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The KS fandom
  • “I’m tooooootally reading this for the plot, please don’t hurt me >.<”
  • Antis
  • 30 pages of meta on Sangwoo’s back muscles
  • Extremely gorey depictions of Bum
  • “Seungbae and Bum are gonna be endgame and I’m being 100% realistic”
  • Thirst for Choker Boy
  • “SANGWOO DADDY <3 <3 FUCK ME IN THE ASS <3 <3 <3 <3″
  • If you say Jieun had a shit personality, you’re a misogynist 
  • “Sangwoo x Prison, Bum x Freedom”
  • 2183912381932 edits of the same Sangwoo panels
  • Amount of bashing posts by antis = amount of lengthy posts about how antis should gtfo, both clog the tag
  • Does the correlation between KS and YOI equal causation or not?
  • Analysis on how Sangwoo’s moral character rivals that of a devout buddhist and he did nothing wrong ever
  • “I boycott the Seungbae chapters by not buying them”
  • Every anti post gets thirty replies from different meta blogs and slowly devolves into a circlejerk, and yet antis keep posting like a symbiotic hate conglomerate 

Have you guys checked out Mom Jeans.? 10/10 would recommend! Definitely worth the listen!