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Marichat May Day 7: Happy Pawing

He took a nap once and Marinette discovered he was a cat even in his sleep. She couldnt miss the opportunity and recorded it. So he traced a plan to get his revenge…

…but it kind of backfired.

[ 02.05.16 • 4/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY ]
4 days till my exams yikes D: my first exam isn’t even geography but the subject is so content heavy so I’m studying first even though I have 8 days to the exam ahhhh
didn’t really bother putting a super nice set-up for the picture because meh
good luck to those having their mid-years or their finals!!

This website has become nothing but a bunch of blogs getting followers by re-uploading pictures, deleting the original source and then spamming deceiving advertisement. meh

parttimeslave  asked:

Hey bb <3 you know I'm gonna request ut!sansy in 'Cool Sunsets' :) Can't wait to see all the cool things you come up with for the pallet challenge!

Here ya go babe (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and thank you dearie!! <3

Must say this one turned out really damn well! especially the colouring on his face~