not a record

We broke the record for most raised by an online sweepstakes ever. Not just by Prizeo. Everrrrrr.

So you’ve made my mom the coolest board member on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. To that I am always grateful. And you’ve done an amazing thing and supported an incredible organization in its time of need.

Thank you video from Lin-Manuel Miranda
for contributors to the December 2016
Hamilton Across America Prizeo
benefiting Planned Parenthood

does the fact that john and paul loved each other ever just.. hit you? like these were two lads from liverpool, they learned guitar together, they wrote together, they had all of these incredible experiences, they traveled, they had a totally unique and extraordinary life together, they shared that with each other. they grew as people, as friends, as lovers, competitors, muses. they turned each other on. and we know such a tiny fragment. we are privy to a tiny part. i am so happy they had each other. i am so happy they had one another.


Amazing song and live vocals. This talented women is signed with @bmlg (Big Machine Records) and desreves way more people to know her name ❤ Carly Pearce

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