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We Are Young: Chapter 1

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“Coach is going to kill you.”

Aelin had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She glanced over at Nehemia, but the dark skinned beauty was too busy backing into a parking spot of the school parking lot to pay her any attention.

Uncle Orlon,” The car came to a stop and Aelin sent Nehemia another pointed look - “Isn’t going to kill me for added a little extra sugar in my coffee.” A pause. “Uncle Weylan might though.”

“There are several things wrong with your statement,” Lysandra spoke up from the back of the car. She leant forward to look at herself in the rearview mirror, fixing her hair as she spoke. “One, you got a gingerbread latte and added three extra packets of sugar. I wouldn’t call that ‘a little’. And two,” Lysandra turned, sending Aelin a deadly smile. “Coach Weylan will definitely kill you when he finds out.”

If he finds out.” Aelin smirked, taking a big sip of her over sugared drink.

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Hi mama , I keep fighting with my mom and honestly I don't think I can be around her anymore , the problem is I'm not old enough to leave the house and I don't wanna go to a boarding school or something like this bc besides her I got greate life but she keep making me feel like I'm a worthless piece of shit , she always calling me a lair , she telling me that I'm a waste of space and that I'm a disappointment , she's telling me this almost every week, I really don't know what to do anymore

Wow that sounds hard. Usually there should be a chance for you to move out when your home situation isn’t working for you, in some kind of shared flat with other teens or anything. Of course that depends on your country as well and all. But I can definitely understand how that’s a hard situation. It’s especially hard to hear these things from your parents. I hope you’re going to be okay. If you need anything you can always come to me!

TV Announcer: Come to Duff Gardens, where roaming gangs aren’t a big problem anymore. Now featuring the clean-shaven sounds of “Hooray for Everything!”

Singers: Hey kids / Take a walk on the wild side / And all the races sing! / Doo doo doo / Shoo-bee doo-bee doo / Doo doo doo / Shoo-bee doo-bee doo / Yeah!

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "why can't you check me in? I pre-paid!"

So this guy buzzes into our garage and firmly tells us he was checking in.

We let him into the garage no problems.

Except he doesn’t have a reservation anymore.

He was supposed to check in last night but didn’t show up.

We marked the reservation as a no show and re-sold his room.

We were sold out now so we didn’t even have a room to give him.

I explained that by no-showing he forfeited his reservation and he argued that it was guaranteed due to him pre-paying.

He screamed a lot of filth and yelled at my co-worker for supposedly shaking his head and laughing? (Which did not happen.)

Luckily his crazy ass left but long story short just because you pre-pay doesn’t mean you can show up a day late for your reservation and still check in.

The hotel reserves the right to sell that room again if you don’t show up to check into it.

It’s not the hotels fault you decided to come a day late sir, that’s your own fault.

Also he was local so he could have at anytime stopped by to check in seeing as he lives about a block away.

In his own words He “Just didn’t feel like checking last night.”

By: DrunkenCider

Y’all holy fuck I went to Les Invalides today and boy do I have some fuckin thoughts

