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autistic pidge headcanons because im procatinating on homework

  • she was one of those “gifted and talented” kids all throughout elementary school, but once she hit sixth grade her grades kinda plummeted for a while because she stopped finding all her classes interesting and her executive dysfunction kicked in because of that
  • she hated school projects, especially english ones. the instructions were too vague but she felt embarrassed to ask her teacher to go over literally everything on the rubric just for clarification.
  • the girl needs a chew toy. if she had one, she would probably gnaw on it until it was ripped and ragged. but since she doesn’t she ends up clenching her jaw unconsciously a lot, which has actually led to her having some dental problems 
  • her favorite visual stim videos are those ones where people poke/crush floam or slime. the crunch sound some of them make is just A++++ to her and she gets disappointed when there is no crunch.
  • she has echolalia. she’ll repeat new words that she just learned, or will usually repeat back what someone just said to her. she mostly does this with hunk, who realizes that she likes repeating things so when he talks he’ll sometimes come up with something that’s fun to say just incase she wants to repeat it.
  • sometimes she’ll echolalize her own name with this rhyme she made up. it starts with her just saying “pidge” and then she’ll go “pidge podge” and then “pidge podge pudge” and she’ll just continue it with the rest of the vowels in the alphabet. she only does this when she’s sure she’s 1000000% alone though. 
  • she can pass really well as a neurotypical due to how she’s watched them a lot and knows how to copy their responses and reactions to things. sometimes she’s too good at acting neurotypical and gets frustrated with NTs when they don’t respond in the usual neurotypical way, because it’s basically like they’re breaking script on her and she gets really confused.
  • she has terrible volume control at times. usually, she’s good. she can keep her voice down with no problem. but say she’s out at a restaurant with her friends or something, and is really excited? forget it, she’s practically yelling 
  • she will info dump on you like there’s no tomorrow, if you hang out with her long enough. just wait like twenty minutes after some casual conversation and soon she’ll be talking your ear off about her latest invention or the most recent tech information she learned.
  • she will love you forever if you let her info dump on you
  • her stim kit consists of a piece of yarn, a beaded bracelet, and a clicking pen. still no chew toy. she hasn’t changed anything in it since she was nine and she really needs to. 
  • she relates a lot to keith, who is also autistic, and lance, who has adhd, and they bond over #JustNeurodivergentThings together (just like i mentioned in my autistic keith headcanons post)
So you think I can hear..?

 “You’re not really d/Deaf/HOH, you hear me just fine.”

If I had a dime for everyone who’s ever told me that…                                       Here’s what’s more than likely happening during what you perceive as me “hearing”:

1. I’m relying solely on social cues. Luckily for us d/Deaf/HOH, 93% of communicaton is non-verbal. Basically if you laugh, I laugh, and no one ever knows I missed the joke (..again).

2. I’ve known the speaker for a long time. We all have those topics we can (and do) talk about for hours on end. And the longer I’ve known you, the better I’ll be able to use your favorite topics to figure out what you’re saying.

3. ‘Neutral’ answers. “Yeah”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “Yeah, I get that”.. I’ve got a whole list of responses that can easily trick you into believing I have some idea of what you’re saying.

4. Mad Libs. Did you ever play mad libs as a kid? You know the one.. every so many words you insert a random one and you get a story that doesn’t make any sense? Yeah, being d/Deaf/HOH is pretty much just like that. 

5. Silence. You probably didn’t notice, you almost never do, but I haven’t said a word in 20 minutes. I gave up on trying to understand this conversation a long time ago and I’m really just planning what I’m gonna eat later.

6. Again with the social cues. Remember that whole non-verbal communication thing? Yeah, I probably use it even more than you do. Head nodding, and smiling works like a charm to get a girl through your incoherent story telling.

7. Just this once.. On this rare occasion I actually heard what you said; that happens sometimes.. But you’re still a jerk for dismissing my struggles, feelings, and identity. 

The Quarry Part 4 *Requested*

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Angst/Drama

Words: 1,100

It was already dark outside and you were beginning to get worried that Daryl wasn’t back yet. You were so pissed at Marc for starting this whole thing. Daryl meant so much to you and the fact that Marc might have been able to ruin your chances with him made you even more furious. You sat on top of the RV and scanned the property, searching for any signs of Daryl.

Finally, you saw him break through the thick bush. You smiled and hurriedly made your way over to him. “I’m so glad you’re alright. I was wondering when you were going to get back.” you said, about to hug him but he dodged it. “What’s wrong?” you asked with a frown. “I ain’t doin’ this anymore. This was a mistake.” he mumbled, motioning between the both of you.

