not a race problem

“you know your skin is too dark for tattoos right?”

“wow how are you going to get a piercing in your lip or nose?, they’re both so thick”

“Wow I didn’t know black people could dye their hair that color”

“It irritates me when black people try to be punk or goth”

“wow you’re not like a typical black person!”


This is so sad! Michael was never white. He had the skin disorder Vitiligo but, he was most certainly still a black man and, he was proud of it.. Why are they disrespecting Michael Jackson with a white man playing him (and they make up job is horrific) when Michael Jackson himself said it will be the most horrific thing to do. He was black so use a black actor. Geez!!! They wont use a black actor for Elvis. So don’t disrespect the king!!


Sasheer Zamata quit ‘SNL,’ proving TV’s race and gender problems are more systemic than ever

  • It was big news in 2014 when Sasheer Zamata joined Saturday Night Live and became the show’s first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph’s departure seven years earlier. 
  • But it’s even bigger news that Zamata, 31, is now leaving the show after just four seasons.
  • Before she joined, black male cast members like Jay Pharoah or Kenan Thompson did impersonations of black women on the show, roles that they both eventually shunned openly. 
  • Once she joined the cast, Zamata churned out crowd-pleasing impersonations of Taraji P. Henson, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong'o and Michelle Obama. 
  • As a black woman, Zamata’s casting was supposed to fill a gaping hole in the show’s cast. 
  • But her short stint on SNL is a clear example, perhaps more than any other, that there are no so-called “quick fixes” to the problem of racial and gender inequity on television. Read more (Opinion)

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Okay random rant time with a story used as proof for the end point.

So I’m a person with dry skin, right? I’ve got dry skin. I’m a desert over here. Its a miracle I’m not bleeding at this very moment, and do you know what that miracle is? Lotion and chap stick.

So anyways, the other day I was in the car riding along with my family which consists of a father and a younger brother. I was applying chap stick for the third time that hour and casually wondered out loud how many tubes of chap stick I’ve eaten over my lifetime. My brother then said something that made me reflect on my entire life.

“Why do you use so much chap stick? One application lasts me a whole week.”

And that made me think. It made me think back on my life. I decided right then and there to explain to my brother why exactly I use so much chap stick and lotion.

When I was a little kid I always had chapped lips. My lips peeled. I was constantly in pain at the lips and my skin was dry too. Constantly itching. Constantly in some kind of discomfort. Scratching until I bled.

When I said this part, my dad asked me why I never complained. He seemed horrified that he never knew about this. And I told him.

Its because that’s all I knew. I didn’t know I had the option to not be in constant discomfort.

So anyways, in early high school I discovered the godsend that is chap stick and medicated lotions and now? I’m no longer in discomfort. But if I go about an hour without putting on my chap stick I start to feel uncomfortable. If I go more than a full day my lips start to become damaged and peel again and it can take weeks for them to heal. If I go more than a couple of days without lotion or using protective gloves in water my skin starts to crack and bubble and pus and blood starts leaking from my fingers.

Once I explained all of this to my brother, he suddenly understood. My experience is different from his. I need that crutch.

So what’s my point here? My point is that not everybody needs the same help. And sometimes people that don’t need help somewhere will only see their situation and not get why anyone would need to use what they’re using.

People with oily skin won’t understand the need for lotion. People with straight hair won’t get the need for anti-frizz spray. People that don’t have ADHD or autism won’t get why they don’t get extra time on standardized tests. People that are white and wealthy won’t see the need for welfare or affirmative action. It gets into every corner of life. From the tiniest issues like comfort and classroom situations to global political issues involving international relations and warfare.

We are all guilty of this kind of thinking at some level. Whatever it may be. If its fidgeting or hair care or government programs or almost everything else under the sun.

Anyways, that’s my rant. Please try to keep all that in mind while going through that cool life of yours. And don’t be ashamed of the help you need. Using that crutch or accepting that help doesn’t make your life any less cool than the person that doesn’t need it.

Why is it that whenever I picture all of the Dreamworks Dragons antagonists meeting up and hanging together, it’s always that one scene from Mean Girls where everyone is describing Regina George, but instead it’s like:

“Hiccup Haddock….how do I even begin to explain Hiccup Haddock?”

Krogan: “Hiccup Haddock is flawless.”

Alvin: “I hear one strand of his hair is worth all of Berserk’s gold.”

Mildew: “I hear he does ship commercials…in Japan.”

Drago: “One time he met Viggo on Botany Blight–”

Ryker: “–And he told him he was pretty.”

Viggo: “One time I placed a bounty on his head and tried to auction him off. He is rather attractive, wouldn’t you say?”

Dagur: “One time he punched me in the face…it was awesome.”