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Omg she’s so funny… She’s so happy rn. I’m so proud and happy for her. She turns my world a better place. I really love this girl.

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Hey I've been wondering is there a high volume of communists on this site? I know there's a few communities running around but I've never seen them that much online (though it's also true that I basically live under a rock). (And who the bleep are these people you've been mentioning who praise Stalin? O_o)

Tumblr itself is quite left-leaning site, not fully communist, (as majority of users are on left side of the politicial scale), but sadly communists on this site are extremely vocal.

People who are proud to call themselves as commies on this site are very loud, obnoxious and rude.  They glorify various communist states, and when told of the atrocities of USSR, China or North Korea for example, their answer is “Stalin/Mao/Kim dynasty didn’t kill enough people” and they in general seem to think people from communist countries “should know better” and “know their place”.

It’s funny to see part of the communist tumblr label the extremists as “tankies”, trying to distance themselves from said “tankies” but not even lifting a finger to do anything for that.

It ain’t anything wrong with being on the left side of the political scale, as socialism doesn’t automatically equal to communism. Communism is just extreme far end of the socialism scale.


@angryblkpansy im so proud to be able to call you my best friend for almost 3 years now. it makes me so happy that you’ll finally be able to freely create the life that you have always wanted, far from a place and people that have caused you great pain and sorrow that you have never deserved. now is the time for new beginnings. it hurts so much to know that you wont be with me anymore, but knowing that you will be safe and thriving and surrounded by people who love and support you heals me. i love you so much Jahleel. my Tyler The Creator to my Earl “Forehead” Sweatshirt, Spongebob me boy to my Patrick… uhhh… damn who else do we compare ourselves to? there’s too many damn memes that have survived this friendship lmao. anyways I LUH YOU BIIIIIITTTCH I AINT EVER GONNA STOP LOVIN YOU BIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!! have a save flight and know that you will always have a home with me. :) ✈️💖🏡♂️♂️

God is working on my heart. Specifically my impatience and pride. I remember how proud I was in high school as Student Body VP and then President. I was captain of the tennis team in my senior year and won the Student of the Year award. My cumulative GPA was over a 4.0. I was so so proud. I wasn’t going to a prestigious college but it was a place I knew I loved.

When I got to college and realized I had to make something of myself, I freaked out a little. I struggled without the immediate support of my family, and I isolated myself. I almost went home. As I got used to it, I grew to take two leadership positions and had five jobs throughout my three years there, working two at a time. I studied abroad, I came back a better person and finished my senior year with the best grades I’ve ever gotten. Now I’m out of college a year early and God is keeping me in a period of waiting.

Often times as I’m discouraged searching for jobs and failing to hear back. I sit and wonder how I could possibly be doing so terribly at this. I think about how my experience isn’t enough or what I could have done to stand out more. I apply for jobs I’m overqualified for that don’t require a degree, and I don’t get called back.

However, I refuse to give up. I refuse to let my pride get in the way, and instead of being frustrated at the amount of rejections I’ve gotten, I try and try and try. God is keeping me waiting for a good thing. He may not provide me with the job I think I want, but it will be the job I need. And for now I’ll continue to search, pray and trust.

He has provided before, and he will do so again. The worst thing I can do is feel discouraged.

was moving my tv from the bedroom to the living room because i’ve been cooped up in bed all day and my cat tripped me, putting into place a terrible series of chain reactions that led to the prongs on my AV cables being BROKEN OFF INSIDE OF MY TV… after like half an hour and several hot needles I managed to pull them out but now I have no AV cable and no AV cable means no Animal Crossing 😭

Something happened 63 years ago that’s haunted me my entire life. I’ve never told anyone about it—until now

Story by reddit user  Sergeant_Darwin

It’s official: I’m an old man.

For the last couple years, I’ve comforted myself by saying I’m in my “early 70s,” but math is simple and unforgiving. Today is my 75th birthday, and God, the years do fly.

I’m not here for your well wishes; this is hardly a milestone I’m excited about. I’m glad to still be here, of course, but I find I have less and less to live for with every passing year. My bones ache, my kids live far away, and the other side of my bed has been empty for just over eight months now. In fact, once I cast my vote against that goddamned Trump this November, I may have nothing to live for at all.