“This is because of Marc isn’t it?” you asked as anger edged your voice. “Him and I are NOT together. That ended forever ago, he was the biggest mistake I ever made.” you told him and he didn’t answer, so you asked again “is this because of Marc?”. “No.” he said flatly. “Can you at least tell me what it is than?” you pleaded. “I just don’t care about ya.” he answered looking at the floor. “Ha, you can’t even say that to my face.” you said, shaking your head. He grabbed your shoulders and looked you straight in the eye. “I do not love you.” he said enunciating each word. He let go of you and headed back towards the woods.

You felt like the breath was knocked out of you. You stood there for a few long minutes, trying to regain your composure. You replayed the conversation over and over again in your mind. “Wait a minute.. did he say.. love?” you thought to yourself. “Daryl!” you yelled and started running towards the woods. You ran and ran and still couldn’t find any sign of him. “Daryl!” you whispered. You soon realized that this was one of the stupidest things you’ve ever done. You began to hear groaning and you looked around you frantically, grabbing your knife from your pocket. You couldn’t see more than two feet in front of you, you envied Daryl’s skilled eyes. You spotted a tree that you would be able to climb and that’s exactly what you did. You sat on the highest branch and watched the walkers pass by the tree. You let out a relieved huff and leaned your head back against the trunk.


You woke up startled when you almost fell out of the tree. It was early morning and your hair was sticking to your forehead because of the humidity. You carefully climbed down and sighed in defeat, you probably heard Daryl wrong anyway. It was probably just your optimistic nature tricking yourself into thinking something that didn’t actually happen.

While you were walking back towards the farm a swarm of walkers had come up behind you. You turned around and screamed and fell backwards, trying to reach for your knife. You shoved it into the walkers skull and it collapsed on top of you. You struggled to get out from underneath it, while the other two reached for you. As you tried to push it off you the walkers body ripped open and blood soaked through your white shirt. You wanted to puke but the thought was quickly swept to the side when both walkers flailed towards you. You hopped to your feet and were easily able to take down the last two.


“Is that (Y/N)?” Glenn asked, standing on top of the RV looking through the binoculars. Soon you were surrounded by Rick, Shane, Dale, and Glenn. “Are you alright?” Glenn asked reaching out for you. “Yeah.. I’m good.. Just wanted to take a walk and came across some walkers.” you lied and everyone tilted their head to the side knowing that you weren’t telling them the whole story. “Ok, well. I’m gonna get cleaned up.” you said awkwardly and walked towards your tent.

“Where the hell were ya?!” Daryl asked when he saw you go into your tent. “Go away Daryl.” you said as you started digging through your bag for clean clothes. He pulled on your shoulder and turned you around to face him, his eyes widened at your blood stained shirt and face. “I was trying to find you!” you said poking his chest hard. “And you know what? It was a fucking waste. You won’t pay attention to anything I have to say. So I am done trying.. You win.” you said and went towards the house to take a shower.

Marc had seen the whole exchange and smirked to himself. When he saw that you were officially in the house he walked over to Daryl. “You know. I thought that I would actually have to work at splitting the two of you up. But it seems to me like you’ve been able to do that all by yourself. Impressive.” Marc said taunting Daryl. “You know this wouldn’t have happened in the real world. She would have never fallen for you, she was just using you because you know how to survive. I bet you that you were nothing before all this.” he said and Daryl was fuming. “Thanks for sending her right back to me.” Marc added and Daryl had enough. Daryl punched Marc across the face and he fell to the floor. Marc growled and jumped on top of Daryl and started punching him.

You heard the commotion outside when you got out of the shower and looked through the window and saw the pair fighting.

“Stop it!” you shouted. “I said STOP IT!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, getting in between the both of them. “Get out of my way!” Marc yelled and hit you, sending you flying into the side of a car. Daryl instantly saw red and pushed Marc up against the RV choking him with both hands. “If ya ever touch her again.. I will end ya.. ya hear me?! I’ll fuckin’ end ya.” Daryl said tightening his grasp around his neck. Marc nodded struggling for air. Daryl threw him to the ground and Marc gasped, sucking in as much air as he could.

Hope you all liked this!! Please comment & let me know what you guys think & if you’d like a part 5. Thanks for all the reviews! You guys are the best!

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Prompt (By anon): Nora and Billie Dean meet in a gay bar (Vintage).

A/N: I really enjoyed writing it, I hope you guys like it as much as I did! Please, give me feedback; Constructive criticism is always well received. And, dear anon who sent me that, thank you so much!! Lots of love for you.

Billie ordered a gin as she seated at the bar, enjoying the not too loud music that was playing; The woman took a sip as she noticed a blonde, beautiful woman entering the bar; The blonde’s skin was as pale as snow and her pink lips seemed to pop up.

