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“The company that the Inquisitor keeps is hardly secret; one can expect at least two knife-ears when encountering the Inquisition in field. However, a recent addition to her collection has added to the nuisance. This one, dark-skinned and robed, appears to also be a mage. Unlike the others, this one behaves with the capacity of a rogue. He carries a staff, but appears to wield it for melee. Instead, something he possesses allows him to freely harness inferno with his bare hands, using his staff merely as an aiming device. I know this because we broke his staff thinking it would take him out of the fight. It is as if he had a spellbook etched into his very skin…”

- Crumpled report from a Venatori foot soldier

me: gee i sure have a lot of underdeveloped OCs

me @ me: make another one


Gotham Season Three: Loose Ends

When Gotham went on break after episode 11, they left a number of characters with uncertain futures and/or unresolved story lines.

1. Fish Mooney- Oswald let her live, but where did she go? What’s she been doing? Her goal was always to become the number one power in Gotham’s underworld. When she returns, whose side might she be on-other than her own? She could end up being the “most valuable player” in a conflict.
2. Dr. Hugo Strange- If knowledge is power, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Is he still with Fish? Has he been pursuing his research?
3. “Marv”-the Arkham escapee who aged up Ivy. He ran off on his own, to escape the mob that killed Sid and Nancy. What’s happened to him since then, and what about the other “monsters” who escaped Arkham?
4.Valerie Vale-will she have an existence as an independent character, or was she merely a plot device?
5. Dr. Maxwell Symon-Yes, he’s dead. But, we got a lot of backstory on him. Is something he’s done going to turn out to be important?
6.Captain Barnes- Is his story finished? Considering that people break out of Arkham on a regular basis, maybe not. Also, if they find a cure for the Tetch virus, he might return to the GCPD.
7.Jervis Tetch- Is he stuck in Arkham for the rest of the season, or will he manage to cause more mayhem?
8. Fake Bruce- the last time we saw him, the Court of Owls was kidnapping him. What have they done with him? What will he be like when we see him again? Is his story related to Isabella’s, in any way? Are there other clones waiting in the wings?

Opinions? Ideas? Comments?

The Meta of Pitch Perfect: the Shower Scene

LOOK WHAT I FOUND. READ THIS. ITS ‘Wordpress" talking about the bechloe shower scene, written by corikane

That infamous shower scene. A discussion of the movie would not be complete without at least mentioning it. Its function within the movie is obvious and yet, as a mere plot device, the movie could have done without it. The scene is unconventional on different levels and the fact that it has made it into the script (and ultimately into the movie) is probably due to one deciding factor: it is a parody/reference to another (popular) text – Glee.

You don’t have to look far to see Pitch Perfect’s symbiosis with Glee, the whole concept of the movie seems to build on the show’s popularity with criticism and mockery thrown in for good measure. The shower scene is put in as a reference to what I coined ‘locker room gaiety.’ There are several instances on the show where recruitment is preceded by a shower scene – Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison) hears Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) sing in the shower and although he refrains from entering the shower stall, he recruits Finn on the grounds of having heard him sing in the shower. This scene is paralleled by one where Finn hears Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) sing in the shower and recruits him later.

Pitch Perfect takes this up but follows through, if you want. Chloe (Brittany Snow) barges into Beca’s (Anna Kendrick) shower and makes her audition for the Bellas. But this is just the part of the plot that could have been established differently. The important part is the popcultural reference to Glee, the laugh it elicits among those who love or hate the show.

But the scene has another meaning, another purpose – one that may have been underestimated by the makers of the movie. The lesbian innuendo. While the scene is meant as a comedic nod toward another text, it quite effectively unleashes ‘the gay.’ And it doesn’t matter that gray sweater guy/Tom (Cameron Stewart) is put into the scene as a heteronormative convention, a buffer to contain the homoerotic tension between Beca and Chloe – the mere fact of two women, naked in a shower stall, singing to each other while looking deeply into each other’s eyes… it’s too gay to not function.

