not a lot of concept art of jun


Guess who just pre-ordered the Fire Emblem: Fates Birthright/Conquest bundle! bc I was too slow for the special edition /cries forever

I decided I would give my prof pic of my FE:A avatar a rest from it’s 1+ year run and make a new header and prof pic of my soon-to-be FE:F avatar! Even though they literally look the same haha. I didn’t know if I liked the color overlay or original version best, so here’s both.

Also, completely irrelevant to Fire Emblem, but the concept of the picture was inspired by a pic from Jun Mochizuki’s Pandora Hearts artbook, There is, where the hero of PH (which had just ended) waves to the new protagonist of her upcoming manga as they pass each other. I think about that pic a lot lol

but why is the quality such shit omg i apologize ;A;


In Penlight Art Design 102, create an artpiece using mikan (mandarin oranges)!

Kazu: ‘map’ of Japan

Sho: Merry Christmas (it’s a reindeer in case it takes some time to figure it out)

Isei-san: Being crushed by a pumpkin (this amused me a lot!)

Masaki: “You like baseball too?” (my fave, TBH)

Jun: Nose (He took soooo~ long… and then the end result! (^_^)  Can I just point out the blatant sakumoto here that this perfectly complements the incomplete reindeer face?)

If you’re wondering why Satoshi’s only appears in the consolidated pics: I was gaping too long at his overly simplistic? concept of “cutting the orange”.

The winner: Sho Sakurai~~

Sho: “I’m going to have a solo exhibition at Christmas.” ( lol )

Arashi ni Shiyagare 07.11.2015