Billie let out a small laugh as she took another sip, realizing the woman seemed pretty lost. Eventually, Billie lost the blonde of her sight, turning back to where the barman was preparing the drinks.

“Can I seat here?” A sweet yet shy voice asked, making Billie turn her head.

“Sure” Billie smiled, realizing it was the same blonde she’d been staring before

“I’m Nora, nice to meet you” The woman said with a grin

“I’m Billie, Billie Dean”

Nora smiled and ran out of words, not knowing what else to say or how to continue the conversation. After some long minutes, she broke the silence;

“Y-you know” Nora shyly fitted the other woman “I’m not used to go out a lot” She let out a little laugh “In fact, that’s the first time I come to a gay bar… a bar in general”

“Well, I’m glad I’m here to help you go trough it” Billie laughed

“I really appreciate it” Nora laughed back

The two women started to talk about lot of different things, soon a hour had already passed and they were talking to each other like really old friends

“So you see ghosts?” Nora took a sip of her whisky

“I do, in fact that’s my job” Billie answered with a grin

“Well, it explains a lot” The blonde laughed, leaving the other woman a bit lost, but Billie didn’t bother in asking for an explanation, she was used to people finding it awkward.

As time passed by, the alcohol started doing it’s job; Soon both women were a bit drunk.

“Can I ask you something?” The blonde fitted Billie, her cheeks burning a little


“Have you ever been with a… woman before?”

“I have” Billie let out a laugh “In fact, I’m a lesbian” she fitted the blonde with a grin “Why you ask that?”

“Nothing in particular” Nora took a long sip of her whisky, staring at the bar. “How did you find out you were into girls?” She fitted the other woman again.

“I always knew I guess… there’s something that has always popped out of me” Billie took a sip of her gin. “For example, when I saw the first woman I’ve first kissed, I knew what I felt was more than just a friendly thing”

Nora drank the whisky left at her cup quietly, thinking and thinking about what Billie had just told her. The blonde stayed there for a few more minutes and decided she should go home, since her head was all messed by the other woman; Nora had never thought about maybe being into girls, but that night, and that particularly gorgeous woman she had just met had left her with so many doubts.

“Is everything okay?” Billie asked, touching Nora’s arm which was resting at the balcony, and breaking the blonde’s thoughts-bubble

“Y-yes… I’m just with something on my mind and, um, I should probably leave now”

“Look, I know we met today but” Billie caressed the blonde’s arm “I really enjoyed talking to you, so if you feel like sharing it with me now, or even seeing me again” She let out a shy smile

“I really enjoyed spending the night with you as well… and that’s exactly it” Nora looked down “Look, I-I’m confused, I should go”

The blonde put some money at the balcony and left, walking faster to outside the bar and heading home, feeling the cold wind blowing her slightly curled hair. Nora felt something pull her arm;

“Nora” Billie said with a heavy breath “What are you confused about? Let me at least try to help”

“I just…” The blonde took a deep breath “I’ve never thought I could be into women before that night… you make me feel different” Nora fitted the floor and back to Billie’s eyes, taking another deep breath “I think I got into you”

Billie smiled, feeling her cheeks hurt from it; She had spent the whole night staring at the gorgeous blonde, wondering how someone so beautiful inside and out could be alone at a bar;

“Well” Billie softly took Nora’s hands, moving closer to the blonde “I must confess I spent the night trying to take my eyes away from you, and I just couldn’t”

“I’ve never felt such an urge to kiss someone like I did tonight… I guess I got completely lost in your eyes”

Nora gently stroke Billie’s hair and pressed her lips against the woman’s; It was the sweetest, best kiss she’d ever had. The blonde’s stomach got filled up with butterflies. Gently, Nora pulled back with a grin, breathless.

“I really am into you” The blonde smiled, taking Billie’s hands into hers again

Billie smiled and calmly kissed Nora again, hoping she’d feel her soft lips many times more from now on.

EXO reacting to you talking in your native language while cuddling

I tried to write it as fluffly as possible. I tried to be creative with the situations.
I was done with seven members when Chrome decided that it’d be funny if it refreshes tumbrl. Twice. (: I’m hopeless. lol
Gifs are not mine.
Enjoy! :D
~ Baozi

Kim Minseok/Xiumin

Originally posted by minseokked

You two laid on his bed, one arm under your head/neck and the other playing with your hair or rubbing small circles on your stomach. You rambled about whatever happened to you that day, but all he could notice is the way your face changed - the way your face lit up, or how you pouted. Even though he wasn’t giving much attention to what you said all he noticed is that he couldn’t understand you. His gummy smile plastered on his face, he chuckled and hugged you closer. You didn’t know, but he loved how your voice and accent changed when you talked in your native language.