And the scene works on this premise, and it works for several reasons: one is that it is a scene between two women. Considering the plot of the movie, it, of course, had to be two women. The premise of the plot works with two same-sex a cappella singing groups and the focus is on the Bellas and Beca Mitchell as unrivaled lead. But even if the premise was another, it would not have worked with another pairing. A man walking into the shower of another man? Unthinkable (Hollywood is too sensitive toward its male audience; just ask the makers of Glee why they never actually did it). A man walking in on a woman showering? Sexual harrassment! A woman walking in on a man showering… well, that could work in a society which does not constantly perpetuate the male as the dominant and the female as the passive part of a heterosexual relationship. The dominant female in Hollywood is a man-eater, not a likable lead character in a mainstream Hollywood production.

Another reason the scene works is Chloe’s character – someone who is insensitive to personal boundaries. She is the one person who the audience can ‘forgive’ this indiscretion, and also the one Beca would forgive. There is an underlying reasoning of ‘she doesn’t know better.’ Of course, this is also meant to disable the homoeroticism of the scene, same as Tom. These obvious devices, however, do not work; and one can easily argue that they are not supposed to work either. Neither Chloe or Beca are ultimately labeled as straight. Sure, there are Tom and Jesse (Skylar Astin) who act as love interests but the great thing about Pitch Perfect is that it does not focus on these heterosexual love stories; it focuses on the Bellas as a diverse group of strong women who come together as friends, allys and – in possibility, at least – lovers.

The shower scene conveys this possibility. And it is not the only scene which hints at it, either. This could easily be interpreted as ‘queer baiting’ but for the fact that there is a nonchalance about these scenes, they are not drawn out, there are no flashy neon signs pointing them out to the audience. They are altogether too subtle, too unselfconcious, more endearing than sexy. They live from the one thing that is so rare, so special and at the same time inexplicable: chemistry. The chemistry between two characters that more often than not equals the chemistry between the actors portraying these characters. Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow alias Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale have it. And that’s the ultimate reason the shower scene works.

Listen folks, it’s true Luna deserves so much better than getting used as mere plot device, but let’s not dismiss the good points they actually showed about her character and call her “weak” (physical strength doesn’t determine how weak a person is). Someone on YT had great arguments why Luna is still strong despite the lack of character development and screen time SE gave her, which include:

- She stood in front of two giant monsters and she didn’t even tremble once.

- She wasn’t afraid of Ardyn and didn’t beg anyone to save her after he stabbed her.

- She protected and healed Noctis despite bleeding to death.

- She used the last strength she had to help Noctis to win against the Leviathan. Without her help he would have become a delicious snack for the Leviathan.

- She always stood up for her beliefs and didn’t let anyone change her mind.

- Even though she was treated badly by others and her oracle powers were killing her, she still kept going on and never gave up.

- She appeared in the final fight to defeat Ardyn and had the last laugh.

At the same time she was also very human. She showed how tired she was of everything and thought about her childhood, because the times she spent with Noctis were the only moments where she could truly be happy before shit happened and her brother was rather busy with revenge when she had no one else left (though he later realized his mistake and finally acted like a sibling). Yet her will never broke.
We got lot a shit eh?

-We got Mutsuki to make Torso proud.

-We got Aura to try to steal Furuta’s biggest a-hole crown.

-We got Furuta and his 101 Nier style Dalmatians.

-We even got Uta back with his new cloning jutsu or mindcontrolling bs. Dafuq is with this guy getting overpowered this much??? 

-He also got mini character development. He’s lonely and does shit because of it. Aizen that you???

-Speaking of it,we got new Kaneki aka Cloneneki brought to you most likely by Uta Sōsuke. 

-Takizawa is alive.

-Kaneki got ulterior motives and is just using people around him for it.Great!

-We even got Maris Stella back.

In mean time ….

-Itori doesn’t even exists.

-Rize is but mere plot device that serves for plot instead of making appearance as she she should and getting her character development.

-No news on Eto.

