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Dylan Strome imagine

I read on some puckbunny pages (it’s kinda helpful to find out which dudes are asshole if you want to check it out, i’m not really interested in who’s banging who but more into who treats girls like shit) that Dylan does kind of get around. I don’t know if that’s true but i’m going to assume it is for the sake of this imagine.

800 words

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You were currently making breakfast in yours and Dylan’s kitchen when said boy made his way into the room.
“Mornin’ ” he mumbled a pressed a kiss against your cheek. He was only clad in boxers and reeked of last night.
“Your hookup staying for breakfast?”
Dylan who was halfway falling asleep on top of you hummed.
“Or do you need me to pretend to be your girlfriend again so she leaves.”
“Nah, last night was great. Might as well give her some bacon for it.”
You sighed and cracked another egg open in the pan. Dylan left to go shower and a few minutes later last night’s puckbunny stumbled out of his bedroom.
“He’s in the shower. If you want you can go join him.”
She stared at you for a moment, obviously ashamed of being seen. After she saw your shirt she loosened up a bit. Dylan had gotten you the shirt a week after you moved in with him. The front said in big bold letters not his girlfriend while the back proclaimed just his roomie. It has become your regular sleep shirt, just in case one of his hook ups walked into you.
The girl looked like she wanted to follow your advice and you sighed.
“Second door to the left. Before you go, how do you like your eggs ”
She turned around and walked towards the bathroom door. Before she disappeared she turned back to you.
“I’m vegan.”
Of course she is.
After an awkward breakfast with double bacon and eggs for you, Ellie or Nellie or something like that left and Dylan threw himself onto the couch. He turned on the tv and leaned back.
“What’s the plan today?”
You put away the last of the dishes and joined him on the couch.
“I’ve got school and then work. You’ve got practice at 5 and at 9 you’ve got a Skype date with McJesus scheduled.”
You liked Connor a lot. You’ve been friends since you were little kids and he was the one that suggested you and Dylan room together because apparently he “trusted Dylan with you” which only made you a little mad. As weirdly depowering it was he also “trusted you with Dylan” so you thought it had to do less with your gender and more with your personality.
Dylan was awesome. He let you live in his spare room rent free and didn’t protest when you started to take over basic tasks all over the place like cleaning the apartment or cooking. He never treated you like you had to do these. His friends sometimes joked about you definitely being the mom friend but they were the same friends that needed your help to do their laundry. You’ve come to find out hockey players are just overgrown children.
You went to your room to change before taking your bag and getting ready to leave for university.
“Bye Dyl-pickle.”
“What? I don’t get a goodbye kiss?”
You walked over to the couch, took his face between your hands, and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“Don’t spend the entire day napping and if you have a puck bunny over…”
He cut you off.
“No sex on any surface that you could come in contact with aka sofa or kitchen, the shower is okay but clean it after and don’t let her use your shampoo. I know the rules Y/N. Now go or you’ll miss class.”
You sighed and walked towards the door.
“I might go out with Y/F/N after work and I need you to be dd for me if I do. I’ll call.”
With that you walked outside. The drive to campus wasn’t long and less than an hour later you plopped down onto the seat Y/F/N saved you. She took one look at you and sighed.
“Rough night?”
You let your head rest on the tiny table in front of you.
“Yeah. Dylan brought home another girl and I swear they were doing it against my wall the entire night.”
“Oh sweetie. You know if you’d just tell him how you feel…”
She pulled you into a hug and you had to hold back tears.
“It’s okay. I told you I’d get over him eventually. Wanna get drunk tonight?”
You weren’t legal in Erie yet but thankfully you’ve got fake IDs.
“You know getting drunk won’t solve anything, right?”
“I know, but tonight I just really really want to hook up with a stranger and get over Dylan.”

