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I feel like every show has to make one of the main characters have an evil clone or inner evil that causes half the conflict for the series or even just the episode in which the evil itself appeared in (although I honestly have to admit Spike and Bipper’s cases are more like possessed than anything else so I still count it but whatever if anyone has any objections it’s cool)


Three days have passed since Applejack experienced a growth spurt after assisting Twilight Sparkle in a royal pillowfight. To keep her friend safe in the furious battle, Twilight outfitted Applejack with enchanted garments that greatly amplified one’s inherent magical properties. While the garments kept Applejack alive and even a force to be reckoned with, they effectively unleashed her natural magic and she managed to accidentally grow herself. 

A lot. 

For the foreseeable future Applejack is stuck because, being the one to ‘cast’ the spell, she is also the only one that can undo it. Twilight seeks to keep everything a secret among her closest friends and the mayor for as long as she can but it’s only a matter of time before the Big Apple is discovered.

When you see leaks for the next episode of your cartoon.

Bundle Up

And since I went through all the trouble, here’s GIF version. 

So let me tell you little about it, You know when you have a cat, and they’re sleeping, and you poke them and they activate? Cat owners know what I mean. 
Well, that’s where the inspiration came from. hahah!

Love you guys~ Stay warm this winter!


Another Komikuko/Alphedhel comic! 

I was talking to @Alphedhel about how the kids in bnha never hype up for Present Mic, but that if these were real life teenagers they’d totally be down for it, hyping up - maybe even some guy whipping his shirt around in the crowd.

Anyway, we got to thinking and we both agreed that if anyone would do this, it would be an American student. Instead of creating an oc we decided to go with canonically American student Pony Tsunotori from class 1B for convenience.

And we went ham!

En Español (X)


INKTOBER 19 & 20
Forest God Luna
Nightwalker Tantabus
Princess Lunanoke Full Board

Princess Mononoke is my favorite Miyazaki movie, so I rewatched the movie while I payed tribute through drawing Luna as the forest god and Nightwalker. They were drawn next to each other on the same bristol board. (These are also two of my favorite works from the Inktober challenge, and also the longest worked on)