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…wait, aren’t we magical talking horses? Why do we need planes anyway?

Happy Fifth Anniversary everypony! I can’t believe we are still here after five years! Here’s hoping for another five!

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Art Contest!

AY! It’s my boi Fain’s birthday on April 13th!

I’m holding a little fanart contest for him because he doesn’t get a lot of love and I’m a selfish woman.

-Deadline is the 13th of April
-He doesn’t have a cutie mark at the moment so don’t draw him with one if you’re looking at other references
-He HAS to wear at least a neck accessory, but he’s known to wear full Victorian ensembles. (See Alois and Ciel from Black Butler for examples)
-DO NOT draw him smiling

There will be three winners! The three winners will get an outfit personally designed for their oc and showing them wearing it! Like the example belooww!

A bit about Fain:
-He IS a crystal pony! (he’s just unhappy so he doesn’t sparkle much)
-Young and very intelligent
-Loves tea, reading, and classical music
-Plays the harp, piano, and violin
-A sad smol boy (short and malnourished)
-He’s tired :’) (dark circles under eyes)
-He’s rich as heck
-Kinda pretty tho

Have fun with my pretty boy! I hope people will consider joining ;w; <3



So here are all the suggestions for this weekend’s daily doodles, and it seems a lot of y’all really wanna see some MILFS, don’t cha?

The MILFS can’t be contained for too long now, but you’ll have to wait a bit more cuz i’ll be drawing them starting next Monday.

 “Why?” you may ask, well, simply cuz there are too many top tier MILFS, and the weekend isn’t long enough for all of them.

Meanwhile, for this weekend’s doodles i’ll go with the Pie Sisters minus Pinkie. (Making all that voting thing a complete waste of time. Yeah!)

If you want, you can also reply/reblog this post with your favorite MLP MILF to see who gets drawn first next week!