mobile masterlist
  1. Jake Virtanen -You never saw? (J)
  2. Olli Maatta Pt. 1  - 5 kids and skates (J)
  3. Tyler Seguin - Baby stuff everywhere!  (J)
  4. Olli Maatta Pt 2 - Kittens (J)
  5. Michael Latta - Oneis fun (J)
  6. Jake Virtanen - Magical Christmas  (J)
  7. Olli Maatta - Sick and cuddles (J)
  8. Christian Thomas - I’m going nuts (J)
  9. Olli Maatta- Dance with me? (J)
  10. Christian Thomas Pt. 1- More manners than you (J)
  11. Christian Thomas Pt. 2 More manner’s than you (J)
  12. Sven Andrighetto - Meeting the parents (J)
  13. Michael Latta - Hurt feelings (J)
  14. Michael Latta - Girly time (J)
  15. Sebastian Aho - Minä rakastan sinua (J)
  16. Mitch Marner  - I love you (J)
  17. Ben Bishop - I missed you (J)
  18. Olli Maatta - Hometown visit (J)
  19. Christian Thomas Pt. 3 - More manners than you (J)
  20. Claude Giroux - Daddy’s girl (J)
  21. Mitch Marner (mlm) - I’ve wanted to do that for a long time (J)
  22. Mike Condon - Boat Rides (J)
  23. William Karlsson - Drunk (J)
  24. Sebastian Aho - Gas leak. (J)
  25. Gabriel Landeskog - Just like Daddy (J)
  26. Taylor Hall -Surprise! (J)
  27. Alex Galchenyuk - That’s my girlfriend! (J)
  28. Conor Sheary - Deal (J)
  29. Jack Eichel - What if… (J)
  30. Christian Thomas - Fight (J)
  31. Dylan Larkin - You like Chocolate (J)
  32. Eddie Lack - I’m not drunk (J)
  33. Alexander Wennberg - Future Hockey Player (J)
  34. James Neal - Do you want kids (J)
  35. Mitch Marner Ft. Auston Matthews -Nightmares and truth  (J)
  36. Andrew Shaw - Blanket fort (J)
  37. Teuvo Teravinen - I love you (J)
  38. Tyler Seguin - Baby Seguin? (J)
  39. Mitch Marner Pt. 1  - I’m deaf (J)
  40. Jacob Chychrun - Help me! (J)
  41. Connor McDavid - Date night (J)
  42. Jack Eichel - Hot girl (J)
  43. Connor McDavid - Losing Teeth (J)
  44. Max Domi - Puppy time! (J)
  45. Andre Burakovsky - Where do babies come from? (J)
  46. Niklas Kronwall - Help me! (J)
  47. Tyler Seguin - Beach fun (J)
  48. Dylan Larkin - Crowds (J)
  49. Mikael Granlund - Jealous (J)
  50. Mitch Marner - Why? (J)
  51. Matthew Tkachuk - You got this (J)
  52. Auston Matthews - Book (J)
  53. Tyler Seguin Ft. Andre Burakovsky - Beautiful  (J)
  54. Steve Ott - Uncomfortable  (J)
  55. Michael Latta - I love them (J)
  56. Leon Draisaitl -Bucket list (J)
  57. Tyler Seguin - What about hockey players? (J)
  58. Max Domi - What if they don’t like me! (J)
  59. Artemi Panarin - Dance (J)
  60. Colton Parayko - Note  (J)
  61. Nate Schmidt - Even when you’re married (J)
  62. Mitch Marner Pt. 2 - I’m Deaf  (J)
  63. Ben Hutton - Breakdown (J)
  64. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date?  (J)
  65. Olli Maatta - Snow (J)
  66. Dylan Larkin - Not going to be mad (J)
  67. Zach Werenski - Key (J)
  68. Tyler Seguin - How could you?! (J)
  69. Auston Matthews - Hurt (J)
  70. Jordie Benn - Lumber Jack  (J)
  71. Sidney Crosby - Kids (J)
  72. Christian Thomas - Plane ride (J)
  73. Christian Thomas - Christmas Joy  (J)
  74. Dylan Larkin - Wild Lights (J)
  75. Ben Hutton - Home for the Holiday’s (J)
  76. Michael Raffl - What Now?  (J)
  77. Auston Matthews - Awkward  (J)
  78. Michael Latta - Forgive and Forget  (J)
  79. Luke Glendening - Snowman (J)
  80. Auston Matthews - Breakup  (J)
  81. Michael Latta - First Period  (J)
  82. Dylan Larkin - Game Lost (J)
  83. Mitch Marner (Mlm) - Can’t remember  (J)