But most of all…


I take it 612 is the trolls’ version of 413. There are 12 letters in every troll’s name, 12 player characters, and now 6:12 is the time on the doomsday clock.

At the time, it wouldn’t occur to you to wonder whether the device was directly responsible for the apocalypse, or merely served as its precisely calibrated harbinger. And it certainly wouldn’t occur to you to cast doubt on any perceived difference between those two things. 

It wouldn’t until later, when you better understood the game you were about to play. 

Causality is so screwed in this game that who can even tell anymore.

I see a lot of people defending this certain fic author – a ziam fic author, to be precise – and with due respect to their writing, because they undoubtedly are a talented writer, how are y’all going to explain that she is supposedly a stan of the het ships and has used Liam and Zayn as mere props to her writing devices?? I mean, she has a problem with Liam mentioning the word “bitches” in a song when Zayn has done so too in the past? I am not even going to go on with the hypocrisy in the way she views Zayn and Liam because, whatever, but how do you jump on the Ziams as “Tinhatters”, demeaning us for fetishizing the boys when you, as supposed /ANTI/ participate in all the fetishizing instead? 

Some of my favourite expanded universe Master things:

  • Delgado!Master legitimately thinking he’s the same height as Three (Harvest of Time)
  • That time Cheetah!Ainley sat sipping a glass of wine while watching someone get eaten by jackals (Prime Time)
  • The fact that Crispy’s entire existence is Macqueen’s fault (The Two Masters)
  • Delgado trying to take over the world through a talent show (Hidden Talent)
  • That time Ainley tried (and failed) to form his own Velociraptor squad (A Town Called Eternity)
  • Delgado sending Three a postcard from the seaside saying, “Wish you were here!” (Fogbound)
  • The Master calling Professor Moriarty a “mere plot device” and then dumping him over the Reichenbach Falls (Character Assassin)
  • “The Magistrate [aka Master] had known the Doctor all his life, and although they’d had their differences in the past, it was clear that they loved one another.” (The Infinity Doctors)
  • That time the Master’s evil scheme failed, his TARDIS got stolen, his bootleg whiskey operation got shut down, he was on the run from gangsters, stuck out in the rain with no umbrella, and he suddenly remembered to his delight that he still had thirty dollars left—and then he got mugged a moment later (The Duke of Dominoes)
  • Crispy killing everyone before Macqueen had a chance to make puns about it (The Two Masters)
  • The existence of a Three/Delgado bodyswap story, and the fact that the only difference anyone noted in the Doctor’s behaviour after the Master secretly swapped places with him was how much nicer he seemed to be (The Switching)
  • Ainley using Masterman as an alias (The Time Savers)
  • That time Delgado gatecrashes the UNIT Christmas party to visit the Doctor (Christmas Truce)
  • Benny punching the Master in the face for trying to ruin her wedding (Happy Endings)
  • Ainley saying “my dear Doctor” no less than nine times in one short story (Birth of a Renegade)
  • That time Delgado and Three were both trying to bluff each other with holographic versions of themselves (The Man in the Ion Mask)
  • The Master and the Doctor being in a band together in the Academy—the Master played the drums (Deadly Reunion)
  • This
The Fascist State, as a higher and more powerful expression of personality, is a force, but a spiritual one. It sums up all the manifestations of the moral and intellectual life of man. Its functions cannot therefore be limited to those of enforcing order and keeping the peace, as the liberal doctrine had it. It is no mere mechanical device for defining the sphere within which the individual may duly exercise his supposed rights. The Fascist State is an inwardly accepted standard and rule of conduct, a discipline of the whole person; it permeates the will no less than the intellect. It stands for a principle which becomes the central motive of man as a member of civilized society, sinking deep down into his personality; it dwells in the heart of the man of action and of the thinker, of the artist and of the man of science: soul of the soul.
—  Benito Mussolini

This Trilobite Tuesday, we’re talking about the birds and the bees…and trilobites.