Kim Junmyeon/Suho

Originally posted by wooyoung

The movie you two were watching came to an upsetting point, a turn neither of you expected to happen. You moved closer to him, pouting and saying something about how unfair it was to the main character. Well, at least he guessed what you said, because you’re still not fully used to speaking in Korean sometimes you forgot which language to use. He just smiled and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

Zhang Yixing/Lay

Originally posted by getlayd

 The first time you used your native language to him he thought he suddenly forgot Korean/Chinese, but he realized that did not happen. By now, he’s got used to it and actually enjoys these moments, because he learns more about you. He suggested cuddling on the sofa while eating the cake he bought, but you insisted on cooking dinner before. It’s a speciality from your country which you loved when you were little, so why not let him taste it? He even said he will order something, but you still said no. Being a little clingy, he back hugged you and placed his head on your shoulder as you went through the receipt. You said out loud the ingredients and orders - but not in Korean. He chuckled and kissed your cheek, letting you talk as it relaxed him.

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by wooyoung

 Puppybyun becomes really clingy and cuddly after exhausting days, so the first thing that was on his ‘to do list’ when he gets home to make you baby him a little. Now, you’re sitting on the bed, meanwhile his head is on your lap, telling you about what happened to him - not forgetting the ‘incident’ where he got hit by Kyungsoo for a not so funny joke. Words forming in your brain faster in your native language it came out like that too. But he didn’t say a thing, because he could tell by the way your voice sounded, that it was scolding. He smiled and looked at your face lovingly, enjoying your voice.

Kim Jongdae/Chen

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Chen’s troll self came out when he heard you coming from the kitchen to the living room where he sat on the sofa. It wasn’t the first, and surely not the last incident of him not putting the mug in the dishwasher and starting the machine. He knew very well, that when you got a bit mad or flustered you start mixing Korean with your native language, so he tried to do it as often as he could. He chuckled and hugged your torso, pulling you down to sit on his lap then leaned to the side; making both of you lay face to face with legs tangled. You instantly started telling him to be more serious, also in your native language. His smile almost reaching his ears, he grabbed your hand and linked his fingers with yours then placing a kiss on the top of your nose.

-What did you just say, jagi? I couldn’t understand.

Park Chanyeol

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He called you at 3 AM to meet him in this studio asap, no other explanations, just do it. After convincing yourself that it’s probably something really important you got out of your bed. He was almost jumping in his seat when you showed up - how does he have so much engergy? You sat on his lap and he put his big headphone on your head, after that he instantly hit the ‘play’ button and anticipated your opinion, nuzzling his head into your neck and hugging you. A lot of Korean words circled around in your head, but none of that was the one that could describe what you thoughts, so you just said it in your native language. First he furrowed his brows, looking like a confused puppy, but soon he got what you wanted to say and flashed his pearly whites.

Do Kyungsoo/D.O

Originally posted by yoonem

Fluffsoo tried to spend as much time in the early mornings with you as he could. He always woke up before you, so he made coffee and breakfast and brought it to bed. You leaned on his shoulder and he put his arms over your back and gently placed his hand on your side. Slowly eating the food, feeding the other and complimenting the breakfast made by him - the mornings with him. After that you two decided to stay in bed a little, enjoying his day off; spending it cuddled up to eachother. Small compliments left your mouths, things you like about the other and he always told you he liked it when you talk in your native language. So you did, sometimes just random words, other times quotes and sometimes he asked to teach him. Nevertheless, he was always fascinated by it. His big eyes shining, mirroring love and care as his heart-shaped mouth curled upwards.

Kim Jongin/Kai

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You finally got the time to spend the day with him and his dogs. After walking them and eating lunch by Han river you got back to your apartment. Taking the leashes off the dogs you two decided taking a nap, or at least just laying on the sofa. He was on his back, your head laying on his chest and his hand alternated between playing with your hair and resting on the small of your back. Not even two minutes later you already had one of the dogs trying to get between the two of you. Jongin sighed and told the dog to hop down, but nothing happened. So you tried your best too, same result. After a while he came up with the idea of you saying it to the dog in your native language. And voilà, the dog jumped off, shocking both of you. He told you that you should use it more often, maybe he could pick up some of it and use it.

Oh Sehun

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After you moved to Korea you couldn’t spend as much time with your family as you’d like to, so you tried to catch up with eachother’s lives through phonecalls. One time this happened while Sehun stayed over, you hesitated because you knew he actually never heard you talk in your native language. He gave you a look which said that you should pick it up, it’s okay. You moved a bit, so you could hold your phone, but still stay in his embrace, enjoying the warm of his body and the scent of his cologne. Your small chatter with your cousin became a 15 minute long conversation about anything and everything. Meanwhile Sehun looking at you and the way the unknown words are forming on your lips, suddenly he got really interested in anything you say. After you finally ended the call he asked you to teach him swear words so Suho won’t scold him if it slips.

