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The Congressman’s Son: Kim Himchan

He would say, “Welcome, to my mansion,” but he won’t promise that it would be pretty inside, because to Himchan, he had always been living a perfect lie. He was the only son of a famous lawyer couple who had nothing in mind but to climb to the top of the food chain. Senior lawyer Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim was never a parent. To Himchan, they were like business partners.

A perfect lie, a perfect character. Because what matters is what other’s see.

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Shit my physics teacher says

-Waves are things. I don’t know if you know this.
-Our sun is pretty weak sauce…
-There are scientists and then there are “scientists”.
-Everything you need is in the box labeled ‘snakey springs’.
-Please put them away nicely otherwise they will be an unholy mess.
-Do you buy it? If I was selling it on a roadside would you pull over and buy it? 3 dollars!
-Mass is how much stuff is in.. whatever!
-Smash a small sedan? A small sedan?
-Once upon a time there was a Greek dude.
-*draws a square* that’s a squirrel
-Violence will occasionally solve the problem
-It’s being dumb and no one should be surprised by that.
-Math says don’t worry dude, I got it!
-Who doesn’t have a quantum physics book?
-No, not derrack Obama!
-There’s a kitty on the front of the book and it’s dead on the back :)
-When I want to move I tell my muscles and they say 'ok!’
-Don’t say 'no, you don’t like it!’ Just lie!

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What's Superman's greatest strength?

Well, lots of people like to cite that time he towed a galaxy as Superboy, but apparently he also outmuscled the Big Bang once in the 80s.

Oh. You mean, like, morally. That’s cool too I guess.

Actually, it’s trickier than it might seem at first blush, since a ton of his greatest strengths are shared or even surpassed by others. Wonder Woman is also really nice. Batman is also really determined. Green Lantern probably has him beat in terms of bravery and willpower, since Superman’s lived his life pretty rarely struggling or facing danger in terms of achieving his immediate goals. He doesn’t ever give up, but neither do any other superheroes (except Spider-Man sometimes).

One possibility comes to me from this moment, which my dad once told me about as a kid like a bedtime story:

Or, as it was put to me years ago and still sticks in my head today, “His greatest power is to know what the right thing is, and do it”. In a grand, iconic sense, I definitely think that’s right. So is him standing for hope. So is him inspiring people to greatness. But I think those are all outgrowths of a deeper, even simpler idea of what it is that drives Superman as a character and as a figure we as readers are invested in over everything else.

He cares.

That’s why that scene above cut so deeply and immediately to the heart of him that many consider it his absolute defining moment. He cares about everyone. He cares about his family, his friends. He cares about strangers. He certainly cares about Lois. He even cares about Lex, and thinks he could be a better person than him in every way that matters.

He cares even though he has every possible reason not to. The beginning of his life was defined by his family and entire godly civilization being wiped out in a moment of absolute cosmic indifference. He was delivered into a childhood of poverty and relative social isolation, and journeyed out into a world of screaming, hateful chimp-people barely out of the caves in an evolutionary sense who he could tear apart with a breath. He could end this pebble we live on with a stomp of his foot, or a steely molten glare. He could walk into the U.N. tomorrow and say “Hey, everybody, just letting you know: I decide everything now. Period.” And not a soul on Earth could say otherwise, because he would hear them. He could be God to us, and not with the lowercase g. He could leave Earth for any number of better places, under his own power. He knows that never mind our own mayfly lives, the sun could very likely be dust eons before he sports his first gray hair, assuming he ever dies at all. He’s better than all of us, and can do anything, and nothing can really stop him, and the first thing that ever happened to him was the universe screaming at him in blinding bright neon letters, “LIFE IS CHEAP”.

But he devotes himself to helping. He spends half his life living as a human, because he thinks we’re just swell and living like us is as good a way as any to unwind. He puts on his suit and flies out to actively look for the kinds of threats that could kill even him, to make sure they don’t kill us, for no reward. He has a wife and now a son and allies and co-workers and buddies and pets and parents, and even his enemies aren’t really hated by him. He loves everyone and just wants everybody to get along.

He cares because even though the first thing the universe ever did to him was destroy his world, the first thing a person ever did for him - one of the mere mortals he possesses powers and abilities so far beyond - was save him. He cares because he was found by people who loved him, because he’s empathetic and smart and perceptive enough to know how much life matters, and he can fly from one end of the universe to the other see how rare it is. Because whenever someone takes their last breath he can hear it, and there’s nothing that hurts him more. He cares because he’s surrounded by people who remind him of how good people can be, and how there could be no greater mission for a superman than protecting that.

