not a pig anymore

for my now girl

she’s picking leaves off trees
they’re tired, she says
she’s chewing pepto gum

she’s growing, up
combing palms fronds
they prefer Mohawks

she’s etching hearts in trees
for later she says

but we both know that doesn’t exist

we’ve gathered her blanket with satin trim
we’ve clearance to bring her dog, I hold back
the impulse to say he won’t understand
his tail has been down for weeks, his ears
curled like pigs asking for longer? still?
he doesn’t bark at anyone anymore
the neighbors sigh relief as I wipe tears

he waits on her bed when we leave, scurries
on return, his nails scratching hard floors
he bumps his wet nose on her little hand
and he walks beside me back to her bed
I lift her tiny frame, too light, too close
to flight, and he gets me
he lays down on top of her, holding her down
one more day Oh God!

Can’t you have someone else?

my friends say, they’ve made such progress these days
but her eyes are getting too dark, too big
she looks older than she’ll ever be
and she won’t ask now, Will I get better?

she lets me carry her, lets him climb on top
she whispers like a butterfly between
throwing up
it’s okay, I’ve seen it, you know
it’s so pretty there, and there’s so much room

I look at pictures to remember
what color her hair was, so fine spun gold

and how is it no one else sees?
just me and sweet little Doggie Boy
we’ve had since she was a toddler

just me and her dog
carrying her along
Oh God! Oh God!
Can’t she stay? Can’t she stay?


So I was thinking back to something that happened in Grade 4, and realized I could see that kind of thing happening to Craig and Tweek.

Me and this other guy were left alone outside the classroom with our class guinea pig. I was a little freaked out by it, and the guy told me, “Hey it’s ok look how cute he is”, and laid down on the floor and put the guinea pig on his face. 2 seconds later it peed in his ear.

Signs As The Simpson's Movie Quotes
  • Aries: "You will be known as chicken for life, when you wake up in the morning i'll say good morning chicken, and at your wedding i'll say *chicken noises*"
  • Taurus: "Bananas are an excellent source of potassium"
  • Gemini: "He's not spider pig anymore, he's Harry Plopper"
  • Cancer: "Just keep going, I can't keep going, Yes You can, No i can't, Oh shut up, No you shut up, No you, No you, Oh real mature, How could you say that? Oh what's the point?"
  • Leo: "You can't kill him if he's wearing people clothes"
  • Virgo: "Spider pig spider pig does whatever a spider pig does"
  • Libra: "If you can find a greasier sandwich, you're in Mexico"
  • Scorpio: "I'm using a red arrow so I know who I kill"
  • Sagittarius: "Thank you boob lady"
  • Capricorn: "A certain someone had a senior moment, and that's okay because we love him and we got a free rug out of it"
  • Aquarius: "I want bananas on my waffles!"
  • Pisces: "I'm pretty sure 1000 is a number"

okay so like overbrewed masterpost


Soldier 76: owner and manager. acts strict bc he cares about his cafe and its reputation, but also cares about his employees.

Winston: manager, does a lot of baking, is the manger you go to when you fucked up/need some mercy. 

Ana: used to be a manager, went into retirement after an injury. still stops by to harass jack about how he runs his business. still makes the best damn cup of coffee anyone’s ever had.

McCree: works part time. flirts with his manager.

Tracer: does deliveries, but will take your shift at the counter if you ask her to. taking a gap year to save up money for university. jack keeps yelling at her to stop wearing heelys. she does not stop wearing heelys.

Junkrat: got the job through his parole officer. actually a really good barista, but will fight with customers if you dont keep an eye on him.

Roadhog: keeps an eye on jamie. is glad jamie isn’t in prison anymore. makes cute pig cappuccino art. sometimes you can catch him humming along to the music they play in the cafe.

Pharah: is the only one who can figure out how the security system works. her life is “justice is served” puns. tries to do her job quickly, properly, and precisely.

Torbjorn: constantly trying to “improve” the coffee maker. only comes into work like once a year.

Reinhardt: quit his job at a starbucks, started working at the local cafe. loves his job. best at dealing with annoying or aggressive customers.

Mei: is the best at making iced coffee. she tells everyone the secret is using milk ice cubes. that is not the secret. she still makes the best iced coffee.

Lucio: runs the cafe’s social media site with dva. picks the music that plays over the speakers, sometimes slips in stuff from his mixtape. 

D.Va: runs the cafe’s social media site with lucio. makes enough money from her streams & youtube channel that she can work whatever hours she wants. Does videos to advertise the cafe/winston’s baked goods.


Reaper: owner and manager. trying to keep his understaffed business running.

Widowmaker: hates her job. hates her life. in love with the rival cafe’s delivery girl.

McCree: works part time. flirts with his manager.


Mercy: worked at overwatch when she was a med student. stops by a lot to get coffee for her late nights at the hospital.

Zarya: stops at overwatch on her way home from the gym to get iced coffee.

Symmetra: likes the coffee at overwatch, but doesn’t like its employees. leaves negative reviews on yelp.

Hanzo: doesn’t talk about his brother. is a regular at both overwatch and talon - he checks to see which one mcree is working at before he decides.

Genji: doesn’t talk to his brother. works at Teavana, has a crush on his cute coworker.

Zenyatta: genji’s cute coworker. college student, majoring in philosophy and social sciences. they do yoga together. 

Bastion: a coffee maker.

A Few Words About Kanae’s German in Chapter 51

Borg = castrated boar
It’s a very old word and not in use anymore! It literally just means “castrated male pig”, not pig fucker or anything like that. We don’t even have a word like that.

Ya is a misspelled Ja, which means Yes.
It’s basically pronounced the same way, that’s why this mistake happens pretty often. I still remember people writing Attack on Titan’s Eren Jäger as Eren Yaeger. Same mistake.

On a side note:
In chapter 12, Kanae remarks that Haise would be “a ridiculous name” and Imperial Scans’ translator’s note says “Heisse is a German verb that means to be called.” That’s kind of half-true. The correct infinitive is heißen.
is the first singular person like in Ich heiße … = I’m called …
It’s probably just peanuts, but it kind of bothered me …


Sunset walk in the village last night. There were so many colors of flowers everywhere. Everybody came out of their house to sit at the bay. There was a group of women sitting in a circle singing and playing ukelele. Cedar isn’t scared to bike anymore. There are now 3 mini pigs in the village and they were cute as ever. Every dog was roaming freely. Happy spring.

I’m so tired of condescending liberal nonsense bullshit like “Well how do we stop cops from murdering people?” You fucking disarm them. You begin to starve their resources and move directly to publicly supported accountability and restorative justice measures and you get universities to do research on effective means of addressing behavior and you do these things until police don’t exist anymore because all that pigs are good for is making money and killing people.

The reason I have not been replying to these bullshit comments (usually from white people) on my posts about police violence is because I want to give these people room to grow and we were all liberals once and I believe that they deserve to be treated kindly and answered with respect but I want them to understand how deeply and emotionally painful it is for me to sit across the table from someone who thinks me asking for solutions being implemented immediately to stop the killing of people who look JUST LIKE my little siblings and my mother and my father and my friends and family is ridiculous when all I’m saying is “I want people like me to stop dying.”