  • First of all the museum is fucking huge I was there from 10:00 when it opened until 2:45 and I skimmed many of the exhibits because my feet were killing me and I was hungry. Also WWII has been done to death and I didn’t really feel the need to read many of those plaques. The one I did in excruciating detail was the oldest one, which had shit from the Paleolithic era, but which focused on medieval and Renaissance warfare up until the reign of Louis XIV (17th century)
  • England must be so frustrated by the violent turns of France’s fate sometimes. Because during the Seven Years’ War, France lost pretty much all their colonial possessions in the West Indies and the Americas. Their army just wasn’t modern enough anymore. Their big problem was their artillery wasn’t mobile enough. Then the Revolution happens, they’re fighting a war on multiple fronts with Britain, Austria and the Netherlands, while facing internal strife left and right, and it looks like they’re going down in flames. Then, they muster up, revamp the army and pull brilliant victories out of these failing wars, unite the country and come out with the strongest army in Europe once again.
  • I am convinced that whatever friendship the fandom thinks Gilbert and Francis have is based solely off the strips of the War of Austrian Succession, which was virtually the only time they were allies. Frankly I think they can probably barely stand each other, they’ve been at war constantly and everything about their cultures seems to conflict.
  • They had a special exhibit on Franco-German relations from 1870-1871 (Franco-Prussian War) and like Prussia went out of its way to humiliate France after provoking them into a war they lost. Paris was under siege for 132 days before they signed an armistice, and even though they hadn’t formally capitulated, Prussia more or less forced them to allow the Prussians a victory parade through Paris, and they made them sign the treaty ending the war in Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors. The French were so incensed they deposed Napoleon III and installed a new, elected monarch, and declared the war wasn’t their fault because it was on the head of the old regime. So Gilbert thinks he’s really getting Francis, and he is for a while, but then Francis kicks Napoleon III to the curb and says “Ah well the loss was his fault so it’s not my problem anymore” and moves on with his life.
  • Have you ever wondered what your child Hetalia muse wore when they went to war? Because now I know and I will share pictures when I have better internet. The children’s army on display was obviously never used for warfare, but Francis wasn’t that lucky :’)
  • I just want to reiterate that it took six united coalitions of Europe to defeat Napoleon I the first time, and that they had to unite a seventh time to get him at Waterloo. Also that Francis wanted to personally rip out the man’s esophagus by the time he landed in exile.
  • I really feel that WWI was the strongest bonding moment Francis and Arthur had. Like, I’m sure during the Belle Epoch and around the signing of the Entente Cordiale they felt some sort of grudging friendship, but the shit they went through in the trenches brought them together in a way that might’ve taken a hundred years otherwise. It just broke down barriers between them because they didn’t have the strength to keep up their respective facades in the face of such intense warfare and they became emotionally intimate in a way they never had been before.
  • Things the Nations most likely dealt with during the course of WWI: temporary deafness from canon fire, temporary blindness from mustard gas, missing limbs from artillery, trench foot, shrapnel injuries, frostbite.
  • During WWII, the life expectancy of a Resistance radio operator was two weeks. Two. Weeks. And France was still active on the African front with the Free French Army, even before the liberation of France began. So let’s put an end to the idea that France did nothing during the war and was just hanging around waiting for Britain and America to save him.
  • The museum actually focused more on the African front than any WWII display I’ve seen so far so that was cool. French North Africa contributed a lot of soldiers (under the banner “Senegalese” although they came from all over North Africa) and they had some kickin’ uniforms
  • Bless them they had some Ottoman stuff in there too that was neat to see also
  • Jfc France’s history after the Revolution is so fucking confusing it’s like “If it’s Tuesday Louis-Phillippe d’Orleans must be on the throne
He told me that we couldn’t fix what was already broken.
I told him that broken crayons still color.
He said no one wants to deal with that. It’s much easier to just find new crayons. Throw the old ones away.
And you wonder why I still feel like trash.
—  You threw me away.
I feel like an NPC character when...

I’m on register at work:
~waits patiently behind counter with absent smile until a customer walks close enough and/or shows necessary amount of interest
~has a set script of prompts in my head to follow during transactions
~cheerful yet non-descript customer service voice and can repeat same exact tone infinitely.
~breaking from prompts or skipping through parts may cause minor glitches, such as accidentally repeating the same prompt again or completely skipping necessary ones
~absentmindedly tends to my area using the same five or so actions in a continuous loop until new person arrives
~Abnormally knowledgeable in my craft
~wears same outfit every day
~Nothing unusual phases me
~walking away and coming back is like a brand new interaction. I have little to no memory of you

Too late…

Dedicated to certain members of the skk discord group (you know who you are) who have been screaming for crying Dazai since weeks ago

p.s. I made my own insta (yulicechan) so don’t repost my art without permission anymore T_T

when ppl describe having bpd as “literal hell” and all the sudden ur spiraling into panic bc is my life actually hell?? if it’s not, do i Not have bpd??? am i making this all up???? what does “normal” even feel like??? is what i’m feeling “normal”???? is my functioning even at all impaired, or is my level of dysfunction “normal”??????? did things used to feel worse????? bc i can’t remember at all what i’ve felt before????????? who would i be without my bpd label???? who am i???? am i ok??????????

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Ooh in that case a 10 times sex went hilariously wrong list??

top 10 times things went wrong during sex!!

Could you do a Top 10 With the FUN STORIES ABOUT THINGS GOING WRONG DURING SEX? This is from the ASK about Yuuri more silly and confident.

You mentioned “amusing ‘things going wrong during sex’ stories” and now I’m wondering if that could be made into a top ten list? (≧∇≦)

Top ten ‘things going wrong during sex’ stories!!!!!!

 Since you mentioned it in a previous ask, would you mind doing a top 10 things going wrong and / or funny things which happened during Victor and Yuuri having sex? :P

 The Top 10 ‘things going wrong during sex’ stories should definitely be a thing, but i’m not going to press you to write more (even if not explicit) sex scenes. But it would be and absolutely hilarious topic (and it would be definitely be commented in some drunk-ish after party, just let it on Chris hands). 


wow, you guys really wanted this one so I bumped it to the top of the queue! 