That’s it. The core, the strength, the meaning, the whatever: he has all the power in the universe to do whatever he wants, but he gets that other people matter as much as he does and he can’t stand to not use that power to help them. He can be a super-genius or a big dumb farmboy, a grumpy brawler or a gentle savior dispensing homespun wisdom, a human at heart or a Kryptonian, he can lift sedans or stars, whatever your preferences (believe you me, I have mine), but if you can’t feel that - even if it is there in the abstract but it isn’t palpable in any meaningful way - it doesn’t work. The idea of Superman, the fundamental power fantasy that he represents as a character for the reader, is power landing in the lap of someone who actually gives a shit, and thinks we can too.

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Coffee vs Tea?

Tea. Like Kai, I only drink coffee when I am very tired; I don’t drink it to enjoy it. It’s because we are still babies, haha.

Do you drink alcohol?

Only small amounts at group dinners or such. 

Summer vs Winter?


Day vs Night?


Mountain vs Ocean?

Mountain. When I was in school, I was in the mountaineering/climbing division/club. 

Book vs Movie?

It’s always been the movies for me.

Action vs Romance Movies?

Action for sure. If there is only romance, it’s difficult [to keep up, boring]. There is romance in action movies! Even in Iron Man, there is a love line with his secretary. 

Do you read comic books?

There was a time a while back when I was obsessed with them. It lasted maybe around 3 months? I don’t think I work very well with books. The last revised book I read was probably the book, “My Lime Orange Tree”, given to me by our manager hyung. 

[Kai didn’t have many friends so he stayed in the library - grew accustomed to books] - Sehun’s response to this.

That must be the reason why I am not too fond of libraries! I had many friends in school, so there was no reason for me to be around many books. 

Dogs vs Cats?


A girl whom resembles a cat, or a dog?

A girl who is like a cat. 

Innocent girls vs Sexy girls?

The latter.

Talkative person vs someone with few words?

I feel like it is better to be talkative than to have no words to say to each other.

When interested in someone, do you make the first move, or do you wait for them to come to you?

If I really like the person, I will either approach first or ask for their number. 

If you could go back to a moment in the past?

I want to go back to when I was 2 years old and play around mindlessly. 

Ronaldo vs Messi?


Watching soccer vs playing it?

I like watching soccer.

What is a sport you personally play?

[Kai explains that EXO-K are not very good at soccer or basketball or anything of that sort. Some members build healthy bodies.]

Something you’ve done for a long time without quitting?


Jazz vs Ballet?

I haven’t tried any of those. I mainly do urban dance. Dancing is fun, but it is also very hard. You have to keep learning in order for something to really happen.

You always seem to have your earphones in. What do you listen to?

It depends on my mood. These days I’ve been often listening to DJ Snake, commonly known as club music. Although I actually haven’t been to a club before because I debuted while I was still a student…

Who was your idol when you were younger?

I was never obsessed with a particular person/artist/group.

Picture vs Video?


If it were possible, would you rather be the lead actor or director?

I would rather be the director.

If you could be in a (sub)unit/co-op with anyone in the world, who would it be?

I, on the other hand, would like to collaborate with Adam Sevani [Step Up 3D]. Although he is the main character, he used to be just a dancer. I want to do something together, whether it be a performance or whatever. 

Car vs Motorcycle?


Sports car vs Sedan?

Sedan. I don’t really like the sports car types. 

Starting from now, the controversial questions. T-shirt vs Shirts?

Shirts. In my closet, I think there are more shirts than anything else. 

Suit vs Casual?

Suit. I feel like a man when I wear a suit.

Hats vs Shoes?

I would say shoes. In the past, I would enjoy matching snapbacks and shirts with the Nike Jordan series of shoes. There is a serious amount of Jordans at my house, although it has been a few months since I have worn them. All of our members are similar in that way.

What would your outfit look like on a day you paid extra attention to what you were wearing?

A shirt and slacks, with neat-style loafers that show my ankles to match.

Do you style your own airport fashions?

Of course. I look for a fit that compliments me and I try to capture a certain concept or “feel” the night before. My heart can sleep in peace only after I have done this. Other than dancing and singing, I also have a passion for fashion. Once in a while, my stylist hyungs and I will pick a date to go out and look at clothes.

What are some things you always bring (in your bag) when travelling? 

There are many times I move around without a bag as well. I often just put on my sunglasses, fit my cellphone and earphones in each pocket the best I can, and travel with just my passport in hand.  

What do you most use your cellphone for?

I just keep searching up random things. To be honest, it is more like a habit. Sometimes I wonder why I even use one of these things.

Best midnight snack; chicken or pizza?

Isn’t it obviously chicken?

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