  84. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - Summer loving (J)
  85. Joonas Rask - Beside me (J)
  86. Ben Hutton - Road trips and I miss yous (E)
  87. Auston Matthews - Hate or love? (E)
  88. Connor McDavid - Bet? (J)
  89. Michael Latta - This can’t be happening (J)
  90. Elias Lindholm - Falling (J)
  91. Auston Matthew - Tamales (J)
  92. Olli Maatta - Cold Day (J)
  93. James van Riemsdyk - Who is she (J)
  94. Ben Hutton - Meeting the parents (J)
  95. Sebastian Aho - Red String (J)
  96. Mitch Marner - Cinnamon Pancakes (J)
  97. Jakob Chychrun - Stripper or Volleyball player? (J)
  98. Tyler Seguin - You’re something else (J)
  99. Sidney Crosby - Shark Soup (J)
  100. Olli Maatta - See you tomorrow Pt.1 (J)
  101. Colton Parayko - Note Pt 2 (J)
  102. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date Pt 2 (J)
  103. Morgan Rielly - Who’s louder (J)
  104. Tyler Graovac - First goal (E)
  105. Andre Burakovsky - Eight (J)
  106. Andre Burakovsky - I have a game (J)
  107. Artturi Lehkonen - Proud (J)
  108. Shea Weber - Toothbrush (J)
  109. Nikita Scherbak - No power (J)
  110. Trevor van Riemsdyk - I can’t wait (J)
  111. Jacob Trouba -  Come on! (J)
  112. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - What about her? (J)
  113. Christian Thomas - Oh honey! (J)
  114. Tyler Toffoli - Anything you want (J)
  115. Olli Maatta - Slide daddy, Slide! (J)
  116. Dylan Larkin - Mean girls play dirty (J)
  117. Auston Matthews - Winners get…(J)
  118. Justin Jackson - Date a real man (J)
  119. Morgan Rielly - Cuddle Bug (J)
  120. Artemi Panarin - No title (J)
  121. Olli Maatta Pt. - See you tomorrow (J)
  122. Baker Mayfield - Energy (J)
  123. Auston Matthews - Winter fun with a dash of love (J)
  124. Dylan Larkin - Because I love you (J)
  125. Patrik Laine - Like a date? (J)
  126. Taylor Hall - I’ll take care of you. (J)
  127. Conor Sheary - I’m Proud of you (J) (Personal)
  128. Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Bucket face (J) (Personal)
  129. Jakob Chychrun - The bag (J)
  130. Dylan Larkin - Far away (E)
  131. Tyler Seguin - Black Rose (J)
  132. Robby Fabbri - Letters (J) (Personal)
  133. Trevor Riemsyk Ft. Jonathan Toews - Alone (J)
  134. Mikael Grandlund - Smile (E)
  135. Sebastian Aho - Not a single thing (J)
  136. Mitch Marner - Bonfires (Personal) (J)
  137. Ben Hutton - Great Date (J)
  138. Teuvo Teravainen - Baking + Stress = Breakdown (J) (Personal)
  139. Dylan Strome - V - Day (J) (Personal)
  140. Dylan Strome - Another Strome for the NHL (J)
  141. Ben Hutton - Can you believe it. (J)
  142. Jake Virtanen - Home (J)
  143. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but… (J)
  144. Tom Wilsom - Why are looking at me (J)
  145. Mitch Marner - We won! (J)  
  146. Dustin Byfuglien - First Kiss (J)
  147. Alex Galchenyuk - Mine (J)
  148. Dylan Larkin -The Ring (J)
  149. Mitch Marner - Wild Night (J)
  150. Mikael Granlund -Death and Love (E)
  151. Morgan Rielly - I shit myself (J)
  152. Sebastian Aho - Jealous Aho (E)
  153. Auston Matthews - NYC (J)
  154. Dylan Larkin - Family Skate (O)
  155. Auston Matthews - Stop (J)
  156. Jori Lehtera - Grumpy Jorsti (E)
  157. Connor McDavid - Bet Pt.2 MLM (J)
  158. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 2 (J)
  159. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but…Pt. 2 (J)