Top 10 Times Things Went Wrong During Sex:

10) One time they were in a single bed and Yuuri was riding Viktor but halfway through Viktor decided to flip them over so that he was on top. The only problem was that he was used to having a king-sized bed and so instead of rolling them over he just dumped them both on the floor instead. It took Yuuri five full minutes to stop laughing

9) In reference to one of my previous top tens, during their first visit to Yuuri’s parents Yuuri refused to have sex at all in his parent’s house surrounded by his family. And Viktor totally respected that but after two weeks of blue balls he and Yuuri were taking Vicchan and Makkachin for a walk on the beach and he basically jumped Yuuri, who was very down with that idea. Which was great in the moment but afterwards Yuuri kept giving him death glares like ‘I have sand in my clothes, I have sand in my hair I have sand in places where sand is never supposed to be’.

8) During their second visit to the onsen, Yuuri refused to have sex in the onsen itself but Viktor did manage to convince Yuuri to let Viktor give him a blowjob after they got out of the water. But since they had just spent a really long time in very hot water and most of Yuuri’s blood was…not in his head, he ended up fainting at a really not opportune moment. Viktor freaked out and was terrified that Yuuri was seriously hurt but he woke up after a couple of seconds and Mari just stuck a cold cloth on his head, told him to suck it up and smirked at them both because Yuuri had been using the hot springs since he was a kid so she knew their story about him fainting from it just being too hot was complete bullshit.

7) Once they were being pretty athletic and adventurous which was going great until Viktor accidentally pulled a muscle and Yuuri teased him mercilessly about being an old man who couldn’t keep up with his athlete boyfriend anymore. The main problem came when Viktor had to explain to people at the rink how he pulled a muscle because neither of them wanted to tell the truth. Everyone figured it out anyway.

6) Once Viktor forgot to lock the bedroom door and Makkachin jumped onto the bed between them mid sex. They both screamed and jumped apart and it completely ruined the mood and then they couldn’t bring themselves to push Makkachin off the bed and lock him out again to continue because he looked too happy.

5) There was a time when Viktor convinced Yuuri to try being blindfolded which Yuuri decided to try out. But they didn’t bet on Yuuri being really jumpy without his vision and prone to startling so at one point Viktor leant down to give him a blowjob without warning him first and he jerked on instinct and accidentally kicked Viktor in the face. It took them about 10 minutes to stop the nosebleed but they were able to laugh about it afterwards once Yuuri stopped panicking.

4) They were once in the shower together and Viktor decided to try and pick Yuuri up like in chapter 13. Except he didn’t account for the fact that it is a lot harder to pick someone up in the shower surrounded by water and so he slipped, dropped Yuuri and broke their shower rack by grabbing onto it to try and stay upright.

3) Yuuri really likes pulling Viktor’s hair during sex and Viktor really likes getting his hair pulled during sex. But one time Yuuri pulled a bit too hard and accidentally yanked some of Viktor’s hair out. It was only a few strands and didn’t actually hurt that much but they then had to stop because Yuuri needed to comfort an inconsolable Viktor over the fact that he thought that he was losing his hair.

2) At the start of their relationship Viktor did a lot of the dirty talk which they’re both really into. But he was really keen for Yuuri to try it too. But Yuuri wasn’t that confident at the beginning and he could never think about what to say and felt really awkward so he was never confident enough to do it. So one day during sex Viktor suggested that Yuuri try dirty talking in Japanese to see if he felt more comfortable doing it that way (and because Viktor has a very badly hidden language kink). But Yuuri kind of panicked and just blurted out the first thing that came into his mind which was ‘I love katsudon’. Viktor didn’t speak fluent Japanese but he still recognised the word Katsudon and so they had to stop because he was laughing too hard to continue. He managed to convince Yuuri that it was actually pretty hilarious after a while of Yuuri being mortified and it became a private joke between them.

1) At one point Yuuri started to get a bit more open and comfortable with asking to try out new things with Viktor, who is ecstatic about it. One of the things he suggested was trying out handcuffs but he got really embarrassed and just bought the first cheap pair that he could find. Everything went fine until after they were finished when it turned out that the locking mechanism had jammed which meant that neither the key nor the emergency switch worked. So Viktor was stuck handcuffed to the bed and they were both way too embarrassed to call anyone for help. They eventually managed to get them off and laughed about it once it was over. Later Viktor bought Yuuri some high quality handcuffs as a present and made him promise never to use cheap sex toys again.