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#who would have thought that our grumpy alec #our closeted gay son #would have finally come to his terms and accepted himself #accepted who he was #and embraced his feeling for magnus #who would have thought that he would have probably hold magnus’ hands in a crowded place like tokyo #and would have suggested to take domestic cute pics in something so mundane like a photobooth #honestly i am sorry #i’m just having a lot of alec’s feels at the moment #i am so proud of my son and how far he got  #it’s probably because hiatus is gonna hit us like a train in 2 hours or so and i AM NOT READY TO SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN

Harry: Malfoy…

Draco: No, don’t even think about it.

Harry: We’ve been here for hours!

Draco: So I’m sure you can wait a couple more.

Harry: It doesn’t have to mean anything. Just a quick peck and –

Draco: I don’t want a quick peck.

Harry: Alright, I’ll use tongue then.

Draco: Potter! Don’t be crass.

Harry: I’m tired. And I’m hungry. And my legs hurt. So I’ll be as crass as I want, thank you very much.

Draco: So uncivilized.

Harry: At least I’m not such a proud snob that I can’t even lower myself to kiss someone just for a second.

Draco: The mistletoe can only hold us in place for seven hours so we’re already halfway there. Stop being so impatient.

Harry: Come on, Malfoy. I want to go to bed. Just let me kiss you.

Draco: No.

Harry: Why are you being so difficult about this? It’s just a kiss.

Draco: It’s not just a kiss, Potter. It’s never just a kiss.

Harry: What does that mean?

Draco: It means I am not kissing you.

Harry: Come on, it could be fun.

Draco: What did you just say?

Harry: I’ve been told I have a wicked tongue.

Draco: Potter! Stop. I can’t unhear that. What is wrong with you?

Harry: You’re really going to make us stand here for another three hours?

Draco: The mistletoe is making us stand here, Potter.

Harry: You’re infuriating.

Harry: Free at last! No thanks to you, Mal -  

 Draco: Do you still want to kiss me?

Harry: Excuse me?

Draco: I’m asking if you would be amenable to us kissing now, Potter?

Harry: You want to kiss me?

Draco: Yes. If –

Harry: So we’ve been standing here all night and now you’re telling me you want to kiss me?

Draco: Yes.

Harry: Are you having me on?

Draco: You haven’t answered my question. Are you amenable – “

Harry: Why didn’t you let me kiss you before?

Draco: I don’t want you to kiss me because you have to. I want you to kiss me because you want to.

Harry: You bloody bastard! Why didn’t you say this earlier? We could have solved this in two seconds if you just told me this. WE’VE BEEN STANDING HERE FOR SEVEN HOURS.

Draco: There’s no need to shout. If you’re not amenable to –

Harry: I AM AMENABLE. THAT’S WHAT I’M TELLING YOU. You made us wait seven hours for nothing. I’ve wanted to kiss you long before we got stuck under this stupid mistletoe.

Draco: Oh.

Harry: Seven hours. I can’t believe you.

Draco: Does this mean I can kiss you now?

Harry: No. Come find me in another seven hours and –

Draco: Potter!

Harry: Fine. But only because I can’t bear to wait any longer. Seven hours. You absolute twat.


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Kitzom: You gotta bring out the gun show Coran my man.


NCT as always, being amazing ♡

The signs as old Disney Channel shows
  • Aries: That's So Raven
  • Taurus: The Proud Family
  • Gemini: Hannah Montana
  • Cancer: Even Stevens
  • Leo: Sonny With A Chance
  • Virgo: Lizzie McGuire
  • Libra: Phil Of The Future
  • Scorpio: Kim Possible
  • Sagittarius: American Dragon: Jake Long
  • Capricorn: Life With Derek
  • Aquarius: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • Pisces: Wizards of Waverly Place

My creative energy is a fickle, fickle monster, apparently, and today it has decided to bless me. Or curse me I’m not sure

@miraculousfluffmonth Day 8: New. 

“The new intern at Father’s company… well, he’d mentioned her being in school, but I hadn’t imagined her being around my age. Do you think I could… befriend her?”

-Adrien to the butterflies as he hurriedly changes into regular clothes to go make a good impression, probably


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