not a sedan but whatever

Shit my physics teacher says

-Waves are things. I don’t know if you know this.
-Our sun is pretty weak sauce…
-There are scientists and then there are “scientists”.
-Everything you need is in the box labeled ‘snakey springs’.
-Please put them away nicely otherwise they will be an unholy mess.
-Do you buy it? If I was selling it on a roadside would you pull over and buy it? 3 dollars!
-Mass is how much stuff is in.. whatever!
-Smash a small sedan? A small sedan?
-Once upon a time there was a Greek dude.
-*draws a square* that’s a squirrel
-Violence will occasionally solve the problem
-It’s being dumb and no one should be surprised by that.
-Math says don’t worry dude, I got it!
-Who doesn’t have a quantum physics book?
-No, not derrack Obama!
-There’s a kitty on the front of the book and it’s dead on the back :)
-When I want to move I tell my muscles and they say 'ok!’
-Don’t say 'no, you don’t like it!’ Just lie!