not a robbery

When Moonlight pulled the robbery on La La Lard...

White people:

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Straight people:

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My black LGBTQ people:

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Best Picture, Moonlight, a movie about a young black man’s struggles growing up, discovering his sexuality, and falling in love with another black man <3 

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Tonight i’m going to illuminate  you all on some facts about leliel, the tubby purple cat character

yeah that guy, i’m not a writer so.. yeah don’t be dicks. Leliel, freelance assassin and local  drunk was born Louie  Plum Dobromir  october 10th 5:30 pm  to Kelly Nita Dobromir local stripper and drug dealer. Leliel never knew his father  and spent most of his child hood skipping school and smoking with friends, With an arrest sheet a mile long, Ranging from robbery, burglary,  and the many canvases of graffiti left on  buildings. Since his mother was incapacitated  most of the time leliel had free reign, He only got his act together after he and his friends were kidnapped and almost raped and murdered by a drifter. During his high school years leliel lost his virginity to a  Demetrius Heightmin  A shy bunny honor student, After getting wasted and  having a fall out with his on again off again girlfriend Mia Easton. Through  his blooming sex life with multiple partners including his Math teacher Mrs.Reviere and drug abuse leliel graduated high school at age 19.  And wen’t  on to  work as a cashier, lacking the funds and will to even attempt college.

The following year, Leliels on again off again girlfriend Mia Easton invited leliel to go over seas with her for an internship, Leliel reluctantly agreed, However During the flight the plane crashed. Leliel luckily  survived the incident,  And awoke on a remote island, with total amnesia Leliel was  found and nursed  back to health by two Siamese cats, who for the next few years trained leliel in the art of  killing, A tradition for the natives inhabiting the island, Due to his abnormal coloration and Origins, the locals  thought leliel was a deity  born of the sea in the night and called him leliel. It wasn’t until the natives attempted to sacrifice leliel that his memory returned to him, While trying to protect himself leliel ended up having to murder all of the natives on the  island, In a hazed bloody three day slaughter. Overwhelming the much smaller cats with his size and strength ironically using the skills  they had taught him to do so.

It wasn’t until  the island was visited By a very wealthy and famous  individual by the name of Kiche D’nave trying to buy the island, She saw leliel & mistaking the large feline for a  native tried to have leliel killed. And in defense  leliel killed all of her body guards. Seeing his skill  Kiche took leliel in with open arms as a hitman, Kiche and leliel had a toxic relationship that last for a year, consisting of violent and often brutal sex. Kiche having  Autassassinophilia eventually tried to have leliel killed  during coitus in which leliel responded by killing her and finally departing home, but not before creating a  name for himself in the  underworld, as the Chesire After coming home at the age of 24 leliel was greeted by his hometown in shock and amazement at his survival of the famous plane crash.Finding out his on again  off again girlfriend Mia easton had also survived the plane crash.Both being the only two to have lived through the incident Only to find out his mother  had  been  killed in a drug deal gone wrong shortly after he left. Leliel continues his work as an assassin giving away most of what he earns to various charitable organizations,  He currently lives alone in a three bedroom condo in his hometown.

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i love the idea of the crew mid-heist like guarding the door and pointing guns while somebody's handing over the money and then gavin's just "bet you wish you knew we were trouble when we walked in" and the cashier looks up in confusion as the people guarding the door and the ones pointing guns are like "OH -OH -trouble trouble trouble!"

This would totally happen. It’s terrifying enough that the Vagabond, Golden Boy, and Mogar are armed to the teeth and the negotiation (robbery). It’s even more unnerving when they start breaking out in out of key song, almost wailing and you can hear the tune blaring though their comms as the other sing along in disharmony

Even with all the awesome memes and posts dragging Bland Bland Land, it is pretty shitty that Moonlight being Best Picture wasn’t truly celebrated like the other movies that won in previous years.

But that’s not the only robbery.

Taraji not even nominated for best actress was bullshit as well as Viola Davis being in the best SUPPORTING category was bullshit and it’s just, while Oscars kinda did it right this year, this feels the same as when Denzel and Halle won and when Jamie won. They kinda diversify but not enough. Not nearly enough.

Your OC is at the store, shopping for whatever, minding their own business. Suddenly they hear the cock of a gun and screaming. Upon looking at the commotion they see a man with his face covered. They go to move but feel the pressure of a gun pressed to the back of their head and a voice saying “Not a sound.” The store is being held up and they are the first captive. How do they respond?