The Second Dragon {Healing Arrow}

My first time posting a fic here. Oh dear, let’s see how this goes. Here’s my Hanzo/Mercy (Healing Arrow)

The Second Dragon is just a one-shot. Just two people subtly falling in love from a distance. I’m not sure how else to describe it… It’s different than most short stories I’ve written, but ya’ll probably wouldn’t know because I never post them, ha… anyway, I’ll shut up now.

He always just sat there alone.

Whether it was before or after combat, he was always alone. He bothered no other, and no other bothered him. That was how it was, and that was how it had always been since the team was formed. The only exception was during battle, where communication was key to success, but that was the only time in which he would engage in conversation, even though the talking was brief and urgent. He only spoke when spoken to; he never delved into anyone’s business, and whoever tried to get into his, he would be sure to shake the rattle and make them back off. Everyone knew his name, and everyone knew what he did; but that was all. That was it. Nothing more. Despite her feelings about him, it only made her more curious.

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3k words: Kent and Andy from leave your lovers like campsites, the 2016 All Star Game; Kent and Jack are on different teams and manage to avoid each other most of the week, but not when Bob and the boys from the Q hold a little reunion dinner.  Swearing, references to self-injury and substance abuse, consensual coming out, discussion of unreliable memory/fear of invented memories. No real resolution.

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So when he talks to her next late at night, the conversation had only been at ten minutes long when he said, “Alright Love, I’ve got to cut these shorter. You’re expensive.”

“But,” she had started, and Harry could hear the pout in her voice, “, you’re my favorite call of the night.”

Harry’s heart did this thing that it really shouldn’t with a girl he’s never actually met.

“Okay,” he murmured low, “We can talk for a little longer.”

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Taste *NeganxReader AU

Originally posted by mypapawinchester

Literally just saw the above picture and this popped into my head. Thought I’d try something a little different. Dedicated to my new friend @whothehellisjay

Enjoy hun! >:D

Reader offers to take care of Negan while he’s stuck in a boring conference call. AU where Negan isn’t married and works in the advertising business.

AU Negan/Reader PRE ZOMBIE

Contains smut and language


You stared up with hungry eyes at your boss from under his desk while your tongue traces a tantalizing path over your plump lips. Leaning in slightly, you push your upper arms against your breasts to deepen your cleavage and give him one hell of a view. Negan returned your gaze, his tawny hazel eyes half lidded and filled with desire. 

“Fuck me sweetheart, I have every mind to yank you up and bend you right over my fucking desk,” he drawls huskily, hand rubbing his clean shaven chin.

You shake your head, hands reaching up to squeeze his taut inner thighs. “Not until I taste you. Besides, you have a conference call in a couple of minutes. Wouldn’t want to make a bad impression.”

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[Dorian] was abducted from the home of Lord Ulio Abrexis–absent at the time, though his son was present–and spirited back to Qarinus by ship.

In an effort to contain the scandal, Magister Halward evidently kept Dorian a veritable prisoner in their Qarinus estate for months. When Dorian finally escaped, he fled into the countryside with not a coin to his name, vowing never to return. (World of Thedas v.2, p233-234) 

Halward Pavus was an abusive father long before blood magic ever crossed his mind. Halward thinks that lying to and manipulating Dorian is a perfectly acceptable way to make Dorian do what he wants. (He tricks Dorian into a meeting he knows Dorian doesn’t want to have, and when Dorian calls him out on it, he apologizes for lying to the Inquisitor, but not to Dorian.) If that doesn’t work, he physically forces Dorian to do what he wants. (see above!) If that still doesn’t work, hey, there’s always blood magic!

Blood magic wasn’t a sudden act of desperation. It was the next stop on a road of abuse Halward had been on for a long time. It just happened to be the stop where Dorian got off. 

Halward doesn’t want to heal his relationship with Dorian. He wants his obedient son back, and he’s maybe willing to make a few small concessions to get that. Halward is manipulating Dorian in that conversation. In no particular order, here are some of the highlights: 

  1. ”*gasp* I should have known that’s what this is about!” implies that Dorian’s entire reason for joining the Inquisition was shallow and the way it’s worded is accusatory
  2. “If I knew I would drive you to the Inquisition…” has a not-very-subtle implication that Dorian is doing this to hurt Halward on purpose. 
  3. “Once, I had a son that trusted me,” is pretty fucked up too, considering that it’s Halward throwing Dorian’s words, Dorian’s anger, back in his face, and since Halward said this before he said anything that even approached an apologized, it just comes off as another accusation that Dorian is doing this on purpose, just to hurt him. At the absolute best, he is trying to get Dorian braced for a fight, so that Dorian will feel off-balance when the apology finally comes. 
  4. “*sigh* This is how it has always been!” is a judgement on Dorian, at the very beginning of the conversation. Why is Dorian being so difficult? 
  5. “I only wanted what was best for you!” Okay Dorian calls him out on this in canon. It shouldn’t even need an explanation.