It’s easy to think of trilobites as little more than remnants of a bygone era in Earth’s history, but the fact is that even in those primeval seas these amazing arthropods ate, swam, and procreated much like other ocean creatures do today. There are many debates about how trilobites reproduced. One theory is that the inflated glabella featured on some species—such as the dramatic example presented by this Ordovician-age Sphaeorocoryphe from New York State—actually were egg sacks used in the reproductive process. Another theory, however, postulates that such inflation merely served as the trilobite’s flotation device.

Trilobite Tuesday is just getting started! Learn more on the Museum website.

i swear washing machines follow their own law of time or smth. i put in my clothes at 9:14, the machine was to go for 36 minutes. i come back at 9:53 thinking, oh shit, i’m late (anyone who’s ever done laundry at a college should know this feel). but no. one machine had 9 minutes left, the other, 6. i started them at the exact same time. therefore, as demonstrated by a laundry device, time is merely a concept.

You know what I’ve not done in a while?
Bad Office Supplies Sketch.
So here are some OCs who exist so far in the back of my narrative “character” is a bit of a stretch.
Part of me thinks they are probably Gal Pals™ and it is the most open secret in their little part of the world.
Most of me thinks it is far more likely they are mere Plot Devices™ plotting something almost sinister over tea. The world will never know.

Hypocrites, Idiots, and Haters

People in the Shadowhunters (TV show) fandom have been losing their minds over the thought of people actually shipping Alec with someone other than a guy. Whether it Clary, or Lydia, they’re screaming NO! at their devices at a mere mention of Alec/Girl. And the rants about “Clalec, ew, Alec is gay” blah blah blah, it honestly pisses me off.

Now it’s my turn to rant.

Point one.

What the fuck is up with the double standards? Saphael. I mean…

Lets start by looking at the fact that shipping Saphael is shipping Simon (canonically straight character in the books) with Raphael, (a canonically asexual/aromantic character in the books)

Even Clizzy shippers are doing the same, pairing two canonically straight  (in the books) female characters together.

Think outside Shadowhunters too, I can see through you, I know you’ve ignored canon sexual orientations so you can sail a ship

So shippers of that sort, if you are hating on Clalec shippers, look in the fucking mirror. I mean seriously it’s the same thing are you stupid?

Point two.

Angry shipper: The TV show is so different from the books, even sexual orientation.

Exactly. Has Alec (in the TV show) stated clearly that he is gay? No. Same with most of the characters. They haven’t specified.

(Me and Magnus bisexually shaking our heads in disapproval at your assumptions)

So what are we left with? Assuming. It can make an ass out of you and me, but here we go.

We can assume Alec is gay. He has shown appreciation for males (Malec kiss), and crushed on Jace.

So I guess… he’s gay?

And we can assume Simon is straight, he has shown attraction towards girls, (sleeping with Maureen), and crushed on Clary.

So I guess… he’s straight?

Assuming Alec is gay and Simon is straight because of these moments is stupid. Straight and gay are not the only sexual orientations there are. Filling in the blanks is fine, if it helps you sleep at night, but assuming something to an extent where you back it up with angry hate towards other shippers because they don’t agree with you is fucking dumb.

(You should be glad I’m not even going into the fluidity of sexuality.)

I think you get what I am saying now. I’ll end this with,

Point 3.

Stop making people feel bad for shipping their ships. We’ve all shipped two characters who wouldn’t be into each other because of their canon sexual orientation. So, get over seeing your NOtps on your dash and breath in and out, (quietly as to not wake up your parents, they’re sleeping.)

Note 1: Fight me on this I dare you.

Note 2: If you’re wondering why I even bothered making this, it was because of the hate I got for writing Clalec fanfiction. Ay Dios Mio, why can’t people fuck off if they’re just going to hate.