  160. Sebastian Aho - Fake Injury (O)
  161. Dylan Larkin - Grumpy McGee (J)
  162. Luke Glendening - Big Green Nachos (J)
  163. Dylan Strome - A Strome, really (J)
  164. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses (J)
  165. Morgan Rielly - You know I love you right (J)
  166. Dylan Larkin - Clubbing Catastrophy (O)
  167. William Nylander - Book store fun (J)
  168. Alex Galchenyuk - A stupid game (O)
  169. Patrik Laine - Who are you? (J)
  170. Sebastian Aho - Knee Pain (J)
  171. Dylan Strome - Acceptance (O)
  172. Anthony Cirelli - I like you too Dork (J)
  173. Morgan Rielly - Would you rather (J)
  174. Mathew Barzal - Condoms (J)
  175. Andre Burakovsky - Jeeper Creepers (J)
  176. Mikael Granlund - Bad mood (J)
  177. Jakob Chychrun - They love you (J)
  178. Morgan Rielly - Morning cuddles (J)
  179. Tyler Seguin - Sixteen Times (J)
  180. Zach hyman -Happy Hanukkah (J)
  181. Alex Galchenyuk - We got this (J)
  182. Tyler Seguin - Welcoming baby Seguin (J)
  183. Elias Lindholm -Wanna join - (J)
  184. Ivan Provorov - Corny Jokes (J)
  185. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 4 (J)
  186. Connor McDavid - U.S. Navy (J)
  187. Dylan Strome - Pink Everywhere (J)
  188. Josh Morrissey - Bunny (J)
  189. Connor McDavid -Birthday Concert (J)
  190. William Nylander - Real Pucks (J)
  191. Alex Galchenyuk - Mess (J)
  192. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 5 Ft. Jamie Benn (J)
  193. Patrick Kane - Team Dinner (J)
  194. Alex Galchenyuk - Meet and Greet (E)
  195. Phil Kessel - Lingerie (J)
  196. Connor McDavid - Polar Opposites (O)
  197. Max Pacioretty - Gally Jersey (J)
  198. Martin Jones - Food pictures (J)
  199. Zach Werenski - Can you not (J)
  200. Auston Matthews - “Buttercup” (J)
  201. Andre Burkaovsky - Judgey (J)
  202. Markus Nutivaara - Panic Attacks (J)
  203. Carter Hart - Valentine’s Day (J)
  204. Mitch Marner ft. Matt Martin - Little Martin (J)
  205. Brent Burns - Sad as hell (J)
  206. Sebastian Aho - Broken English (J)
  207. Auston Matthews - I did it daddy, I did it! (J)
  208. Ben Hutton - Don’t tell my mom (J)
  209. Sebastian Aho - Say you won’t let go (J)
  210. Auston Matthews - (E)
  211. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  212. Michael Latta - Like Mark and Juliet (J)
  213. Travis Konecny - Halloween Fun (J)
  214. Michael Latta - Like Mike and Juliet (J)
  215. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  216. Sebastian Aho - I’d be better if you were here (J)
  217. Tyler Seguin - Make up fail (JA)
  218. William Nylander - Proud Daddy (J)
  219. Andre Burkaovsky - Dancing with the star (JA)
  220. Morgan Rielly - I made it (J)
  221. Dylan Strome - D.A.D.D (J)
  222. Dylan Larkin - The first to..(J)
  223. Justin Faulk - Dreaming (J)
  224. Auston Matthews - Run the 6ix (JA)
  225. Max Domi - My Everything (JA)
  226. Leon Draisaitl - Our Future (G)
  227. Phil Kessel -Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? (J)
  228. Morgan Rielly - You’re amazing (J)
  229. Matthew Tkachuk - Because I love you (J)
  230. Dylan Strome - Moving Day (J)
  231. Leon Draisaitl - I’m not a puckbunny (JA)
  232. Joonas Rask - Meeting the family (J)
  233. Johnny Gaudreau -Loud (J)
  234. Connor Brown - Draft Day (J)
  235. Auston Matthews - Cabbie Show (J)
  236. Tom Wilson -Teaching (J)
Connor McDavid- Calm Down