Considering that this conversation is supposed to be about Halward apologizing, a Hell of a lot of it is spent discussing Dorian’s [supposed] flaws and what Dorian [supposedly] did wrong. Halward makes bullshit excuses, calls Dorian shallow and difficult, and twice tries to make Dorian feel guilty for hurting Halward before Halward says anything that even approaches an apology. This conversation is four fucking minutes long. Halward did all of that in four minutes. 

And when the apology does come, Halward gives no indication that he understands what he did wrong and will not do it again. He makes vague comments about betraying Dorian’s trust, but he doesn’t even respond to Dorian’s comments about how he tried to change him. At no point does he in any way affirm that Dorian is good enough for him as Dorian is. At no point does he validate or really respond to anything Dorian says about his feelings, so that Dorian feels heard in this conversation. 

Meanwhile, Dorian keeps trying to walk away. Dorian keeps trying to walk away from this meeting that he was tricked into attending. To be fair to Halward, it’s the Inquisitor who keeps sending Dorian back, not Halward chasing Dorian, but the fact remains that Dorian clearly does not want to have this conversation, and finds it extremely emotionally distressing. 

Which is another important point, honestly: Apologies generally should not be upsetting for the person being apologized to. Dorian is yelling, defensive, and on the verge of tears for more than half of that conversation. That’s a flashing neon sign that something is very wrong with this “apology.”

Halward Pavus is a horrible, abusive man, His apology does nothing to reassure me that the cycle of abuse is broken and not just in the honeymoon phase, and Dorian keeps trying to exit the conversation.  

Just some things to keep in mind if you’re ever conflicted on whether or not your should send Dorian back to talk to his father.

Park Ranger warning you to stay safe and leave your flashlights at home.

(warning: long story)

I’ve been a national park ranger for close to two decades. Protocols have changed a lot in that time. I write this just to try to keep people safe for the next time you venture to the big outdoors.

Let me tell you about the last park I worked. I can’t be too specific about the location for my job’s sake. Anyway we had clusters of campsites that we rotated annually. The idea was to prevent one group from getting overused and worn down, let nature regrow a little bit. The winter had just passed, and our big summer season was a few months away. I’m sent out to check the suitability of the campsites to decide which ones need time to recover, and which ones we can open up.

Winters here are cold. Not too many people camp during the winter aside from rugged masochists and Boy Scout troops lead by people who believe they are rugged masochists. I didn’t expect to find much out of the ordinary. The first site was clear and ready to go. As I’m trekking to the next site, I see what looks like some debris and junk down a ways in a river valley. Looks like some jackasses set up an unauthorized camp down there. Usually when that happens, they leave garbage and smoldering fires. This is going to be a pain to clear up.

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Avenging Angel: Part 6

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1516

Warnings: None

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You flipped the key between your fingers as you strode down the hallway of storage units. It had been months since you had a lead this big and you couldn’t afford to screw it up. Everywhere you turned, it seemed like your father just got deeper and deeper into things that you couldn’t understand, but you had a bad feeling about.

This key had been hidden in a box hidden under the floorboards in your dad’s old lab. And the only way you found the box in the first place was by going through all of your father’s notes from old cases and experiments. Hidden in a margin on a page full of science jargon was a clue that no one but you and your father would understand.

Land of Hollen. Raptor. 3-6 and 2 down.

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i’ve been seeing all these posts about a model!saitama and art student!genos and it’s all sexy and cool but based on my own experiences in art school, consider this:

  • saitama falling asleep during 20 minute poses, genos focusing on lovingly rendering his drooly face instead of studying anatomy
  • saitama noticing genos alone during coffee breaks (life drawing classes are sometimes 3 or more hours long with 5 minute breaks inbetween) and striking conversation with him, genos showing him his sketchbook

  • saitama pulling the most ridiculous poses for the 30 second motion sessions, the rest of the students growing frustrated at how complicated it is to draw him but genos getting pumped because it’s much more interesting and challenging this way
  • saitama wandering around the school wearing just a robe, trying to find the bathroom
  • saitama asking to keep one of genos’ unfinished sketches of him because he can see the potential behind it, genos being so flattered he spends the rest of the class unable to draw because he’s too excited to focus
  • genos trying really hard to not make eye contact with saitama as he shades his junk, having to look at it intently for an extended period of time to get the shapes and shadows right
  • genos bringing snacks for saitama because he can hear his stomach growl during long drawing sessions
  • genos finding out the bottle of coke that saitama drinks from is actually 60% black vodka when he’s offered some
[bad boy | jungkook]


genre; smut implied/fluffy?
wc; 1140
summary; You saw him as a bad boy with low grades and low motivation. You were wrong.

