not a post it

  • Yuuri: ok y’all how do i ask a boy out
  • Phichit: roses are red, violets are blue
  • Phicit: guess what, my bed
  • Phichit: has room for two
  • Yuuri: OH MY GOD NO
  • Phichit: twinkle twinkle little star
  • Phichit: we can do it in a car
  • Yuuri: STOP IT
  • Phichit: row, row, row your boat
  • Phichit: gently down the stream
  • Phichit: merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
  • Phichit: i can make you scream

whenever lance and hunk stay up late together they make some profound realization about life and tell everyone. some things the others have heard: “donuts are the reincarnation of god,” “dogs are like humans but with less hands,” and “time doesn’t exist so go ahead and drink seven gallons of red bull, it can’t affect you in the future because there is no future.”