Anonymous said: you’re writing is so good ahh!!!! you should totally do a Connor mcdavid or Dylan strome one:)
Ahh… thank you soo much.. I was very nervous to start writing these images but you guys have shown me so much love… I saw the first two sentences of this image on a writing prompt page that i follow and it gave me the idea for this imagine …. I hope you like it. 

Originally posted by konecny

“Calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Well call me crazy, but as far as I’m concerned, receiving death threats is kind of a big deal, Connor!”

 You had been dating Connor McDavid for six months now.  You guys had been very careful about keeping everything a secret. The idea of going public with your relationship was very daunting to you because some of Connors fans could be… well crazy with a capital C.  Lately things had been getting kinda serious and Connor had been pushing to go public.  

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okay, so puckbunny does not have to be a bad thing! girls who refer to themselves as such are not doing anything wrong. it’s only when you start using the term in a derogatory way to look down at girls that dress a certain way or have sex with players that it becomes a bad thing! so, girls, reclaim the term. if you want to have sex with a player (or anyone but that opens a longer slut shaming conversation that will take me too long), go ahead and if you want to call yourself a puckbunny, go ahead! you are doing nothing wrong. girls are allowed to like and to want sex just as much as guys are.

Dylan Strome imagine (part 2)

I kinda went a bit over the top with it but i hope it’s okay and that you can’t tell that i wrote this at 2am…

1,4k words

for: @scottish-kid , @astilinski24 , @miserablee–at–best , @langblr-eva & @nhlmcdavid

part 1

Originally posted by konecny

You felt like you were dying. Your head was throbbing and you could barely move.

“Good morning sunshine.”

His voice was too loud and made your head hurt even more, burying your head under your pillow didn’t help either. At least it was Dylan and not some stranger. You saw a pale hand offer you something that looked like painkillers and a bottle of water so you took them and immediately hid under your blanket again. The bed dipped down a bit and your blanket was lifted. A warm body slipped in next to you but at the moment you couldn’t care less and curled towards the warmth. You really hoped you’d fall asleep soon.


When you woke up the throbbing had become bearable but still painful. You didn’t want to open your eyes in case the brightness of the room would hurt your eyes again so you cuddled closer to Dylan with your eyes closed. In the last few months you had snuggled up with Dylan in front of the tv enough to know when he was next to you. His warm arms tightened around you and he sighed.

“You awake?”

You hummed in response, not feeling ready to talk yet.

“Does it still hurt when I talk?”

He whispered and it didn’t hurt so you shook your head a little.

“You really had me worried last night. You didn’t text or call only to come stumbling in at 3 in the morning sucking faces with some random asshole.”

His arms around you tightened some more. Dylan usually only became possessive when he was drunk or the Otters lost a game and he was blaming himself. You secretly prided yourself on the fact that you were the person that gave him comfort. Being roommates with a guy had its perks, but being roommates with a guy you liked… It wasn’t always easy.

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Leon Draisaitl - I’m not a puckbunny

I just saw requests are open again? yay! I was wondering if you could do a leon draisaitl one about meeting his teammates or something like that? thank you

A/N: I wrote this during the leafs game so forgive me if there’s any mistakes!:)

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

Sure you and Leon had been dating for five months, but you didn’t meet his teammates yet. You didn’t really want to if you were being honest.

But if you were going to happen? It wasn’t supposed to be when you were in his apartment wearing nothing but his shirt and very tight shorts.

That was the last way possible, it wasn’t even on the list.

When he moved into his apartment he decided he wanted an open concept, meaning you could very well see all throughout the house. Meaning as soon as the walked in they could see you dancing around in the living room.

You had the music up loud while leon was getting a shower that you couldn’t hear the guys open the door with the apparent spare key they had, while you were in Leon’s oilers Hoodie and a pair of Nike pros.

You whipped around when you heard all the chatter and stood there, completely embarrassed as the guys stopped talking and stared at you.

Connor, being the ever so responsible person he is, cleared his throat and started talking.

“well I guess you’re (y/n)!” he said, raising his eyebrows “I’m Connor, this is Darnell, Jordan, Taylor and Patrick”

You slowly raised a hand to them and shyly waved.

Leon took the perfect time to come out of the super, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“(y/n), Babe what’s wr-” he stopped mid-sentence as he seen his teammates stood in his living room.

“oh, well I see you’ve met my girlfriend (y/n) boys” he nodded his head, walking over to you.

“do you wanna” he trailed off, nodding towards your outfit.

“oh my god! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to look like I’m just a puckbunny or anything! I’m going to uh, change” you said, shuffling your way to Leon’s room.

You could hear the guys all laughing at you along the way.

You could only hope for the best after this.


Later on that night, after you fed all the boys and they went home you and leon were lying down on the couch.

“so, what did they think of me?” you asked, suddenly insecure about what the boys may have thought.

“don’t worry Babe, they loved you and your skimpy outfits” he laughed, placing a kiss on your lips.


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anonymous asked:

Lol first of all it's Morgan RIELLY not Reilly, any friends of his would know how to spell his name and know that he kinda gets annoyed when people do that. Second of all, when he's in Vancouver, he's with his parents at his childhood home. His parent's house is huge and he comes from a wealthy family great view of the mountains/water. And lastly most of the girls he follows are his buddies gf or friends from back home. Not all of them are puckbunnies.