“You just wanted to ‘get to know me better,’ right? Was I that enticing to you?”

“It’s like 90 degrees in here, take that damn leather jacket off,” You whispered to your friend, groaning in frustration when he shook his head.

“Don’t feel like it.”

You placed the book back on the shelf, rolling your eyes and muttering under your breath. 

This annoying boy had stolen your textbook a month ago and when you had found out who took it, you made him give it back. Which wasn’t easy. It took a 30 minute long conversation and a few ice creams to convince him to give it back.

And ever since then, you and Jungkook had been friends.

You saw him the next day in class and he sat there on his phone, looking up at you every few seconds and flashing you a smile.

You had no intent on really seeing him after that, although a weird Saturday night proved you wrong.

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Bittersweet Generation // Italy, Verona

Originally posted by hoodzer

credit to the original owner of this gif

Requested: based on this request

Other series:  Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love

Pairing: Your choice - tell me who you’re rooting for here


Description: Four band members all hopelessly in love with the lead singer for their opening act. If they just could see clearly to find out what was really going on on tour.

Summary of this chapter: Calum gets a fair warning when Naomi realises how in love he is with Y/N.

Y/N was the last one to get out of bed of the girls of Bittersweet Generation. She jumped out of bed, excited for the day, the city, the show that night. Yesterday, they were in Austria and all they had to do to get to Italy was to close their eyes and wait for the morning as they drove to Verona on tour buses.

She was slowly tiptoeing out of her own bus and into the 5SOS bus with every muscle tensed as she neared the bunks where at least three of the boys would be asleep. The idea had popped into her mind as soon as she had woken up; the boys needed a little wake-up call from her. Maybe not a wake-up call, maybe more of a yell.

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Growing up, you never really cared for summer. It was ridiculously hot, nearly everywhere you went was crowded (especially pools, beaches, or anywhere that offered any sort of relief from the heat), boredom came very easily, and overall, it was just an uncomfortable time of year. You never really understood the hype for summer (other than the brief break from school but even that perk disappeared with the passage of time).

Fall, however, was a completely different story.

You absolutely loved fall. The fashion, the weather, the sports, the holidays; everything about fall was appealing to you. And you made sure that everyone knew just how excited you were for the change of seasons. It was just one of those quirks that your friends had come to expect and accept as part of your friendship but none of your friends truly shared your excitement for fall.

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You make me begin

Pairing: Jungkook & Female Character l NYE (Part 2)

Count: 2,851

Part 1 of the NYE Countdown Series

Part 3 of the NYE Countdown Series

A/N: This is my first piece of writing posted on a public platform, I hope that you enjoy reading! Special shout-out to my incredibly beautiful friend @violbi, for staying up with me until the early hours of the morning while we wrote and for being the lovely individual she is xx

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New years eve, 11:13

Everything was loud and unbearably warm.

It wasn’t unexpected of course, New year’s was less than an hour away, and the party that Jimin hyung had thrown in celebration seemed to be nowhere near ending; if anything, it seemed to be even rowdier than it was ten minutes ago.
At first he had kept to himself, unnerved by the hordes of unfamiliar faces in the cramped living room. He had never been a fan of big crowds, preferring instead to spend moments such as these in the company of people who meant the most to him rather than with strangers.                                                              Strangers, that’s what they all were. Though some were familiar enough to greet him politely as they passed by, it was somewhat detached and impersonal. It wasn’t too farfetched to imagine that they only exchanged pleasantries because they had normal people in the same room, and footage of this party were more than likely to be uploaded onto fansites.He was fairly certain that the tall boy hugging one of his own members had only minute conversations prior to this one, yet greeted him like long lost friends. It made him laugh. From where he sat, next to the drinks counter, he saw several similar situations, alongside some boy group members acting particularly scandalous, no doubt their manager would have a field day covering up for them tomorrow.

His breath stopped.

It couldn’t be her; she wouldn’t come here.

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Phux Headcanons: Daily Lives

-He has NEVER seen her without her helmet. Usually they will have long conversations about the future of the First Order and how they will be crushing the Rebel Bases soon but one certain meeting that requires her taking her helmet off has him nearly spitting out his drink because he didn’t expect her to be THAT pretty. The long conversations turn into one minute stuttering ft.Hux. 

