not a shippy thing for me obviously

this is the first really obviously shippy thing i’ve ever posted i think which just proves how bloody ridiculous it is how much i’ve invested in these nerds in the space of like one week but anyway„


Z Nation meme | four relationships [¼]  —– Murphy and Warren

I’m counting on you.

The Cold Shoulder

Peridot and Lapis’s roommate arrangement has thus far been harmless and going well. Peridot certainly saw it that way.

After Lapis returns from a day hanging out with Steven, however, Peridot comes to the realization that among watching silly television shows, they’ve had yet to do one thing, one important thing: talking.

Words: 4116

Notes: Set not too far after “Alone at Sea” ended. This is… obviously long overdue (we in season 5, everyone!), but bear with me! Also can be found on Ao3 (username is MissytheAngle) and check out here for info about my new ko-fi account 

A lonesome quiet echoed through the barn for most of the day, save for Peridot as she tapped away at her tablet. Then wings flapped through the air. Footsteps padded across the barn, and the silence returned with a vengeance.

Peridot placed her tablet on the ground and glanced down to see her roommate, who had her back turned to Peridot. Lapis Lazuli stared out the door, her skirt caught in the light breeze that sneaked into the bark. Her teardrop gem glistened as the sky crackled with lightning.

“Oh, Lapis!” Peridot jumped up and picked a paper off of the floor. She made her way down to the bottom floor and to the other side of the barn. Lapis stayed ominously still, so Peridot persisted. “I’m glad that you’re back. I’m sure your trip with Steven was a nice change of pace.”

Lapis stayed quiet. Peridot hesitated, but guessed that Lapis simply failed to hear her. Peridot held the paper up, showing a drawn picture of herself and Lapis sitting together while surrounded by lightning bugs. “I decided to do something a little different while you were gone. You came back much earlier than I expected, so—”

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fantasy au tododeku where todoroki has midoriya get on his horse with him for one reason or another and midoriya is just, a pile of nerves bc its his first time riding a horse EVER (bc a villager like him? owning a horse? get real) and todoroki's trying his best to calm midoriya down

(con’t) partway thru the trip midoriya starts to calm down (“hey this isnt so bad!”) and starts to lean onto todoroki a bit and if todoroki seems to be blushing then youre obviously just imagining things

Yessss good, hit me with those cliche shippy feels. A+++ thank you god and also jesus

Undertale Shippy Stuff and what to mainly expect from me.(`∀´)♪

‘Cause my preferences as to who tops and bottoms is a very big deal…

Actually… I could throw in the Grillster in the Fontcest pile since I also do ship Fontfest, GrillbyXPapyrus is kinda a thing and I lightly ship Sansby at times.

I’m obviously a mess._(:」∠)_

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this might just sound like a fangirl conspiracy theory BUT. isnt it kind of weird how like, pre-debut + just after debut yoongi and jimin were so open w their closeness esp on twitter, yet while other members still express their closeness w/ each other nowadays w yoonmin that all seemed to just... stop?? and they were close on bombs and stuff, but seriously, it's weird how one of the most popular ships in the fandom barely gets ANY fanservice whatsoever. no offence to jikook/taekook shippers >

> but you can really tell that (even tho they’re obviously all good friends and stuff) a lot of their interactions on camera are definitely for fanservice (+ we all know how much bighit likes milking stuff to bring in the cash…) idk it’s just weird to me that most of ym’s “shippy” interactions are incredibly minor things even though they’re one of the biggest ships,, it just makes you wonder why bighit wouldnt want to utilise that unless there was some reason not to (eg exposing smth) 

You’re absolutely right, yoonmin are very different than other ships. Other ships’ favourite moments will be an ongoing injoke, or some overt touching/hugging etc., but for yoonmin the best moments are ones we really have to look out for, moments which weren’t intended for viewing or reading, moments shared just between them which we’ve caught on to. I said this before, but there are many moments when jimin especially has gone to touch yoongi in some way but hesitated and stopped after looking at the cameras. if that were any other member he wouldnt be afraid to grab them or hold them, so why is it different with yoongi? and he always looks so sad and thoughtful about it after… what/who is stopping him from being affectionate with yoongi?

I feel like I’m the only person who watched episode 12 and actually pairs MakoHaru more?

I’m a multi shipper when it comes to both Rin and Haru - like holy cow I can’t decide who to ship them with at all - but I went into last episode thinking I was going to have my ship set in stone afterwards. And I think I do now, but it wasn’t RinHaru like I expected. I think the last episode made me ship MakoHaru more than anything.

Haru was so shaken by his fight with Makoto that a) he didn’t want to go swimming in the ocean b) he was sitting besides a public fountain without trying to jump in and c) he didn’t even bring a swimsuit on the trip to Australia. This is Haru we are talking about, who literally trembles at the sight of a bucket of water. But his fight with Makoto took away all his drive for that. And I couldn’t help but think - he also fought with Rin recently. His fight with Rin did upset him; I’m not trying to devalue their relationship at all! But the fight with Makoto really shattered him in ways the fight with Rin did not, making me realize that Makoto means so much more to him than just a regular friend. Makoto is his BEST friend. And Rin knows this. When Haru was upset to such a degree, Rin assumed that it was because he fought with Makoto. He didn’t think once that it was because they had recently got into a fight themselves. He’s aware of and okay with the fact that Makoto is on a pedestal (in fact he then made it obvious that Sousuke was on the same pedestal for him when he was like “Sousuke and I fight all the time” so maybe SouRin now for me hmmm)

But the other thing is, when Rin revealed that Makoto had only JUST decided to go to Tokyo, Haru’s reaction was unexpected. There was so much emotion in his face in that scene. I think he was relieved that Makoto hadn’t been keeping the secret from him at all and had told him right away. And also in that moment, he realized the gravity of the things he had said during the fight. I think Haru’s plan before was to brood in his room until Makoto came and broke in to check on him but now he realizes that, to make things right, it’s up to him to speak up with Makoto.

So while everyone else was fangirling over the bed scene, in my head I was just really focused on how broken Haru was the whole episode (until the end obviously.) It’s hard for me to find the bed scene really shippy when you know that Haru is lying there thinking about someone else.