Thanks love

cowboy boots

Dex makes a decision. Oh, boy it’s a bad one. And, it’s just the beginning. 1/?  Nurseydex Fake dating AU (some homophobic language ahead but not much)

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i prefer the type of hockey tumblr drama that starts with an obviously fake message sent to a puckbunny blog and ends with high schoolers telling us how to date hockey players tbh

Prove Myself: A Slam Poem

As a female hockey fan, I see myself as an equal

One who loves the sport of hockey and many of the people who play it.

I love my team, I love the rivalries, I love the ice, I love hockey.

And then there’s you. You who denies me the the right to call myself a fan

When a man days he’s a hockey fan, no one raises an eyebrow, however, when I say I’m a hockey fan, I have to name the coach’s son or define offsides or icing to prove it.

And, frankly, though Chris Sutter is a gift to this world and I enjoy sparking up conversation about the rules of hockey, i don’t think that should be how I prove myself as a hockey fan.

Frankly, I’m offended that I have to “prove myself” at all.

To the people who think it’s funny to do this crap, who find it necessary to question what I enjoy, go dye your hair.

To you who have harassed me as well as countless other female fans on the Internet, because we aren’t “true fans” because we like this one specific team or don’t like that one player you do.

To those of you who think a woman who enjoys a sport that you do, but not you is “broken”

I’m going to hipcheck some sense into you because this is enough and I know I’m not the only one who has had enough.

Puckslut and Puckbunny are thrown around to describe a female fan because, apparently the only way a woman can be into sports is if she finds a player attractive.

And even if she does, then so what?!

She’s not hurting you.

I might find Alec Martinez attractive, but so what?

Who cares?!

I love the sport.

I love watching it

And if that’s the reason someone started watching, why deny them the right to call themselves a fan of the sport they love?

Regardless if you were born into a home with hockey in it or if you came across it, later on in life, ladies, you are valid, in this.

Don’t care what people say about you.

You are valid, you are smart, you are just as much of a fan as they are, as the guy in the Penguins jersey at school, as the guy in the Canucks hat at the mall,

You are valid

Whether you like Anaheim or New York or LA or Washington or Pittsburgh or Philadelphia or Chicago or Vancouver or Florida or Boston or Montréal or Dallas, or anybody else, it. doesn’t. matter.

You are valid

So, wear your hockey-fan-badge with pride

And if anyone tries to tell you you aren’t who you know you are


My opinion of “shitty” hockey fans

I saw a list in Tumblr where someone listed things what makes people shitty hockey fans. That post made me really sad and I wanna say something.

My “hockey fan”-career started in May 2011 when Finland won gold in World Champions and since that I wanted always be a fair fan. No matter other fans’ opinions or their favourite team/teams and yes, you can’t like everyone or every team but you have to respect other fans. You are not better than others if you are telling which things makes people shitty fans. And this does not touch only hockey.  

Some of us don’t like Sidney Crosby. Some of us don’t follow NHL or think that it’s the best and only league in world. Some people are on Patrick Kane’s side and some people are not. Some of us are not able to see their teams playing. There are fans who doesn’t have fan stuff or never met a player. There are women who knows a fucking lot of hockey and loves to watch the game - not the players. There are also those “puckbunnies” who likes to watch more players than the game and they don’t recognize even offside or know what icing is. What these people have in common?

THEY ARE FANS. Just fans. Not fake, stupid or shitty fans. You can’t blame someone by their favourite team or opinion. This world has a billion of opinions and they are never arguing - there are just people who are not respecting each other. If someone wants to watch players faces or bodies, let them watch. Don’t get mad about it. People are different and so on. You’re not told that you have to like everybody but you have to respect others. 

I have a lot of friends who doesn’t like teams that I love and that is fine to me. I have also friends who thinks Kane is guilty and I think he’s not. But we respect each other’s opinions and are not arguing about those things. I don’t wanna make my friends angry or sad by blaming their opinions or favourite teams bc I hate when people do it to me. I know how bad it feels when someone is saying that I’m a shitty fan bc I love my teams or I have my own opinions. 

So let’s just face the fact that we are different and we can do nothing about it. Let people have their opinions and don’t tell them that they are shitty. Hockey has a room for everyone, not depending their favourite teams, players, opinions and on and on…. 

stop reblogging things tht call women puckbunnies??? that’s ltierally the same as calling women pucksluts??? don’t pretend it’s not just as insulting??? like??? don’t be disgusting??? don’t reblog that stuff??