-Her armour was made for her by Hux. Custom made to make her stand out when she is standing next to him and to show off her position.The cape was a gift from him to her when Starkiller base was finally ready 

-Whenever Phasma is approaching to speak to him he will check himself out on the shiny floor of the ship, making sure his hair is in place before he acknowledges her. 

-He will talk about her without noticing. One minute he is talking about strategies and all of a sudden he is talking about what a good job Phasma would do if she was put on the mission and how she is the best general he has ever seen and blah blah blah



REQUEST: Do you think you could do a oneshot where the reader is dating Sebastian and is also an actress on the show Agent Carter and they go together to a convention (almost like Wizard World Comiccon that is happening right now) and they’re just really fluffy and cute together.


“So, what’s it like dating a fellow actor?”

You pondered the question for a second before answering, “It’s great. It’s nice dating someone who understands the schedules that we have to endure sometimes. It’s also nice to have someone that’s in the same profession that gets the stress and what comes with it all.”

“It also helps that I’m hot.” Sebastian added next to you.

You rolled your eyes playfully as the interviewer laughed, “That is true.”

“What makes this relationship work? Sebastian, you are currently filming Captain America: Civil War. (Y/n), you are currently filming the newest season of Agent Carter. How do you guys find time for each other?”

“When you care about someone as much as I care about her, you just make it work. We could have a three minute conversation during the day and I’m satisfied. Like, as long as I hear her voice and can put a smile on her face at some point in the day, I’m content.” Sebastian answered making you smile.

“You’re making her smile now!” The interviewer pointed out.

Sebastian leaned over and kissed your temple softly, “That’s my girl.”

It was convention season and you and Sebastian were currently in Sacramento. You loved going to conventions and being in the same space as the fans. Being able to spend a few minutes with people who enjoyed what you did filled your heart with joy.

It had been two weeks since the last time you saw Sebastian. You were so happy that he was going to some of the same conventions with you. He had been busy filming the newest movie in the Captain America franchise while you were in the middle of shooting Agent Carter.

Being in the same company made things easier for the both of you.

“I always used to say that I wouldn’t do long distance relationships or relationships where both of the people in it were constantly working. Sebastian makes it all worthwhile though.”

The interview wrapped up a few minutes later and you and Sebastian were escorted over to the area where the signings would happen. His booth was right next to yours. Sebastian had a panel with his fellow co-stars Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans. You wished that you could sneak in and watch but you have a panel at the same time with the lovely Hayley Atwell.

“You look incredible today.” Sebastian kissed your forehead softly during your last few minutes alone.

“So do you. You know I love when you wear leather.” Your hands roamed up his chest before resting in place.

“That’s why I wore the jacket.” He smirked.

You were well aware that all eyes were on the two of you but you didn’t care. Sometimes when you were with Sebastian, it made time stop. It often felt like you were the only two people left on the planet.

One of the people working the event approached the two of you, “Sebastian, we need you at the stage.”

“I’ll be right there.” Sebastian told them with a smile. He turned back to you, “See you later.”

He kissed you softly before leaving to join his friends.

Your panel with Hayley went exceptionally well. She had you laughing 99% of the time. The character you played in Agent Carter was named Bonnie. She was like the Bucky Barnes to Peggy’s Captain America. You really loved being Bonnie because she was really empowering and wouldn’t back down from anything.

Hayley and you chatted for a few minutes before you both were brought to your prospective booths. You glanced over at Sebastian’s booth and saw that it was empty. You figured that his panel must’ve ran over the time a little.

“Hi!” The first fan approached your table with a huge smile on her face.

“Hi, how are you?” You asked as she handed over a picture that she wanted you to sign.

“I’m great!”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is–” and the girl froze with her eyes widened as she looked at something behind you.

“Are you okay?” You asked her but then you felt two arms snake around your waist. The feeling was so familiar that you didn’t have to turn around to see who it was.

“Seb!” You exclaimed when he squeezed you tightly before letting you go.

“Hi!” He waved at the girl who was still frozen in front of your table.

“Seb, you have people waiting on you.” You laughed.

“I’m going. I just wanted to see my favorite girl.” Sebastian smiled before kissing your forehead.

“Before you go, could you sign my photo also? I’m Heather.” The girl managed to utter words and Sebastian was happy to sign her picture.

Before he left your booth, he kissed you again.

“You two are goals!” Heather squealed.

You looked to your right and saw Sebastian was entering his booth. He looked at you and winked.

“Yeah, I guess I am pretty lucky.” You joked before Heather walked away and the next fan came along.

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