Note 3: Malec forever, Sizzy together, and Saphael never. (Just kidding, Saphael maybe… it had to rhyme, okay)

Additional Point Because Reasons

Lgbtq+ representation -at this point in time- is extremely important. I myself would feel terribly sad if there weren’t any bisexual girls like myself in the media. But here is the deal, lgbtq+ representation is not mutually exclusive to innocently shipping. So stop a second and think- “maybe I should just leave these (admittedly crazy) shippers, and maybe focus on my own ship”. The characters sexual orientation isn’t going to suddenly change because a few (admittedly crazy) fangirls like the chemistry between two characters. (Except for maybe Saphael, those shippers apparently own the fandom.)

I can’t believe Downton Abbey

It is SO badly written! What fuck of a love story is this where the “lover” never is on screen and the woman has to be persuaded and pushed into it by a zillion other people??

What romantic storyline writes the woman as too stupid to know her own mind??

How many scenes did we have with Tom? Tom the matchmaker?? And then even Violet lost her mind and promoted Henry, because he was SO right for Mary all the sudden?? How did she know? She only met the guy once.

Thomas whole tragic hero storyline was completely wasted, too. One scene and everything was okay again. How appropriate.

And I really, REALLY can’t believe what they did to Tom’s character this season. He is a mere plot device without one single bit of a story of his own. It’s offensive to an actor like Allen. Yikes, I know why he didn’t like that ending!

And of course Edith will marry Bertie. Stop whining, people she gets her princess wedding.

The only character in the show who gets NOTHING is Tom Branson.

I am for a government rigorously frugal & simple, applying all the possible savings of the public revenue to the discharge of the national debt; and not for a multiplication of officers & salaries merely to make partisans, & for increasing, by every device, the public debt, on the principle of it’s being a public blessing.
—  Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Elbridge Gerry (1799).

I like the idea of Draco being absolutely fascinated by the things in Hermione’s home but not being able to say so because pride.
Hermione catches he’s him with the TV one? He pretends it was an accident and he doesn’t know how to turn it off.
The cell phone with text messaging? Is really confused by how it works and how people can contact another in mere seconds through something called internet with such a small device.
The computer? A place to truly have people come together and watch a video or write little updates in their life in a constant social sphere virtually unheard of in the wizarding world.
He’s so intrigued by technology but he can’t let it be known because he had an ego, and finally (though in co start frustration of his being stupid about learning more) Hermione subtly shows Draco all the new improvements. She likes to see him confused over things she understands and he doesn’t. Gives her a bit of leverage.

Enough is enough. Stop saying that Widow was merely a love interest; merely a plot device for saving Banner: A Compilation of points in defence of Widow’s arc in Age Of Ultron

axe-axe-accidental-death reblogged your photo and added:

Yes, he has a point, but that doesnt change what…

@axe-axe-accidental-death what did they do to her?

  • she made the romantic moves toward Banner, not the other way around. He kept rejecting her, telling her it’s a bad idea. He still sees himself as a danger to everyone; he can’t see his own redemption. He sees himself as a monster, and nothing will change that.
  • she had quite the emotional change - she, for the first time in the mcu, actually took an interest into feeling. Which is a massive change from her previously. CHARACTER & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT
  • she spoke about her past for the first time, and you could truly see how much that pained her to relive it, even in memory. She feels violated by the way she was brought up in the red room. It was heartbreaking.
  • she was pivotal in the calming of the Hulk, her ‘lullaby’, became very important to the film. CENTRAL TO PLOT & STORY
  • she was “purely” a love interest? Are you kidding me? No, really. Are you actually joking? She was pivotal in calming the Hulk down. Without her, code green would not have been employed so freely.
  • the infertility is a horrible, horrible thing. but I really don’t think it’s justifiable to take issue with that, simply because it’s a part of her backstory that people just don’t like. I feel like it only adds more depth to her character. And that’s a positive. I was so close to tears hearing her talk about it. It only draws her in closer to the audience, she becomes more human, and we catch a glimpse of her past; a past that shaped her. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERISATION
  • can we also talk about how she fought with caps shield? She’s not just some sideline avenger, he trusts her and sees her as a skilled fighter. Oh, and she alongside Cap and training the new avengers now.