NHL!Bitty - Origin: From Samwell to Seattle

(I haven’t posted any of my background stuff on how Bitty gets from Samwell to the Schooners, so here’s my bullet point breakdown of how/when/why)

Part I - Hug Check | Part II - Chirping | Part III - Post-Season

- Senior year, Bitty is the first openly gay NCAA captain of any men’s sport. When Samwell wins the Frozen Four, commentators start speculating on him being a draft prospect. Jack isn’t out yet.

- ‘Get Bittle in the NHL’ goes viral as an equality issue and the NHL is under pressure to recruit him, which creates this divisive ‘is he really good enough to play’/’the league is homophobic’ situation among fans and within the NHL.

- Bitty gets a lot of heat from all sides and Jack is really worried about his bf, who is living every coming-out fear Jack’s ever had. The Falcs can’t recruit Bitty because Jack has already disclosed their relationship to management, so Jack can’t protect Bitty.

- Things go downhill quickly after a hacker leaks a series of emails between the Commissioner and several owners, wherein he says an AHL franchise needs to ‘take one for the team’ and recruit Bittle so the NHL won’t have to deal with the ‘problem’ anymore. 

- The league course-corrects hard and is bending over backward to get Bitty to sign off on their official apology, but Bitty is disgusted by the whole process and doesn’t want to participate in the draft just to make the league look better. He isn’t planning to go pro at all, and now he’s hesitant to move to Providence with Jack, concerned that he might accidentally out Jack and land him with the same PR problems. 

- Bitty goes back to Georgia the summer after he graduates. 

- After things calm down a bit, Bitty gets a call from the new Schooners owner, a progressive tech billionaire who hates the NHL commissioner and genuinely wants to sell Bitty on Seattle. Unsure of himself and his relationship, Bitty agrees to the meeting… 

- And surprise! Bitty loves Seattle, the team, the ownership group, the food, everything. Even less of a surprise, the team loves Bitty and offers him a two-year contract with an option for renewal.

- The distance hurts, but it actually makes things easier because the risk of Jack being outed is much less if he’s not sharing an apartment with Bitty.  

- Bitty understands now why Jack needs to prove himself before he comes out, the same way Bitty needs to prove himself now. Jack deserves that buffer, and Bitty can help in his own small way.

- At the same time, after seeing how Bitty was treated Jack doesn’t want to come out until his boyfriend is established enough that he won’t be remembered as ‘that gay hockey player’ or ‘Jack Zimmermann’s boyfriend’. They’re just two dumb boys looking out for each other. They agree to revisit coming out together after Bitty’s two-year contract ends.

- Bitty’s rookie year is a hell of an adjustment, he billets with d-man called Carter Morin who is a year younger than Bitty but still has three pro seasons under his belt. Carter is convinced Bitty will be a target because of his size and sexuality, so he becomes obsessed with teaching Bitty how to ‘defend’ himself. This basically boils down to lessons in ‘how to play dirty and not get caught’.

- During these lessons, Bitty realizes he has a lot of anger he’s not dealing with. He’s pissed about being marginalized by the league, the press that won’t stay out of his and Jack’s business, he’s pissed he can’t publicly be with his boyfriend, he’s furious WBC are planning to picket his first home game. He has years of repressed southern rage and he doesn’t have to play nice to make bad people feel good. Not anymore.

- Off the ice Bitty is a perfect gentleman, does tons of outreach, fundraising, he visits hospitals and coaches day-camps, after that first season he’s a fan favorite, but on the ice Bitty slowly becomes a living embodiment of ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’; he’s a good player, everyone knows it, but now he’s absolutely ruthless and spends his fair share of time in the penalty box, initially for defending himself, later for defending others. 

- During a particularly aggressive Schooners game, a commentator jokingly describes a post-fight Bitty as Bob’s spiritual successor, coining the term ‘Bad Bittle’. Bob is elated, Jack is horrified.

- Bitty ultimately makes friends on the team, builds a following, and becomes an integral part in building Seattle’s fledgling franchise into a championship team.

- Schooners take the cup in Bitty’s second year and Jack is surprisingly okay with his boyfriend getting a ring before him, it means they’re one step closer to being untouchable

- The Falconers dethrone the Schooners the following season and win the championship. Jack and Bitty come out/marry on Jack’s cup day. They don’t wear wedding bands, they wear their cup rings.

You know when the teacher is doing attendance and you call out “here” but you’re not actually here if you know what I mean?