEME FRIEND ZHARK. Well, they’re kind, friendly, and above all, just an amazing friend. They helped motivate me when I was feeling down and I’m really grateful for the times they’ve drawn Rem and Mysteeri. That one picture of Rem, Leena and Vali is still my lockscreen, by the way.

And speaking of Leena, there’s @patch444! Such a nice person! They manage to cheer me up a lot of the time, and honestly, Leena is such a great character of theirs. I’d bloody hug ye if I could, bro.

And then there’s @askvincent! Honestly, really funny and the stuff they’ve said about my work really gives me that bit of motivation to keep going, while also just being a great person overall!

Now, who else do we have…? Ah, of course, how could I forget @alpinesquid? One of my best friends, too, and another person who can make me feel happy no matter what. Art and characters are amazing, and they helped make one of the most adorable ships on this website, Celesteeri/ Celeste x Mysteeri. Really, an amazing person.

And what about @nickel-c? Crikey, such a funny girl. I remember numerous occasions where I was laughing ridiculously hard at our conversations! u would get an insta hug if i ever metcha in person. no joke.

Now, there’s @a-demo-of-a-hero and @son-of-joy. Two great peeps who have great style in their writing and artwork. Plus they’re both friccin dorks EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE jk i luv u plz dont be mad

@theanontrain are also people who have proven to be great. Mainly because they always go along with the JoJo references. Plus that parody of Stardust Crusaders with Mysteeri and Camille the other day was hilarious.

I can’t forget @theoctogellifamily / @id-buy-that-for-a–dollar, either! Paige and her family are still great in my eyes, and their art overall is just great! Plus I’m still grateful you let me use the kids in that story and that you liked it so much. You, too, get a hug of strong friendship.

@helpful-yellow-inkling is great, too! Providing some great interactions between Rem and Jesse that are so frickin sweet plus really boosting my confidence are some things I can’t help but like about ‘im. I need to repay you for that, haha!

Now, get ready for a barrage here. FRIENDSHIP RAINS FROM ABOVE

@boyjav01 @dragonspectrum @tehreign-tabbykatt @kitkattattack @luckymiltank @one-original-otaku and the rest of the SU, including @swissytheinkling are the greatest friends I’ve ever had. Giving me that kick up the ass several times and being there with me since the start. I dunno what I’d be without them, even after the numerous squabbles between us. Also Swissy gave me a healthy reality check when I first met ‘em, which I fuckin’ needed.

A newer friend, but there’s @ryan-sign-guy / @teamuntyblue, too! They’ve proven to be really funny, especially with the first interaction between Marine and Mysteeri, as well as helpin’ me out a bit with creating a new character who you’ll see soon. And hey, welcome to the madness.

I’m…pretty sure I’m not missing anyone else but @inklingleesquidly, the person I credit to being why I continued doing what I do now. Great person who I respect and even look up to that bit. They’ve given me ideas and I’m so happy I made the decision to speak to him in the first place. by the way pal no pressure or anything but i’d appreciate it if you answered the ask i sent you. But that’s besides the point. A truly great person, and I’m thankful for everything they’ve done for me, and it’s the same case for everyone else.

So…there we have it. I dunno what to say besides thank you to all of you. This is Dread, signing off.